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Vacation rentals in Chile

The vacation rentals in Chile are unique in their kind. Enjoy undisturbed life while staying in a typical summer vacation rental in Chile in the beautiful Chilean Lake District. Because of the vast country and the different climates, skiing from your vacation rental in Chile is also possible. Are you going for the real unique experience, than stick to a tour to Antarctica during your stay. Choose for Micazu, where you book directly with the owner. So you rent your vacation rental in Chile much cheaper!

Discover Chile from your vacation rental!

Chile is located in South America and is one of the most geographically isolated countries in the world. Chile borders the Pacific Ocean on the west side, to the North is the most arid desert in the world and in the East are the massive Andes mountains. Between these mountains and the coastal region, the soil is very fertile, here are the valleys of Chile and the population density is the highest. Choose a vacation rental in the capital of Chile, Santiago de Chile, one of the most prosperous and most modern cities of South America. In Santiago de Chile is much to be found in the fields of culture, special historical buildings and interesting museums. The "Bruna" Palace and the Presidential Palace "La Moneda" are major tourist attractions of this city and absolutely worth a visit. South of the capital is the the Chilean Lake District. Here you will find beautiful lakes and impressive volcanoes. A vacation rental in the Lake District is the ideal base if you are looking for an adventurous vacation. You can go horsebackriding, rafting and even go for a volcano climb!

Vacation rentals in Chile: cactuses and lianas

The southern part of Chile is covered with large ice fields and, after Antarctica, the country has the largest freshwater resources in the world. By the sheer length of the country, Chile has multiple climates ranging from a desert climate to a subtropical climate. By these different landscapes and climates, Chile has a great diversity in the vegetation. There are cactuses to be found in the desert and lianas and ferns in the Chilean forests. For one who wants to enjoy the Chilean nature, there is much to explore throughout the country. Chile also has several natural parks, of which the park 'Rapa Nui' is the biggest tourist attraction. This park is also known as Easter Island.

Would you like to enjoy this beautiful scenery during your holiday in Chile? Then book your vacation rental in the beautiful Chile. Enjoy the beauties of this South American country and view the offer of private vacation rentals in Chile.

Fun facts:

  • Chile is one of the most developed countries of South America.
  • Chile is a paradise for people who want to go rafting or kayaking.
  • Chile has a length of about 4,000 kilometers and the widest part of the country is just a few hundred kilometers.
  • Chile is also called affectionately known as "Shoelace country".
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