Vacation rental Egypt

Vacation rental Egypt

Vacation Rental Egypt

With the guarantee that it rarely rains, when renting a vacation rental in Egypt you will experience a large amount of sunny weather. It may be an apartment in Cairo or a holiday home in the center of Hurghada with roof terrace and private swimming pool.

Discover Egypt from your vacation rental

Egypt is about 24 times bigger than the Netherlands and is set on the border of two continents; Africa and Asia. The Suez Canal separates the continents in Egypt, whereby Sinai is on the Asian continent. Egypt consists almost entirely of desert, only four percent is habitable and that is the area around the Nile Valley. Egypt has a desert climate with large differences in temperature during the day and at night. Temperatures can even shoot out to 50 degrees Celsius. In the mountain region of Sinai, however it can be cold, especially in winter period, then the mountain peaks are often covered with a layer of snow. Despite the fact that Egypt is almost one large desert flora there can still be a rich flora be founded. In Egypt are many date palms, fig trees and mango tees.

Sun, beach and culture in Egypt

When you are looking for a vacation rental at the beach, a seaside resort along the Red Sea coast is a good choice. Soak up the sun in the places Hurghada and Dahab on the beach. There are many opportunities for diving, the sea is known for its beautiful coral reefs. Choose a vacation rental along the world's longest river, the Nile. From your vacation rental you can visit the famous city of Luxor. Behold the impressive temples and special construction works this city has to offer. You can also choose a vacation rental in the capital city of Egypt, Cairo. Discover the beautiful pyramids, imposing temples and tombs. For lovers of culture is Cairo a paradise!

Always wanted to make a camel ride and to visit the great pyramids? Go to our complete offer of vacation rentals in Egypt.

Fun facts:

  • Alexandria is the coolest place in Egypt. Temperatures fluctuate between 10 degrees Celsius in the winter to 30 degrees Celsius in the summer months.
  • Egyptians indicate with their hairstyle to what rank or emotional state they find themselves.
  • The official name of the country is "Arab Republic of Egypt '.

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