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HORAS is a Toba Batak word meaning WELCOME


Horas Family Home, Exclusive & Excellent, is a holiday home situated directly on Lake Toba in Tuk Tuk, Samosir, North Sumatra, with unique views of the lake and the surrounding mountains. Activities that you can enjoy here include hiking, biking, swimming, fishing and boating. Or you can also just bask in the sun and enjoy the weather on our waterfront terrace. 

According to many guests Horas Family Home has the best cuisine in Tuk Tuk, with specialties such as: The Famous Horas Family Home Fish BBQ (with or without fish), Roast Suckling Pig, Small Wild Forest Pig, Crayfish, Tilapia in all kinds of styles such as BBQ, baked, fried, stewed, sweet and sour, curry or rendang.

Of course, if desired, with or without head and tail. Naturally the Village Chicken (Ayam Kampung) is available as satay, soup, curry, rendang, drumsticks, roasted BBQ’d or whole chicken on the spit. For the record, we only cook for guests staying with us. 

Horas Family Home comes with its own parking facilities, a large flower and organic vegetable garden, a fully equipped kitchen and a well-stocked fishpond. 

Horas Family Home caters mainly to families with large or small children, or groups of friends. Horas Family Home can serve as an ideal base for excursions in the area but is often seen as a destination in itself, or as a retreat to simply relax and recover from jungle trekking. 

The smaller guests can keep entertained by helping us feed the rabbits, fish and chickens apart from building sandcastles, dikes and catching small fish and shrimp on our own tiny sandy beach. 

Activities for teenage guests include swimming, fishing, kayaking, and water skiing, to say nothing of banana boat rides and jet skiing. 

For our adult guests we have a small library and TV with movie channels and international news channels like CNN, BBC and Al Jazeera just to name a few. 

One point, which for some guests sometimes turns out to be very important, is that Horas Family Home is the only accommodation in Tuk Tuk that always has hot water and WIFI. 


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From 1 May 2015 our price is based on Euro 70 per night with an occupancy of 1 or 2 guests. For every extra guest we charge an additional € 15 per night. So 6 guests is Euro 130 per night. Please also calculate the total amount due yourself on the basis of the foregoing. This may differ from the amount shown in the booking confirmation.

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I like to catch my Catch of the Day in front of Horas. Do keep me company, especially in preparing for the BBQ with freshly caught Ikan Nila's (Tilapia's) with head and tail or filet, while enjoying a cold Bir Bintang or a soft drink. If you prefer swimming, sunbathing, walking or boating it is fine with us. Whatever you choose, we guarantee that the weather will be perfect. For booking through tour operators see Background Information.

Additional information

Introduction                           Updated: January 10, 2015 

Whether you want to spend your Sumatra holidays entirely at Horas Family Home in Tuk Tuk on Lake Toba, or if you’d prefer to fit your stay with us into a larger program that encompasses the many touristic destinations of Sumatra, Horas Family Home may be the ideal accommodation for you.

In addition, for activities and trips in the regions surrounding Medan and Samosir we can be of service in arranging safe and reliable transport as well as lodging in good or the best accommodations. 

If your stay at Horas Family Home is planned in combination with trips to trekking destinations such as Bukit Tinggi, Bukit Lawang / Tangkahan or Ketambe, we recommend that you visit us after your trekking experience, for the simple reason that Horas Family Home is the ideal place to come to relax and recuperate after a challenging jungle adventure.

A clean bed, a hot shower, a cold beer and WIFI are things that we regard as normal here.

Furthermore, it is our experience that guests, for whatever reason, immediately after arrival often have the need to be in proximity to a clean toilet which one can actually sit on. This is often associated with what can be politely termed “very easy” bowel movements. Also sometimes referred to in these circumstances as “Delhi Belhi” or “the trots” in colloquial English. 

Our kitchen is fully prepared to assist you as quickly as possible with this condition and get you in shape again with light chicken broth soups and weak tea. 

Partly in the context of the above, we recommend scheduling at least 4 nights with us so you still have some time to relax with us and to then explore Tuk Tuk - Samosir by bicycle, motorcycle, car or by speedboat trip. 

Of course you are welcome to stay longer if you want to hibernate during the winter months with us, for example, or during your summer vacation, or as part of a honeymoon, or for whatever reason you might have to get away from it all. 

We also love gardening and flowers. Our orchids alone are worth a visit or photograph. 

Horas is a Toba Batak word meaning WELCOME 


Arrival at the airport in Medan, Kualanamu Airport. Updated Jan 11.  

If you are coming to North Sumatra from outside Indonesia then you will usually arrive at Kualanamu Airport near Medan. The new airport, which opened in July 2013, is located about 30 km outside the city of Medan, so let's say at a distance of 1.5 hours by car, or half an hour by train. You will almost always be coming from Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Singapore or Jakarta. If you fly directly from Europe then you will usually be coming in the morning, between 7:00 and 9:30 am in Medan.

The airport normally runs extremely efficiently by any standards. Normally within half an hour of debarking you will find yourself through immigration and in the arrival hall with your luggage in hand. It usually all happens so fast that it seems almost hard to believe. 

Upon arrival, you may or may not have a visa. If you have a visa you can walk directly to the immigration counters. If you do not have a visa, it is important to first arrange a 'visa on arrival'. To do this, follow the signs. This visa is valid for 30 days and costs $ 35 dollars. The procedure is simple and fast. You would be wise to take the $ 35 in exact change and thus prevent getting short changed if there happens to be no change available in the form of dollars and you get the change back in Rupiahs. 

Recommendation: If you do not want or need to stay in Indonesia longer than 30 days, it is a lot easier and simpler to just get your Visa on Arrival in Medan, rather than arrange for a visa through the Indonesian Embassy or Consulate in your country. 

Information: On arrival at the airport you and your luggage may sometimes be inspected by dogs, which often operate in a clearly visible manner. Bringing an extra bottle of liquor, cigars or tobacco is actually no problem. Additional cigarettes are really not necessary because they are a lot cheaper locally than in Europe, unless you prefer a special European brand that is not available here. You would be wise not to bring any illegal drugs, regardless of the amount. The chance of being caught is quite large and chances are you will then be spending the rest of your vacation time, and maybe a little (or a lot) longer, in Indonesia in some none too pleasant accommodations. So don’t bring illegal drugs with you!! 

The airport is located on the outskirts of Medan on the route going to Parapat - Lake Toba - Samosir - Tuk Tuk via Siantar. The total journey to Lake Toba has thus become a little bit less, saving about an hour. If you are coming from the airport via Berastagi and want to come to Lake Toba, then it is reasonably safe to assume you should add up to an hour and a half to your trip. 

Staying in Medan. 

If you have not traveled outside Europe Medan is probably going to put you on the edge of culture shock. You might find Medan to be a city of over 4 million inhabitants during the day time, big, crowded, disorganized and dirty, where everything that moves on foot or on wheels does so entirely at their own discretion. You're really all the same, expendable. The more experienced traveler will see Medan as a normal sized Asian provincial capital, which is essentially what it is.

According to the books Medan has sights such as the Sultan's Palace, the Zoo and the Grand Mosque. For Westerners with a cultural and historical interest Medan has extras such as Historical Dutch buildings like the old town hall, post office, railway station, the Dutch Central Bank, the Hotel De Boer and the Tip Top Restaurant.

From the airport you will probably take a taxi to your accommodation. You can choose from a legal Taxi ('Taxi Resmi’) that you can hire at the taxi stands inside or outside the airport, or an illegal taxi found outside the airport. The legal taxi comes at a more or less fixed price of Rp 150,000, -. The illegal taxi can clearly come at a cheaper price. Should you opt for the illegal taxi it is wise for you to keep your belongings with you inside the taxi. Also you must clearly establish the price and where you want to go with the driver ahead of time. Illegal taxis must quite often be fully paid in advance for the reason that there is not enough gas in the tank, and so at the first opportunity to do so they will refuel. However, if you pay them up front you are basically putting yourself in a vulnerable position, as the driver already has your cash in hand.  

Horas is a Toba Batak word meaning WELCOME 

Route from Medan to Tiga Raja - Parapat  

The most common and usual route from Medan to Parapat is by way of Siantar. This is the shorter, more direct route, passing through Tanjung Morawa, Lubuk Pakam, Perbaungan, Tebing Tinggi, and Siantar before arriving at Parapat, your port of departure from where you will take a ferry to Tuk Tuk and Horas Family Home.  

From the new airport, Kualanamu, there are 3 options for the route to Parapat: via Tanjung Morawa, directly to Lubuk Pakam, or more directly straight to Perbaungan. Whichever route you follow depends on your mode of transportation and prevailing road conditions. We usually let our drivers follow the most rapid route directly through Lubuk Pakam. Depending on your chosen method of transport, you may or may not be able to stop along the way to stretch your legs, have something to eat or drink, or to inspect a toilet along the way.

Our drivers basically always make fixed stops in Pasar Bengkel for Dodol (a local confection) and just before Siantar for Ting Ting, Tang Tang, Ping Pong, Pang Pang and do not forget the Ping Ping (varieties of local Chinese sweet snacks). Just before and after the small city of Tebing Tinggi, depending on the season, you will find all kinds of roadside stalls selling Lemang (sticky rice cooked in bamboo tubes) Other stalls sell fresh coconut milk and Durian, also known as the King of Fruit. You will smell the King from afar. 

We also have a variety of restaurants along the route. There are the Fish BBQ Restaurants such as Wong Rame and Pak Mis. Additionally Awai, Tong’s Cafe and Dainang offer a simpler menu featuring Chinese or Batak fare. For those who want a more elaborate meal, a kind of rice table approach, there are the Simpang Tiga, Bahagia and Panorama Nasi Padang restaurants. These places serve a medium sized Nasi Padang, so that within 5 minutes after entering you’ll have 20 different dishes on the table. 

The distance from the airport or Medan to Parapat is a good 180 miles via the Trans Sumatra Highway. If you travel at an average speed of 50 miles per hour you are making good time. This then means that you have to spend roughly 4 hours to get from the airport or Medan to Parapat. You should then allow some time for stops, for whatever reason, and you get an idea of how long you are actually going to be on the road.

HORAS is a Toba Batak  word meaning WELCOME

By Public Transport, The Bus. Updated on January 15, 2015 

The total travel time from the moment you are outside the airport in Medan to your arrival at the ferry in Tigaraja Harbour in Parapat will take about 7 to 8 hours. The distance to be bridged via the most direct route is roughly 180 km. The bus departs from the Amplas bus terminal in Medan. From the airport you can take the DAMRI bus to Amplas. The ticket costs Rp 15,000, - per person. The alternative is a taxi to Amplas. The costs are roughly Rp 150,000, - for a whole taxi. From the airport to Amplas by taxi or the DAMRI bus takes about half an hour. The difference between the taxi and the bus is that the taxi will leave as soon as you get inside while the bus may wait for up to half an hour or more for more passengers.

For buses from AMPLAS to Parapat, you can choose from two companies; ALS or Sejahtera. Reportedly many people prefer Sejahtera because ALS leaves only a few times a day. Sejahtera leaves quite regularly or at any time that the bus is full. The taxi driver, who will take you to Amplas from the airport, drops you at the bus which seems to be ready for departure as soon as you arrive.  As mentioned, the bus leaves as soon as all seats are fully or almost fully occupied. This does not necessarily mean that at the time the bus is full, and you may find after leaving that along the first section of the route to Tebing Tinggi many more people will get on than off at various stops along the way. Quite some of the buses are full AC and full video, meaning all windows and doors will be wide open. The ticket to Tiga Raja costs about Rp 30,000, - per person. The price depends a bit on the mood of the driver or his assistant and what they think you are willing or able to pay. So don’t be surprised that the price listed on the ticket is not the same as what you are paying. 

It is difficult to predict how long it will take the bus to depart after all the seats are occupied to the satisfaction of the driver and his assistant. Sometimes it takes 10 minutes, but usually not much more than an hour unless you have bad luck. It is good to know that the people who get in sometimes bring all kinds of baggage that can perhaps temporarily be parked with you for lack of space. Before you know it, you may find yourself with a chicken on your lap, which is clearly preferable to a live (or dead) fish. In the bus, you may eat, drink and smoke. Whether you want to do that is up to you, but your fellow passengers will most definitely do so with gusto, despite what you may think of it. The bus has no toilet facilities. There is occasionally a stop at a public toilet in Siantar. If they make this toilet stop you will find that a significant portion of the passengers will want to make use of the occasion to do their personal business, just stretching their legs or do some shopping. Therefore, such piss-stop can easily take up to an hour, especially if the driver feels the need for a nap.  

Beyond Siantar the traffic is quieter and you will go into a very green area with lots of curves in the road going up and along the volcanic slope. Passing a heavy loaded truck creeping up and in the last second joining your lane again just before a head on collision with a truck hurtling down brings its own exciting moments. Therefore, travelling by public transport, by bus from Medan to Tiga Raja, is an experience you don’t want or really want to miss for any money in the world. 

Horas is a Toba Batak word meaning WELCOME 


The shared taxi companies promise very fast transport, and they do live up to their promises. The drivers can really drive very fast. The total traveling time from the airport in Medan to the ferry in Tiga Raja, Parapat, will take approximately 6 to 7 hours, which is about the same as the public bus takes. The best knows shared taxi companies with offices in Medan and Parapat are Bagus Tours and Travel, Raja Taxi and Paradep. Out of the three Bagus Tours and Travel is reportedly the best. It is possible that the shared taxi company picks you up from the airport. Following that they will bring you to their office in Medan. Cost wise, this is attractive, because the ticket price is the same whether you take off from the office, or have you picked up first from the airport. Alternatively, you can take a taxi from the airport to the shared taxi office of your liking. The taxi ride takes about half an hour and the cost will be about Rp 50,000,-- The shared taxi starts when all seats are taken. This means normally 7 passengers apart from the driver, but sometimes 8 or 9. taxi leaves when all seats are fully occupied. The number of passengers is usually 9 or 10 people. It is difficult to predict how long it will take before the taxi departs after you arrive at the office. Sometimes it takes 10 minutes, but usually not much longer than an hour unless you have bad luck. The ticket to Tiga Raja for one seat costs about Rp 80,000 per person. Once you on the road, it will be going very fast, which in itself will be a special experience. After about 1.5 hours you will reach Perbaungan and you will have the one stop on the road for buying dodols and to use the bathroom. Regardless of the time you arrive in Perbaungan, the driver will take the opportunity to have breakfast or lunch and to take a nap. The stop in Perbaungan usually lasts not much longer than an hour. After that the driver is well rested and ready to show his ‘racing star’ capabilities to get you as fast as possible in Parapat.
The total travel time from the moment you go outside the airport in Medan is at your arrival at the ferry in Tiga Raja will be about 4 to 4.5 hours to complete depending on how often your own way you want to stop. When it is convenient for you our driver will be waiting for you outside the airport with a sign with your name clearly marked. He helps and guides you to his new Kijang Innova or asks you to wait so he can drive the car. With no more than 6 man you sit reasonably comfortably in the Kijang Innova, or not bothered by what your own luggage. Optionally, however, 4 suitcases on the roof are included. You leave as soon as the Kijang Innova is. The cost of transport to Tiga Raja are Rp 600,000 regardless of how many people you are. You pay the driver upon arrival at Tiga Raja. If you go to stop to eat or drink that is no longer possible, we ask you in that case also friendly to your driver at your expense along to eat or drink. A recommendation may be to stop in for lunch at a local Perbaungan but adapted to the local population BBQ seafood restaurant. So in a very reasonable price. At the moment you arrive, your fish is just done. You point at which fish you want the BBQ so you can immediately eat. In this restaurant the toilets clearly cleaner than what's normally in these occasions will encounter. However, know that given the religion of the owner of the restaurant you do not have to try a beer or a drink order. Our drivers make a price that you do not smoke in the Kijang. If you just want to go learn, stretch your legs or pants please let us know your driver so that it depends on your application can figure out an appropriate stopping point.
Upon arrival at Tiga Raja are almost always two ferries ready. One ferry is Tomok destination and the other ferry Tuk Tuk. When you arrive walk from Tiga Raja is the Tuk Tuk ferry on the right. Since you want to Horas Family Home you must have the ferry to Tuk Tuk. The names of the ferries to Tuk Tuk are: Romlan Carolina (old and new), Evedina, Samosir, Horas and Lito Lamhottour. The normal schedule of the Tuk Tuk ferry is that it leaves every hour on the half hour and do. So, for example departure at 14.30, 15.30, etc. Sometimes it happens that the ferry departs not at the expected time. Usually does that mean that the ferry leaves an hour later. The crossing to Tuk Tuk takes about 40 minutes and the ticket costs Rp 7000 per person.
Upon arrival at Tiga Raja, you are quickly found by a tourist hunter ', who will try to persuade him to go to his accommodation. You can use this framework several times by various tourist hunters are approached, which more than all tourist accommodations vertegenwoordigen.Zodra hunters are convinced that you want to Horas Family Home and few passengers, like the tourist hunters in the context of healthy competition sometimes conspire and you then suggest that you sit on the wrong ferry. If you happen to ask especially to the driver of the ferry where they're going before you get on the ferry to Tomok. The event itself does not specifically for Horas Family Home but can also occur for those occasions where the tourist hunter not currently present. So to you the task itself should ensure that you take the Tuk Tuk ferry.
From the moment you arrive at the Kijang Innova is the driver keeps us informed of your progress. Once the driver has let you know that he has picked up, we can pretty well estimate what time you arrive Tiga Raja. This time can be adjusted as necessary when you Tebing Tinggi or Siantar reached. So we know what time we must leave to you in time to meet Tiga Raja. Hence, we guide you to Horas Family Home. Just before the first stop of the ferry at Tuk Tuk see Horas Family Home are all right
The Ferry that comes from Tiga Raja to Tuk Tuk is almost always the first stop Sosor Galung. See the image on the photo. Coming from Tiga Raja you already Carolina, Samosir Villa, Duma Sari, Tabo and Horas Family Home on your right side view. The name for the Sosor Galung stop comes from the name of the kampung with this stop is actuated. Sosor Galung is actually the real and old core of Tuk Tuk. Normally you will, like the other 99% of the tourists who come to Tuk Tuk, no visit Sosor Galung for the simple reason that the access road, to say quite camouflaged. Sosor Galung has not always passable access road and water, so the ladies in their own mooring for the ferry they were, doing the dishes while the kids a bath.
For Horas Family Home is your arrival in the Tuk Tuk Sosor Galung construction site. You get here the ferry and follow the path upwards. After about 60 m you will arrive at the Tuk Tuk bypass. Turn right and then runs directly to Bagus Bay along that it is on the right. Directly off Bagus Bay, you have than about 70 m on the Tuk Tuk bypass run, you will see the entrance of Horas Family Home. HORAS!!.
Once you see the entrance you can walk there in the driveway on the right with a variety of orchids. You will see include Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium, Cymbidium, Bulbophyllum, Coelogyne, Oncidium and Epidendrum orchids with the niceties Bigibbum Dendrobium, Phalaenopsis and Oncidium City Girl Dancing Ladies. What was then started as a small gift has grown into the largest variety of orchids in a small location in Sumatra. Besides the orchids are also starting our collections kakt dinosaurs and succulents a decent size to get. Then you also see quite quickly the back of Horas Family Home. If you own a car, you will find the parking lot directly behind Horas. Once you walk into the driveway you will be collected by us or our staff.
We qualifying Horas Family Home LUXURY given. It may not be comparable with the luxury you are accustomed at home or wherever you want to count on when you book cottage in a 4 star bungalow park in the Netherlands. We dare to enter the qualifying luxury because in our category in Tuk Tuk no equal as we will find the whole combination of facilities and services take into consideration. We offer: 1. One area where you at 08.00 in the morning no litter or other type of waste will find. 2. A Family Holiday Home is.3 that clean. A home-stay where the bedding changed every day and can be washed. How it wilt.4. A welcome drink in the koelkast5. Relatively clean water6. That you on a clean toilet seat can sit 7. If desired 24-hour hot water8. TV with international programs and filmzenders9. Library with approximately 100 newly hatched boeken.10. Own independent generator set for electricity voorziening11. In the kitchen you will also find a water dispenser, a rice cooker and a blender for your fresh vruchtensapjes12. Free use of what in our garden grows and flourishes. However, like our orchids only view or fotograferen.13. Free use of the Solo14. Free use of the Horas Family Boot15. The Horas Family Home Speedboat can bring you to places "where no tourist went before'16. Fish vijvertje17. Spartel pond 18. The Horas Family Home BBQ19. Private lakeside terrace with sun loungers, patio under the umbrella, diving board and ladder to the water back out. The whole offers an excellent opportunity to for shorter or longer time Zwitserleven feeling firsthand experience.
An accommodation in Tuk Tuk, but actually quite Sumatra, where you do not litter or other waste type found is unique. We call special 08.00 am the morning because us that the opportunity for what might be washed up at night to clean up.
Normally you will find no refrigerator in your accommodation on Tuk Tuk. In Horas Family Home is a small fridge with small freezer for ice cubes. If nicety we have a few bottles for coming Aqua (water) and a few cans of soda as a token of welcome for you done a fresh drink after your probably a bit tiring journey.
In terms of beauty we belong in Tuk Tuk to the absolute top. We even go so far that we are coming for your kitchen an extra turn give the entire kitchen including crockery good fully washed. We hesitate to even with very frequent intervals to wash the windows. The open kitchen will allow you, if desired, your own food to prepare. Besides a four-burner stove in the kitchen you will find an oven and rice cooker on. Outside on the veranda you can find the barbecue. If you want to enjoy a beer, brandy, a tot or a glass of wine, you will find in the kitchen before the appropriate glassware. Beverages, alcoholic or not, come on Tuk Tuk, but also many places out there, in 3 price categories. The restaurant prices and the price in the store. As a tourist you will normally always with these prices because you do not locally qualified. We are happy to make your life what these things are concerned by more comfortable for you to buy at local prices, which was soon known sips on a drink saves.
The vast majority of accommodations and restaurants in Tuk Tuk or pump gets the water for cooking, washing up, the mandi and the bucket shower (if any) directly from the lake. We pump the water in the first instance from the groundwater, depth about 25 m, and then store it in our own small water tower with a capacity of 1.5 cubic meters. Our water tower is automatically replenished as needed. The advantage of the relatively small water tower is that the water in the tower is thus regularly verversd. Before we save water in our water tower is therefore using the natural groundwater discharge location. The water is then purified once again in our water tower. The combination of purification is that our water is drinkable in principle, though we recommend the water for several minutes to boil for drinking. On the use of this water to provide you with showering or brushing your teeth, you do not have to worry. On the picture you see also a small piece of our backyard with mango trees and vegetable garden. In the vegetable garden depends on our cultural plan can be found usually next to fresh and organic vegetables: carrots, spinach, celery, green beans, snow peas and if you are lucky the strawberries and manggo's just ripe.
A good portion of the accommodations in Tuk Tuk does not yet have a toilet department where you can do your sitting needs. In some cases where that is the case you will probably want to think twice before you actually sit down. The reason that I will not here on out let. In the toilet department is next to a spare roll toilet paper what had not previously used soap and a clean towel. Nevertheless fairly unique for Tuk Tuk is that with us you not only can sit on the toilet, but after that you simply can pull through. What you will not wash away straight into the lake, but is captured in our septic tank.
Since a large portion of the accommodations in Tuk Tuk has no running water is there anyway to make do what you think in terms of hot water. A small number of the best accommodations in Tuk Tuk indicates that you can have hot and cold water, but without telling us that this is only for a few hours per day applies. In Horas Family Home you do but open the hot tap running and there is 24 hour hot water. This is subject to the electricity supply power to our society. This is a recurring phenomenon. In the event that power is lost during the evening hours or at night, we have put down a portable lamp, which enters at the time of power failure. You can here about an hour ahead of what you provide sufficient time for the candles to stabbing that we in some strategic places Horas Family Home for you ready. We recently purchased its own generator set which allows us to support you to be able to shower or leave the light on when it suits you or us.
Normally you will find in your accommodation on Tuk Tuk no TV. In case there is a TV in a public space is your choice is almost always limited to 5 Indonesian channels. This is still assuming that you are enabled to make the choice. We have for your entertainment and information provision a KTV been installed and connected to our own dish. It gives you access to the full range of Indo Essential channels and also you can look at eg the Australian Network, Al Jazeera, BBC World and International CCN for the news. For general information you can access include Discovery, National Geographic Junior, AXN and Star World. For your relaxation you can choose from multiple movie channels like HBO Signature, HBO, Cinemax, Star Movies, Global TV and Hallmark. Recently when we had guests from Korea, we have to ourselves and to the satisfaction of the guests can see that we have two Korean channels. If during your vacation for a while not want to be bothered with anything on a TV until you can come, please let us know early, we will remove the TV before your arrival.
For one or more peaceful days without too many outdoor activities you might want to one time with a book in the corner. In those cases where we find a guest book, however, they usually sit in a chair on the veranda or on the waterfront on the terrace under the shade or in the shade under a tree Manggo. With luck, the manggo's just ripe and it is a matter of picking one of them and then hand over to the tooth. You may freely use our Horas Family Home a small library with 100 books, especially in the category of easy reading. In terms of writers, you include Jeffrey Archer, Dan Brown, Tom Clancy, Ken Follett, Robert Ludlum, James A Mitchener and Edward Rutherford against.
We do not pretend to have Internet facilities because we have no computer Horas Family Home have been installed. However, if you bring your own laptop containing the necessary software would, in principle you can use WiFi, since Telkom's promises, which we do not dare to guarantee. If you do not have own computer and still want internet then there is an internet café close by.
For your own use you are free to use what is in the garden grows and flourishes. Depending on the season or how the flag looked at is there is a reasonable chance that a good part of the following crops and fruits in the garden encounter: lettuce, cabbage, carrots, peanuts, celery, green and red peppers, spercie beans , snow peas, peas, tomatoes, strawberries, papaya, pineapple, rambutan, and manggo. So we are talking about organic vegetables and fruits which the taste and quality benefits. We also have a rich assortment of flowers in the garden, especially so pick what you want to do a vase. If we use compost fertilizer that we ourselves make of water hyacinths in the lake come from us binnendrijven.NB Besides a variety of flowers is our pride a variety of local orchids in color gradation certainly not inferior to the protected wetlands such as wasp orchid you looking so good here and there still can be found in the Netherlands. The orchids in our garden are there for your and our pleasure. They should have their picture, but certainly not put a vase.
The kitchen provides everything you need to make a full meal and inside work. Perhaps you are used to the dirty dishes in the dishwasher to do. That is not possible Horas Family Home for the simple reason that we have no dishwasher. Yet it is not that you occasionally walk around and thought 'hey, I wish washing the dishes' you creeps. As a solution for you we have thought that the dirty dishes just leave it lying around somewhere on the kitchen countertop place. If you're not here or do not pay attention Ibu Gading that has already done the dishes and stuff neatly stowed in the closet.
The Solo is a small original local fishing boat that we have patched up and put in the spotlight. The Solo is the best compared to a canoe. The local fishermen can the boat so to speak read and write. They are there, they sit there and they walk inside. It seems so easy and after a while you think to look down, I can too. However, if you have no experience with boats and canoes special runs you do a fairly good chance that once you get in there on one side then the other side uitkieperd. For on-experienced users, we recommend therefore appropriate clothing. As a guest Horas Family Home you may as often and as long as you want to use the Solo. If you do not use the Solo Solo makes we keep available for rental at a rate of Rp 20,000 per hour.
The Horas Family Boat is the best compared to a very small flat bottom. The boat itself is a lot more stable in water than the Solo. The Horas Family Boat is very suitable for use as a fishing boat or just what to paddle around with a man or 4 to 6. In a land breeze is wise not to drift too far off because the wind can sometimes just a bit stronger than you think with the result that you can float a long way off. As a guest Horas Family Home you may as often and as long as you want to use the Horas Family Boat. If you do not use the Horas Family Boat, we make the boat available for rental at a rate of Rp 50,000 per hour.
The Horas Family Home Speedboat is designed by our own speedboat which is for 5 comfortably accommodate adult passengers beside the driver. There is a Yamaha outboard motor of 85 horsepower behind. With this, we provide speedboat speedboat trips to all known and lesser-known attraction points along the shores of Lake Toba, they Samosir or the mainland of Sumatra. The program includes the Stone Chairs in Ambarita, Batak Dancing and Batak Museum in Simanindo, Hotsprings Pangururan, the Sidabutar royal tombs in Tomok, Fish farms, Binganalom waterfall, Stone Houweling Rows, Asahan River, Visrestauarant in Balige where your original Ikan Jahir for you caught, prepared and served at the Camp David for President and other dignitaries holders. During some parts of the program there is a fairly good chance that we also have complete freedom in living apes and bosvarkens to show. You may include the head of free program also your own program from one or more parts.
For your and our pleasure, we have plotted some fish in our small visvijvertje. There's some more fish than it first appears because part of the fish is pitch black and who likes to hide at the bottom. The word for fish is Ikan in Bahasa Indonesia. In the pond sit among other ikan tilapia, goldfish (ikan mas), ikan Nila, ikan jahir, ikan pora pora, ikan busjuk, ikan lele and a huge ikan harrutung. We ask you for what you catch or restore, in each case under the dents (If you manage to catch the big Harrutung that anyway near the 3 kg and 50 cm, then it is our proposal that you report it to us. The plan is that we prepare her for her later work with you to eat. We will not charge for this than brengen.De Harrutung is at the end of our visvijvertje note enclosed, which is certainly not the plan. We have since learned that our Harrutung a female Harrutung. This is because some time ago was teeming with tiny harrutungkjes, zegmaar least 500. Large Harruting eat anything that swims and is smaller than roughly 10 cm , so even small harrutungkjes. The large, virtually all children to get hold of, but just not all. addition to the large Harrutung we have now certainly still about 10 small harrutungs of 10 to 15 cm signaled. Small harrutings have aardje to their father, or rather their nut and thus do too well on the tiny offspring of the rest of our stock.
For the kids we have Spartel pond. The water depth varies from 0 to 60 cm. The spartelvijver is normally the place where we and the Solo Horas Family Boat parking. We have no problem if the kids in and out of the boats climb and fall. Besides kicking and swim this pond is also very suitable for catching small fish and whole shrimp with a very small visnetje. A great experience for kids can be to catch them in a small frying pan over a very small fire and then the stuff with skin and hair to eten.Het We have noticed that western kids occasionally somewhat difficult have, in the context of the foregoing is well underway to achieve. If required, we provide your little ones from some friends and / or girlfriends in the same age category to participate floundering, baking and eten.Als you do not let kids bring the little ones at home, allowing you to full enjoy your own privacy.
Our barbecue on the terrace of Horas Family Home falls into the category of simple but very good when you deal with it know to go. The barbecue is perfect for BBQ'en of Ikan Nila, the fish fresh from the lake, and also in Tuk Tuk on the menu of almost every restaurant is, although the fish usually gets fried. In the Netherlands you can catch the best fish in the supermarkets under the name of Tilapia fish fillet in the execution. Experience has shown that the majority of our guests from outside Indonesia in general not know the BBQ to go. We have since been found in the following. We buy in the morning a bunch of freshly caught fish from one or more local fishermen. Depending on the number of guests for the BBQ feast we start with 2 or 3 kg of the man. Ibu Gading is not only very good at doing the dishes, cleaning fish and preparing for the BBQ is her passion and her life. Then comes a time consuming drawing where Ibu Gading always invoking the help of Ibu Sihol. This involves making the special Bataksaus that separate the fish will be put on the table, since we do not know how hot you want the fish. The grinding, stamping and jacking all the fresh ingredients for the Bataksaus takes a few hours. At 17.00 hours it is there that your participation in the preparation of the BBQ event will be requested. At that time Ibu and Ibu Gading Sihol on to preparing the Nasi Goreng a la Horas Family Home and a well stocked Gado Gado. Simultaneously start Bapak Gading and Bapak Sihol to the launch of the BBQ. If desired, all parts of the whole preparation process to follow, but it does not. As mentioned for guaranteed success is your contribution from 17.00 but actually a requirement. While the launch of the BBQ expert commentary and where necessary clues start with the soldier making a few large bottles of good cold Bintang beer. The aim is that the fish once it is ready to just go swimming. At 17.45 hours, your help is expected from the previews of what comes from the BBQ. We assume that your test of criticism by 18.00 can stand, then the Nasi Goreng, the Bataksaus and Gado Gado also served. The weather forecast for your BBQ evening s cloudy and a temperature of 24 degrees, no matter what time of year.
We have no objection to your own pets. For us, they can go to your heart's content in the yard romp and do what they like. For dogs, however, is a warning in place. We know that most dogs like cat behind a boost and if you bring your dog who is perhaps as fun and as he said that he likes to do that especially. The warning is em in our cat that we have given the name Cat, cat and is not for the cat. Puss in itself is nothing special although he likes black and white in color, it's just a local race trash cans. Our cats live with us just so not Horas, but Puss Horas be regarded as his territory. If Puss in Horas than most dogs usually remain at arm's length. The dog who thinks not having to come out soon enough what effect that has. The consequence is that that dog the next time or two will think before he is awake cat maken.Als pets but you do not like pets around you want we can give you a few. Normally want our dogs, normally not Horas live within a few days best best friends with you if you wear them well to eat. The combination Pungut (the dog) and Abu Abu (the female cat) is a nice tension.
The South East Asia countries and especially the non-Islamic countries or parts thereof, are widely known for what they have to offer in terms of RR & M. A cry in English equivalent to Rest, Recreation and Massage, and especially back to the periods of leave of soldiers who in one way or another, their time spent in this region. In earlier times can thereby be thought to Thailand (Bangkok) and the Phillippines (Manila), more recently, say after the second world war coming in this context is primarily the countries Japan and Vietnam in the picture. Think of Hawkeye, Radar and Hotlips from MASH. Despite the Batak, who live around Lake Toba, a tiny minority poses with their roughly 5 million in the country by definition, most Muslims in one (1) country home (about 150 million), thanks to the fact that the Most of the Batak was not so long ago (say, 100 years) become Christians yet the cry RR & M no longer accessible around Lake Toba Samosir and therefore, on Tuk Tuk and Horas Family Home. Whether at Horas Family Home with some beperkingen.We are talking about RR & M. Rest, Recreation and Massage. Either in good Dutch: Rest, Recreation and Massage.De Rest and Recreation, the latter in the form of nature, culture, plants, flowers, bees, birds, fish and geology, Tuk Tuk is plenty available without too much cost . The term Massage, Tuk Tuk, we have to offer: Massage, Massage and Massage and it's good to make a clear distinction between the 3 M's, so you can decide in advance what you want M. Whatever form you choose, and M, it is with any luck, depending on the masseuse or masseur always a true genoegen.De first form of Massage Massage is the fact that everywhere in the offer. This is a full body massage, or your whole body gets a turn, except for your more intimate parts. There is a cloth laid over or your keep your pants on. This massage lasts an hour, in which any reg-oiled, beknepen and taps with generally a very pleasant result. The cost of this Massage vary at this time, July 2009, from Rp 60,000 to Rp 75,000 per hour. To give you the chance to give this massage at first hand and in your own privacy to experience this Massage is also on the program of Horas Family Home. We can simultaneously serve two people for an amount of Rp 50000 per hour per person, for this you have the two of you or any your own masseuse.De second form of massage is a healing massage. This massage is because it is a healing massage is performed by a gentleman. The healer. The healing massage is perfect for what case you are unwell, what are flu, recovering from a Delhi Belly, or suffer from joint or muscle pain, and there are still some eligible ailments to think. In terms of procedure is the same as the normal healing massage massage, or your private parts do not join the program and the whole thing takes an hour. It differs from a regular massage is that the healer working towards the cause of your discomfort or pain. Wherever you are unwell or pain of unnatural origin, for the elderly among the readers think of Pleuni Rope and Pacific Power, the healer will also involve the department in his treatment. Regardless of what you may be told there is no opportunity in Tuk Tuk where a healer so forth can conjure. For the healing massage should make an appointment with the healer to be made, and the healer will then when it suits him on his motorbike from a village in the neighborhood. The cost of this fence are about double what a normal massage costs. If you let us know in time we will let the healer just for your pleasure to Horas Family Home komen.De third form of massage known as Traditional Massage. Here they have a warning in place, namely that the two occasions in the Tuk Tuk cry Traditional Massage in the carry flag, this massage will be on call at their disposal. In a well Tradional Massage house you can enjoy a full body massage including those parts that in the aforementioned outdoor massages remained. Tradional Massage In a house you have choice of at least 2 masseurs (m / v) of the same sex if you or the other sex or something in between, regardless of your own sex. A Traditional Massage lasts at least an hour but it can if desired quite prolonged, possibly until the next morning. In Tuk Tuk is actually no formal Traditional Massage house, but if required we can do to help you. This form of massage is not part of the service package of Horas Family Home.Teneinde you are not embarrassed or tempted to bring this chapter I have chosen the photo of the Healing Masseur.
To help you during the start of your holiday in Indonesia in terms of language as a way to get here are the first lessons Indonesian for beginners especially to apply in and around Horas Family Home, I leave this word in Dutch followed by the word phonetically Indonesisch.Eerste lesson for beginners ---- root root beans - beans, peas - peas (so pay attention here) Cabbage - Cabbage Pineapple - Nana Spinach - Spinach Celery - Sell Three Sink - sink towel - towel bucket - emberKamer - KamarGordijn - curtain ashtray - - glass ashtray - gelasBier --- beer lamp - lampuTas - tasPoes - female band - ban jacket, tie - Jassie, dassieMantel - mantle stocking - stocking Safe - Brankas You see, it's all a bit with you when komt.Nu just going a bit further away. Lesson 2 for Beginners --- Doctor Doctor Petrol - BenzinOlie - OliAdvokaat - AdvocatNotaris - Notary Police - PolisiBus - BusPostkantoor-Kantor Pos (even when the lesson remain so) Restaurant - Restoran Babi bang gang - Babi Panggang nasi goreng - Nasi goreng gorengBelanda - A sunburned Dutch tourist in Tuk TukVoor lesson 3 you will really have to come visit. In lesson 3 we include the words potty, and by more penny behandelen.Wordt prosecuted
The weather seen over a longer periodeHet weather is like in many other places one (in) directly dependent on the climate. The basis for the weather on Sumatra is basically the tropical rainy climate. Talk to people in the Netherlands has a temperate climate with relatively warm winters and cool summers, we must think of Sumatra for a rainy season that lasts from October to May and a dry season from May to October period. That does not mean that it always rains in rainy season and in the dry season never be seen from the measured rainfall in Tuk Tuk last year. The total rainfall for the whole year is about 2200 mm. In comparison with the Netherlands is about 2.5 times as much. Of 2200 mm last year came during the wet season 1100 mm downwards and in the dry season, there is also 1100 mm down. What to think of a rainy season and a dry season. The difference lies mainly in the frequency and intensity of rainfall. In the rainy season it rains more often and longer in the dry season, the showers are often short but intense. To experience a real tropical rain you still need some luck. If we do this using my own definition, more than 70 mm in less than two hours, then that last year but 10 times occurred. With these 10 storms was thus about one third of all the rain of the year down. The longest uninterrupted dry period that lasted days was 17 days occurred in February, so in the regenseizoen.Het seen again over a shorter period, some weken.Het general weather pattern, wet or dry season, can be put on the head by what we in the Netherlands would call a strong high pressure area or a series of depressions. Thinking in those terms, the general weather in Sumatra and also in our Tuk Tuk be put on the head by large weather systems that sweep through the region. It then think of typhoons near the Phillippines as recently or person who has a good part of Burma has put underwater. Systems of this kind, which does not come from ourselves, we sometimes get into a tail in the form of extra tropical storms. The weather seen over a short period, some dagen.Het Lake Toba is very large, roughly 1200 km2, very deep order 500 m, and it is still quite high, about 1000 m above sea level. For most of Samosir, in the middle of Lake Toba is, there is a small 500 m at. Although we no longer really Samosir of tropical rainforests exist, it is relatively still quite green. The combination of a large surface with water in the center a hump along with high green bright sunlight is that the temperature differences over all small distances are relatively large with the result that Samosir its own micro climate, with its own small hydrologic cycle. Once this cycle is well established small can these days, if not weeks, remain in position. When there in one way or another hitch is it can take days if not weeks, consecutive dry blijven.Het seen again on a very short period, per dag.In this case we assume that the small hydrological cycle fully in operation and we talk about a very ordinary day, regardless if the day in the dry season or wet season falls. Morning at 06.10 o'clock the day. It is just over 20 degrees, with a relative humidity of 85%, which remains so until 07.30, when the sun really comes from. Thereafter, the temperature increases by about 2 degrees per hour. At 11.30 so it is normally about 28 degrees, while the relative humidity has dropped to just below 50%, or bone-dry air. This is also the time that it starts to become cloudy so that the temperature does not rise further, but is reduced to 26 to 27 degrees. This will remain so until roughly 16:00, the time when the cloud cover and whether or not a half hour later starts raining and the temperature very gradually decreasing to 23 degrees late in the evening. Exceptions are if the cloud is not done and the blood really hot, 31 degrees, or that rain early in the afternoon starts at 17.00 hrs and it starts to perish of cold, 22 degrees.
For fruits and vegetables you can go to the grocery store, the store of Ibu Dian. The greengrocer lives on the other side of the road opposite Horas Family Home. A good portion of vegetables, fruits and vegetables in the morning purchased on the market in Parapat. This means that the Ibu Dian morning with the first ferry from 07.00 to Parapat leaves as quickly as does her shopping and then with the first ferry from Parapat return. She is at 09.45 am back in Tuk Tuk. The store is so is therefore between 10 and half 11 open. There is purchased taking into account what Ibu Dian same day thinks it can sell. If you have any special requirements it is wise to order one day in advance to pass. What we have too much of the Horas Family Home garden we sell to Ibu Dian so they do not need to buy in Parapat
Besides chess, playing guitar and singing, we get the feeling that the biggest hobby of Batak in Tuk Tuk is starting a restaurant or a shop. There are many shops in Tuk Tuk and relatively very few customers, which means that some products in those stores are still somewhat longer than under the expiration date would be desirable. In one way or another, everyone will find that what comes out of the shop Ibu Togi is slightly better and sometimes slightly cheaper than what is available elsewhere. The range of Ibu Togi is slightly more extensive than what is normally found. It is for this reason that I have the shop of Ibu Togi bring to your attention under the head of the Supermarket. For your cigarettes, butter, cheese and eggs at the supermarket so. You will find the supermarket if you coming from Horas Family Home turn right and then back on the right side of the road at a distance of about 75 m
For currency exchange and traveler's checks is the Toba Money Changer address. The good news about this money changer business is that everything is very very straight forward and you go nowhere else in Tuk Tuk better for your money. Besides the exchange of money you can also go here to buy a new sim card for your phone call home so that what is more affordable. Naturally sells the Money Changer the phone. The internet cafe section of the Toba Money Changer also has no equal in Tuk Tuk. For all your communication needs on the Toba Money Changer so. You can find the Toba Money Changer opposite the supermarket Ibu Togi, at a distance of about 75 m from Horas Family Home.
As said before the start of a restaurant seems nevertheless one of the biggest hobbies in the Tuk Tuk Bataks to be. Tuk Tuk has really only one way and that is a bypass. If you firmly by step you are in a small three quarters the way around, the total distance is about 4.5 km. During this tour you can choose from 94 eat, drink and / or overnight occasions where of course you usually can eat or drink. I want to take a blow to the arm in terms of the number 94, but it may be that there are now already a few are grown. It goes far to me what all these occasions here piece by piece to treat, but it is probably still good for you a little bit away helpen.Algemeen, the number of customers in no proportion to the number of restaurants. Where a restaurant does not have a refrigerator or where normally not too many guests come it is common for most of the dishes on the menu are not voorrradig. In such cases it is better to order in advance what you want to eat. We give no difficulty in accepting that there are some restaurants where you can not eat better for the simple reason that you then, after a tasty meal or not, but for a while or a few days not too far away from a good toilet department want to be. It is not for me to mention names here. Once you are a guest in our Horas Family Home, you only have to kikken and we are willing to provide information to the type described experiences voorkomen.Zoals said, it goes too far all the restaurants here provide a qualification. I therefore limit myself to 3 restaurants.Liberta. Liberta focuses on foreign guests with a somewhat narrower fair. The number of dishes on the menu is limited and is restricted to what is generally accepted in Tuk Tuk in those places. So more or less by foreigners known local dishes, but also a pizza. The good news is that Liberta used only fresh stuff, the portions are quite large and the prices are very reasonable. In short, Liberta is among the top in this category of our restaurants and you get the warm recommendation to the kitchen of Liberta once to try. From Horas Family Home, turn left and after about 5 minutes walk from the entrance to your linkerhand.Tabo Liberta. Tabo focuses on foreign guests with a broader stock market. It is the only restaurant in Tuk Tuk that presents itself as a vegetarian restaurant. Although the menu also provides a chicken and fish dish for the vegetarian is not fully hardened. The number of dishes on the menu is quite varied, the portions not too big in a decent price range. Tabo has its own bakery and it bakes one german brown bread, muffins and cakes. The brown bread you find in the morning with freshly baked breakfast buffet which has no equal in Tuk Tuk. Noteworthy that Tabo is worth the best beer in Tuk Tuk. This is Bir Bintang, just like everywhere else, the difference is in Tabo that the beer is served just the right temperature. A comparison between Tabo and Liberta is probably a very good plan and it keeps you on the street. From Horas Family Home, turn right and after about 80 m walk from the entrance to your rechterhand.Jenny Tabo's Restaurant, recommendation STER.Bij Jenny is what concerns us all just a lot nicer, much cleaner, much better, a lot more pleasant and much better than anywhere else especially if, but actually a little on the condition that, Jenny himself in the kitchen. Our favorite dish at Jenny when we have guests, the Babi Guling, suckling pig on a spit. Preparing and spit rotation of the pig from 15 to 20 kg lasts almost all day and eventually results in a culinary feast. In our own assessment of restaurants on Tuk Tuk Jenny scores without number 1, especially in the price - quality category. Evening Rinto plays the husband of Jenny on the guitar and sings songs Batak and before you know it is really nice. Jenny and Rinto prices themselves, inter alia, with the cry "We have the cheapest beer in town. From Horas Family Home is located just halfway Jenny's Resaurant Tuk Tuk to bypass the Toba side. Very suitable to stabbing for lunch. If the evening difficult to find in the dark walking back please let me know, then we find some op.Voor the exact location of the restaurants mentioned here and some other see map of location under Tuk Tuk .
Horas is a detached cottage on Lake Toba, Sumatra, on Tuk Tuk, ideal for winter and is 5 minutes walking distance from the real and old Batak core of Tuk Tuk, Sosor Galung. Within 5 minutes walking distance you can choose from at least 5 restaurants with menus ranging from vegetarian to pure European lokal Batak. Within 5 min walking distance are also 3 internet cafes and possibility to rent bikes or mopeds. The plates Tomok, with the kings' graves, and Ambarita (Stone chair) are about an hour walking distance. The walk around Tuk Tuk also takes about an hour if you do not stick anywhere. Slightly further away are the waterfall Binangalom uitstortend Lake Toba and hotsprings Pangururan at approximately 45 minutes by speedboat Horas family home. Why Tuk TukEen of our contribution to a flyer trying Tuk Tuk to your attention brengen.Subsequent to being asked to contribute to this flyer I have thought about the target group of this write up. Me being over 60, think That I Should restrict to only targeting the over 50 years of age and families with children. So I am not trying to lure you to come to Tuk Tuk for the disco, the magic mushroom or mountain trekking. However, should you wish be my guest and refers to other parts in this flyer or the internet.Of course you need for your neighbors, family and friends a plausible excuse to come to Tuk Tuk, All which you can find in geology, culture and nature . Now, let's be realistic, that 'Tuk Tuk is in the middle of the largest caldera in the world is good to know, but if you are not a specialist, how can you really Recognize and appreciate the interesting geological volcano-tectonic depressants Zion?. If you are not too much in your own history and culture what makes the Batak culture so interesting?. If you do not know the Difference between an oak and an elm tree or a duck and a deaf, what nature and wildlife birds are you coming for? So let's forget about it. You just because low cost to relax in a peaceful, save, quiet, friendly and green environment where the wheather is just perfect and the food delicious. This is what you find in Tuk Tuk. Of course sometimes it rains a lot, if you are lucky you may even experience the occasional real tropical torrential rain storm, but the good thing is That it does not take a longtime to come down and mostly only in the evening time. Do not get me wrong, if we define a torrential rain tropical storm as the storm Which Brings more than 20 mm in 20 min, than there are normally only 4 or 5 in a year, so you need to be lucky. The real fun is of course the one torrential rain storm, Given the within-definition, All which lasts for more than 5 hours. That really is a life experience All which you will never forget. Axis Tuk Tuk is located at a Relatively high altitude the temperature is moderate, in between 20 and 28 Centigrades, Which Means That you do not need air conditioning at night and it is too cold for the malaria mosquito's. You have two options in the low-cost approach. The first is really low cost, you are most welcome to go for this option and you have a wide range of accommodations to choose from, but if you choose for Such option please be so child not to complain That your room is not clean, that ' you can not sit on your toilet, that 'you do not have hot water, And That you may have some or more small flying and creeping company in your room. So, I recommend the expensive low-cost approach. Go for one of the best accommodations, relax, swim and enjoy the views from your place, just walk around Tuk Tuk and indulge in the scenery without being hassled by a souvenir shop or restaurant owners, go to places in a rented car with driver and in the evening join the crowd in one of the many good restaurants for excellent food, a beer or wine and singalong Batak songs. Anyway, independent of the All which low-cost option you choose you will get very good value for your money. Before you go back Samosir buy a good book on geology, nature and culture, and study it on the plane to be ready to impress your neighbors Properly, When family and friends back home.
There is only ONE (1) HORAS FAMILY HOME. And when we say one (1) we mean one (1) and no two or more. We have no more units - units Horas Family Home. We have just ONE (1) HORAS FAMILY HOME. Horas Family Home You can book through this site and the calendar on this site you can also see whether or not Horas Family Home is still available.

Horas Family Home You can also book through a Travel Agent or Travel Agent, whether or not individual tours North - Sumatra with customized, that Horas Family Home then whether or not to book with us. If the Travel Agent or Travel Agent Horas Family Home for you book with us, then we block your reserved period then in the calendar on this website.

If the calendar on this website indicates that Horas Family Home is not available then there is no Travel Agent or Travel Organization that Horas Family Home for you then still reservations, regardless of what the Travel Agent or Travel Agent to let you know.

The best way to ensure you actually get is Horas Horas Family Home Family Home directly from us for booking and the Travel Agent or Travel Agent to make this fit into the rest of your program. How to reach us we like to let you or your Travel Agent or Travel Agent about, with the statement that we can arrange your transport.

Click on the picture for the description of the facilities and services
Click on the image for the follow-up information about the facilities and services


Living room
Ground floor

40 m2

Natural stone


Bedroom 1
Ground floor

26 m2

Natural stone

Bed: Double bed 200 x 160 cm

Bedroom 2
1st floor

30 m2

Natural stone

Bed: Double bed 200 x 160 cm

Ground floor



Washbasin (1)


Type: Open

Stove: Gas (4 Cooking zones/burners)

Cutlery & Tableware


Accommodation type

  • Holiday house

Total floor space

  • 100 m2


  • Child's bed (1)
  • Stair gates

Sports & Recreation

  • Diving / Snorkeling
  • Cycling
  • Sport Fishing
  • Walking
  • Swimming

Travel Ideas

  • Culture & History
  • Child friendly
  • Luxury accommodation
  • Winter sun

Internet, Wifi, Audio

  • Flatscreen TV
  • CD player
  • Wifi
  • Measurements of TV in cm: (1)

Outdoor Facilities

  • Barbecue
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Deckchair (8)
  • Sun umbrellas
  • Parking place (2)
  • Private driveway
  • Play set(s) (1)
  • Terrace
  • Garden
  • Garden chair(s) (4)
  • Garden table(s0) (1)
  • Porch


  • Manager on site
  • Detached house


  • Bed linen available
  • Towels present (12)
  • Kitchen linen available
  • Beach towels available (12)


  • Evenfloor


  • Smoking allowed
  • Pets allowed
  • Safe

per night from (b.o. 1 week)
per night from (b.o. 1 week)
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