Vacation rental Bulgaria

Vacation rental Bulgaria

Vacation Rental Bulgaria

The vacation rentals in Bulgaria are unique in their kind. Are you looking for a villa in Bulgaria at a well-known seaside resort or a cosy house in a picturesque village in the mountains? By the increasing popularity as a holiday destination, there is an ever growing range of vacation rentals in Bulgaria. Just choose for Micazu, than you book directly with the owner. So you rent your vacation rental much cheaper in Bulgaria!

Plenty of nature around your vacation rental in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a long coastline and mainly has a continental climate. Bulgaria has warm summers, cold winters and has a mountainous landscape, so the choice is yours: will it be a vacation rental on the slopes of the Pirin mountains or a summer apartment in Bulgaria on the coast? Bulgaria as a destination is upcoming among tourists. The country lies on the Balkan Peninsula on the Black Sea. Bulgaria is very diverse in terms of fauna. Many bird species, but also bears, wild boars and wolves are still to be found in this country. In the coastal area life pelicans, salt water turtles and large colonies of swallows are here to be found.

Your vacation rental in Bulgaria: shopping & skiing

Sunny Beach is perhaps the most touristic area of Bulgaria. The area situated at the Black Sea, has charming villages where you can enjoy the typical Bulgarian life. But it is also possible to get into a vacation rental to stay in a less touristic area such as in the north of Bulgaria. You can make cultural trips or a few days in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. Spending hours shopping or hiking through the Mountains, and go for skiing in the Bulgarian mountains.

Traditional cultural Bulgaria

Bulgarians are friendly people and care a lot about their culture. In each village there is a 'Centre' on where you can find exhibitions and where creative courses are held. On many spots you will see traditional handmade souvenirs. The Bulgarian cuisine differs not much from the West-European cuisine. Most dishes consist of potatoes, a piece of meat and vegetables. Also salad is often on the menu, like beans and fish in the coastal area. Of course the Bulgarian yoghurt and not to be missed are the Bulgarian wines are also very tasty. Visit this emerging Southeast European vacation land and jump straight to the full range of vacation rentals in Bulgaria.

Fun facts:

  • Bulgaria has 350 different bird species.
  • There are 17 national reserves and parks protected in Bulgaria.
  • The first alphabet was introduced in Bulgaria that contained 44 caps and 48 ordinary letters.
  • However, this alphabet was so difficult that monks have invented a new alphabet.

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