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Frequently asked questions

Who is Micazu?

Micazu is the largest Dutch marketplace for private vacation rentals. On Micazu you can choose from more than 9,000 holiday homes in more than 50 countries. You book the holiday home directly from the Dutch owner. That way you both know exactly what to expect. And because you book directly from the owner, it is often a lot cheaper. 

Micazu started in 2010 because we saw that Dutch owners of holiday homes were very much in the grip of the then (traditional) rental parties. We wanted to break this open and give the owners of holiday homes more freedom and control over the rental of their own holiday home. Because who can describe his own house better than the owner himself?

The Dutch owners create their own advertisement on Micazu. They post their best photos and videos, write the texts and determine the rental prices, changeover days and provide a personal description of their house and the environment. They also state who they are and why they have ever bought the house in question.

Everything with the aim of having you have the perfect holiday. And that at a cheaper rate than with other rental platforms because we do not charge you a service or booking fee; our service costs you absolutely nothing. The only person you pay is the owner of the house.

How do I cancel my booking?

Of course it can happen that you want to cancel your booking. It is important to know whether or not your booking has been accepted by the owner. 

No accepted booking yet:
If your booking has not yet been accepted by the owner, then it is sufficient to inform the owner of the house in writing (by email) about your cancellation and state the reason why you want to cancel. The owner can then cancel the booking in the system for you. 

Already an accepted booking:
If you have an accepted booking request but do not yet have a signed rental agreement, you must notify the owner of the house in writing (by email) about your cancellation and state the reason why you want to cancel. 

If your booking has been accepted by the owner and you have already agreed a rental agreement with the owner, then the cancellation conditions as stated in the rental agreement apply.
If you have a cancellation insurance for your holiday, the conditions as they are stated on the policy apply. 

After you have informed the owner in writing (by email) about your cancellation, the owner will then cancel your accepted booking in his Micazu account, after which you will receive the cancellation confirmation by email from Micazu. Then your cancellation is a fact.

How do I book a vacation rental at Micazu?

You can search in various ways on the Micazu homepage. For example, you can search by country, region or date. You can also click on the "Advanced search" button to search or refine by type of accommodation, desired facilities, a private swimming pool or houses close to the sea.

Have you found the house of your dreams? Then you can easily make a reservation. You can see the availability and prices in the calendar of the holiday home. By clicking on the desired arrival and departure date in the calendar you can see what the price is and you can immediately place a reservation request. The owner of the holiday home will be notified of your request by text message and email and will then contact you as soon as possible to accept your request.

The owner will then contact you (by mail or telephone) to send you his rental conditions with the information about the payment, the key transfer and other important matters. You therefore pay directly to the owner of the holiday home. Of course, we thoroughly verify every owner so that you can book the rental with confidence.

Can I ask a question to the owner of the house?

If you have a question about the holiday home, you can easily ask the owner a question. You can do this by clicking on ‘Ask the host a question’ in the owner's profile in the advertisement.

The owner of the holiday home will be informed of your question by text message and email and will answer your question quickly, so that you can then proceed with the reservation of your holiday home.

How are the rates determined?

The house owners themselves determine their rental rates. Some owners have an all-inclusive price, where there are no additional costs. Other owners have added additional costs (for example, final cleaning, tourist tax or deposit). These additional costs are shown in the advertisements under the rates under the heading ‘Extras’. That is why the total rental price can vary (if you come with a larger travel group, for example). The correct total rent price is of course shown on the reservation form. That way you know what amount you have to pay to the owner for your desired period.

Are the reviews on Micazu real?

Every tenant who has made a booking via the calendar on Micazu, will be send a review mail to review their stay after returning home. The tenant gives a grade and an explanation of their review. 

The owner of the house then has 14 days to respond to this review. After these 14 days the review of the tenant will be placed online in the advertisement. This way, the following tenants know what was so great about the house and the surroundings. So, all reviews on Micazu are from tenants who have booked through Micazu.

When evaluating your stay in a holiday home, we ask that you to take the following guidelines into account:

Reviews should be about the rented holiday home
The most useful reviews are detailed and help others make better decisions. We ask you to simply review the holiday home and leave other things out of the review.

Respect the privacy of others
Do not include email addresses, phone numbers, websites, social media accounts, and similar information from others in your review.

Reviews must be respectful
We expect you to write family friendly reviews.

This is not allowed:

  • An review that is obscene, defamatory, threatening, harmful or discriminatory
  • Political, religious or social commentary
  • Advertising or other commercial content

Ratings that do not comply with our guidelines can be removed and will no longer be included in the average grade.

Does Micazu check the owners of the vacation rentals?

Holiday home owners provide information through Micazu with which you can find a private holiday home and book the selected holiday home directly from the owner. The owner has placed all information about his holiday home completely independently on our website. 

Micazu only sends your booking request and has no further involvement with (or knowledge of) any rental transaction and payment as may or may not subsequently be established between the tenant and the house owner. In fact, Micazu only offers an advertising medium (such as a newspaper or magazine) to the Dutch owner of a holiday home so that he can present his holiday home optimally and completely and come into contact with interested tenants. 

Naturally, all advertisements are accurately checked when they go online. We do that with a detailed, manual check to be sure that the owner of the house in question is actually the owner. In addition, through the payment of the subscription, a fraud check is also done by our payment provider. The property can only be put online if we have checked everything. This way we van let tenants book with confidence. If there is anything out of the ordinary in the advertisement, we will contact the owner. If there are complaints from tenants about a certain vacation rental we will also contact the owner. When there are several complaints about an accommodation, the advertisement will be removed from the website.

If you have doubts or questions about an accommodation or host, we ask you to contact our helpdesk via [email protected]

Is Micazu a tour operator?

Micazu is an online platform where Dutch owners of a holiday home can rent out their holiday home to other Dutch people. Because we are an online platform where the owner himself advertises his house, Micazu is not a tour operator. As a tenant you do business directly with the owner of the relevant holiday house.

How is the payment arranged?

After your booking request has been accepted by the owner of the house, he or she will contact you quickly (by email or phone) and make arrangements about the payment, rental conditions, key handover and other important matters.

How do I pay the host?
If your booking request has been accepted by the host, you can pay in 2 ways: 

1. Payment via Pay online
Micazu has been offering Pay online since January 2021. With Pay online you pay securely online to the host. 

To allow you to pay securely with payment methods such as credit card, iDEAL, Mister Cash and Sofort, we are working with Online Payment Platform.

If the payment is made via Pay online, you will receive emails from Micazu with payment links and you can safely make the payment online.

Tip: create a free My Micazu account, then you have a complete overview of your payments and you can also pay them via My Micazu. 

Note: not every host uses Pay online. Host have the choice to make use of this or they choose to arrange payment directly with the tenant themselves. 

2. Payment directly to the host
Hosts who do not use Pay online will arrange the payment directly with you. The host will let you know how to pay.

Can I also book a rental car?

You have an accepted booking request and you don’t want any hassle at the airport. Then it’s possible to reserve a rental car now. We work together with our partner Sunny Cars. Reserve a cheap rental car through our car rental page. Without hidden costs and no reservation costs or credit card costs!

I want to advertise my vacation rental on Micazu, how do I sign up?

It is only possible for Dutch speaking house owners to advertise on Micazu. The reason for this is that Micazu is a Dutch website for Dutch-speaking vacation rental owners. All our communication as well as our terms and conditions and the owner’s administration website are provided only in Dutch and therefore it is essential to understand and speak this language.

If you do speak and understand Dutch, you can sign up at