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Vacation Rental Cape Verde

Cape Verde is situated on a group of islands that formerly called as the Ilhas de Cabo Verde. This name arose because of the location of the Cape Verde Islands in relation to Cape Verde (Green Cape), which is the most westerly point of the African continent in Senegal. Staying in a vacation rental on the Cape Verde Islands allows you to visit all the islands within the archipelago.

Discover Cape Verde from you Vacation Rental

In Santiago, situated in the southern archipelago of Cape Verde, is the capital of the archipelago; Praia. On the Cape Verde island of Fogo, also located in the southern archipelago, you can find the highest mountain; Mount Fogo, an active volcano of 2800m high. On the slopes of the volcano, coffee and wine cultivation takes place, while the lava is used for the stone industry. Sal, situated in the northern part of thw archipelago, used to volcanic as well. Nevertheless, nowadays it is a flat island, very popular for tourists. Tourists visit this island because of the beautiful white sand beaches for swimming or watersports.

Enjoy a wonderful beach and see the offer of private holiday rentals in Cape Verde.

  • The coastline more than 900km long?
  • 20% of the population earns around 1.25 US dollars a day?
  • Cape Verde after Sierra Leone, the poorest country in Africa?
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