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Vacation Rentals in Canada

Canada guarantees both a great summer and winter vacation. Choose from a chalet located right at the ski slopes in Canada or an apartment in downtown Vancouver between the pleasant shopping streets. If you prefer a brisk walk through breathtaking nature reserves, then you are at the appropriate address for a vacation rental in Canada to. Choose for Micazu, where you book directly with the owner. You can rent your home in Canada much cheaper!

Discover Canada from your vacation rental!

Canada borders the United States, and is a bilingual country and the second largest country in the world. Canada has great lakes, the Niagara Falls, the Rocky Mountains, cold winters, tornadoes, national parks and ice hockey. Choose a vacation rental in the beautiful province of Alberta, an area full of wild prairies and where you can admire the Rocky Mountains. Are you looking for some more hustle and bustle? With a cottage in the village British Columbia you can visit the dynamic city of Vancouver. Here you can spend hours shopping or enjoy the vibrant nightlife.

Vacation rental in Canada: admire unspoiled nature

Because of the large surface of Canada, the landscapes very enourmously and the knows different climates. The north of Canada, that lies far above the Arctic Circle, has cold winters and there are even exceptions to -40 degrees Celsius. The sparsely populated country has much pristine and untouched nature. Here you can find wonderful walking tours, horseback riding through the wilderness and even cycling.

Dynamic cities in Canada

Fun facts:

  • Canada is derived from the word 'kanata', that 'settlement' means.
  • 1 July is the national holiday of Canada. Namely Canada-day, a celebration that is celebrated with Fireworks and parades in honour of the Confederation of Canada.
  • In Niagara Falls is approximately 1.6 quadrillion gallons of water a year down.
  • Toronto was in World War II the birthplace of the former Dutch Queen Juliana.
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