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Vacation Rentals in Estonia

Are you interested in sparsely populated countries for your vacation? Estonia would be a perfect choice for you! The population per square meter is very low. Furthermore, there are more than 1500 lakes to visit; a wise choice for people who like watersports. Estonia is also a great country to go for a city trip. Go to Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia for example. Here you can visit the famous Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, which is a symbol for the two and a half century the Russians where in charge. Are you interested in booking a vacation rental in Estonia to discover the beautiful culture of Estonia. With Micazu you book directly at the owner, which is beneficial in many ways!

Enjoy live in your Vacation Rental in Estonia

The inhabitants of Estonia are good in enjoying live. It is easy to find a nice place to eat or to go for a drink. When you prefer adventure, it is good to know that Estonia is 40% forest. Your vacation rental will definitely be situated in a location with beautiful scenery, or near one. The grottos in Helme, the holy lake of Otempää, Charles’ church.. there are so many things to see in Estonia!

Book your vacation rental in this wooded land! Check out what Micazu has to offer in Estonia.

  • The highest point in Estland is 317m
  • Local food specialties are pancakes, red caviar, mulgikapsad-stew and bear meat
  • When you have your drivers license for less than two years, you cannot drive faster than 70km an hour
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