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Vacation rentals in Finland

Vacation rentals in Finland are often located in winter sports areas or around one of the 188,000 Finnish lakes. Besides the many lakes, there are 30,000 islands along the Finnish coast. During a stay in a holiday home or chalet in Finland, you can enjoy the different sceneries. For people seeking peace and quiet in the countryside a holiday home in Finland is highly recommended.

Enjoy your vacation rental in Finland

Although few Europeans rent a vacation rental in Finland, the country has something to offer for everyone. The many Finnish lakes and islands form the main attraction of Finland. Reindeer safaris in Finnish Lapland and nature tours in Lapland are very popular. You can also visit several medieval castles in southwestern Finland. The many medieval stone and wooden churches in Finland are also worth a visit.

Have an active holiday in Finland

Lake Saimaais the largest lake in Finland. In this area you can truly relax and undertake outdoor activities like kayaking and sport fishing. Enjoy a beautiful winter landscape from a cottage in the Lake District Savo. In Finland you can also find beaches. With a cottage in western Finland, you can enjoy the sea and beach. Sports enthusiasts can indulge in the sports center of the Finnish town of Lahti, best known for the ski jumping and many alternative Elfstedentocht held in Finland.

Meet Santa Claus in Finland

In Finnish Lapland the famous Santa Claus lives in Joulupukki. He lives in Santa Claus Village, near the Finnish town of Rovaniemi, located on the Arctic Circle, which is open all year. Santa has a tunnel that goes 100 meters down to the cave where the toys are made.

Enjoy a cozy cottage with Finnish sauna and many other facilities and see our total offer of vacation rentals in Finland.

Fun facts:

  • Finland is one of the largest countries in Europe.
  • Finland is one of the most forested countries in Europe.
  • Measurements of many foods are done per liter and not per gram or kilogram.
  • You can send in an original way a Christmas card from Finland, even though it's the middle of summer! Buy a Christmas card and mail it to the local post office. Your Christmas card from Finland will be delivered to your family and friends just before Christmas.
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