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Enjoy all seasons in the forest. Not only in the summer, but especially in the spring and winter is enjoying nature to the full in Solange.

Discount when booking two consecutive weeks: see 'additional information'.
The house is located in the middle of the woods of Doorn, on the park De Bonte Vlucht. From the house you step straight into the woods of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug for a wonderful walk. In the summer you can pick plenty of blueberries and sometimes there is even a deer to admire.

The park is characterized by its enormous tranquility and especially for nature lovers it is a real pleasure to enjoy. In the spring the many birds that nest and court each other. In the summer nice and cool on very hot days through the many trees around, there is always a place to be found where the sun can be enjoyed.

Around the house is the forest garden, where the seating area or a wooden picnic table are invitingly ready.
Near the Bonte Vlucht there is a so-called 'green entrance' to the woods on both sides, where marked walks start with lengths of half an hour to three hours. All of them are beautiful walks, which always show surprising scenes of the area. The region also has many fun activities - also read under 'additional information - tips for fun outings'What do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopy

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We are Martien and Irma Lodder, and our holiday home has a very special place in our heart. We can enjoy hours of forest dwellers that you can observe from home. And we regularly run in the vast forests. We are happy to help our guests to enjoy this special place. A place where you can relax and where you feel on holiday and yet 'at home'.

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Extra price information

It is also possible to rent per month outside the summer period; the minimum duration is 30 days and the fixed price is 950 euros, excluding energy costs; the energy costs during cold weather are approximately 200 euros per month; at average temperatures around 100 euros per month. The rental period can also start halfway through a month. For this option, contact the landlord.
For longer rental periods, we consider the property suitable for a maximum of 4 people.What do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopyWhat do you want to do ?New mailCopy

Rates & duration

Prices are per stay

Minimum stay 7 nights
Week € 490.00
Midweek -
Night € 70.00
Weekend -
Minimum stay 7 nights
Week € 590.00
Midweek -
Night € 85.00
Weekend -
Minimum stay 7 nights
Week € 490.00
Midweek -
Night € 70.00
Weekend -
Minimum stay 7 nights
Week € 490.00
Midweek -
Night € 70.00
Weekend -
Minimum stay 7 nights
Week € 435.00
Midweek -
Night € 62.00
Weekend -
Minimum stay 8 nights
Week € 490.00
Midweek -
Night € 70.00
Weekend -

Location & tips

Additional information

In the green heart of the Netherlands, about 24 km east of Utrecht, lies the cosy village Doorn. Because of its central location in the Netherlands, this is the ideal vacation spot: trips to all directions of the country are possible. From the holiday house you directly step into the forests of ' de Utrechtse Heuvelrug ' for a delightful walk. You can pick blueberries and blackberries in summer and on a quiet moment you even might encounter a dear! Beautiful cycling tours can be made in the vicinity, a.o. to the historical city of Wijk bij Duurstede, Amerongen and Buren. A visit to Castle Huis Doorn, with a park in the English landscape style is a must. This former home of the last German emperor Wilhelm II is now open to visitors as museum. In Doorn also lies recreation park "Rosarium"; this garden thanks its name to the famous rose garden of the emperor. You'll also find a landscaped mini-golf course. Furthermore, it is delightful to dive into history in Castle Amerongen and the museum on the production of tobacco. visits to the lovely zoo Ouwehandsdierenpark in Rhenen and / or dierenpark Amersfoort are worthwile doing. Protected nature area 'het Leersumse Veld' is within walking distance (4 km); there you can make a beautiful nature walk of about 6 km. We find this a must!
The house has been renovated in 2011. Underfloor heating gives you an evenly heated house throughout the year. A new boiler was placed and the ground floor is covered with new laminate. The kitchen has been replaced by a spacious one.
A towel heating radiator is placed in the bath room.
Instructions for use are available for all equipment in the house.
In the upstairs bedroom we put a practical shelf and a small seating place.
Child friendliness and safety:
The electricity outlets are safe for children. The staircase to the first floor is an open staircase, equipped with handrail.
The house is equiped with a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket.
It is not possible to rent linen and bed sheets at the reception of the park. Please bring your own under sheets, duvet covers, towels and dish-cloths!
In the house you'll find the most necessary kitchen gear and spices, salt, sugar etc. Feel free to use, but please refill for the guests coming after you!

The garden surrounding the house is part of the forest. There are pines, beeches, oaks and rhododendrons. The road to the house is an unpaved road: so with some bumps.
This gives the park a natural look.
Want to enjoy some time in the woods? When booking two consecutive weeks in the period July / August you will get a discount of € 75. In the other months € 50 discount.
The house is located between the trees in the middle of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. The forest makes the house to stay cool during hot periods. Finding a place to enjoy the sunbeams is always possible.
The reception of the park is at about 1 km from the holiday house. To the center of the villages Doorn and Leersum it is about 3 km. In those place you can do your daily shopping.

You can put your car in the driveway before the house; you receive an access key for a car at arrival. At the reception you can purchase coins for an extra car.

Several hiking trails, marked with different colors, are found in the vicinity. Also available are many cycling and mountain biking trails.
Bikes can be rented at the reception of the park.
Nature inspires .... also in 2013! The picture of the birdhouse is taken at an important moment: on 20 May 2011 at 13.33 hours. One minute later this brave blue Titmouse left his safe litter. When reading the guestbook of Solange,you'll notice, that our guests are touched by the forests, the animals and all the plants, surrounding you if you're staying in Solange. That nature inspires we experience ourselves, but also our guests. Hereby we invite you to share this inspiration. This can be by a beautiful photo or video clip, created during your visit to Solange, a piece of text (in the guest book in the home), poem, drawing, or creative expression. Everything and anything is possible. The most beautiful expressions will be shown on the home-page of our House and we will reward this with a voucher of € 25,--.
At the end of the season we will announce the winners. The voucher for the nature moment in 2009 is won by Elise, who has observed the fly out of three blue tits from the birdhouse and described in our guest book in the House. In 2010 is Henk Lolkema mainly inspired by the pure forest air and tranquility surrounding the House. He made a beautiful pen drawing in the guest book. Congratulations, Henk! In 2011 the voucher is won by Lotte and Boaz. They had found a boyfriend in the summer at the camp site, have eaten pancakes and have been in the pool. There are beautiful stories and drawings in the guestbook! Thank you Lotte and Boaz and have fun with your voucher. In 2012 there are again 2 special events listed in the guest book: Thijs Middendorp witnessed a back flip of a squirrel. The family Baljet could appreciate the quiet environment even during the (also for us unexpected) pruning week.

The park has many facilities:
a reception area, snack bar and cozy restaurant with a lovely terrace. The snack bar and restaurant are open daily during the summer; outside the holidays they are open only during weekends.
Fresh bread and newspapers are available daily.
There is an outdoor pool for swimming. For the younger children a separate bathing place is available. You'll also find a tennis court (a fee is asked), a playground and trampoline for children.
There is the possibility of bicycle rent: early reservation at the reception of the park is necessary to be sure to find a bike.
Occasionally activities for both youth and adults are organized at the park.

Park De Bonte Vlucht houses about 200 private homes, chalets and mobile homes. In the summer also touring caravans and tents can be placed.

De Bonte Vlucht is easily accessible by car. The house is located 1 km from the reception in the park / forest.
De Bonte Vlucht can also be reached by public bus. From the nearest bus stop to the reception it takes a walk of about 10 minutes.
Train stations Driebergen-Zeist and Maarn are located respectively at 10 and 6 km from the park. The public bus to the park can be taken at the village Driebergen-Zeist.
Some nice (mostly free) tips one by one.

In 2013:
every first Sunday of the month: from 13: 30 – 17:00 hrs.

Cultural round of Wijk Bij Duurstede: enjoy galleries, mill and big church in Wijk bij Duurstede

1 June: Jazz bij Duurstede

29 and 30 June cherry festival, Cothen

June 30: opening up Hindersteijn Castle Gardens, Long pants and Lunenberg Castle

6 July Sheep market, Langbroek

24-27 July: Fair Of Wijk bij Duurstede

18 August: castle tour in Doorn
More than 100 historic carriages: a travelling museum to free to enjoy!

17 August: Flowershow at Leersum

8 sept. Festival colorful Wijk bij Duurstede (multicultural)

1 sept. Open Garden days Hindersteyn estate, Langbroekerwetering

8 sept. Open monument day

28 sept. Shantyfestival Wijk bij Duurstede

28 and Sept. 29. Lekkodagen in

Wijk bij Duurstede: historic ships in the port

7/10 art market in Mazijk, Wijk bij Duurstede

12/10 Pompoenendag Cothen

In our house we have many leaflets for nice trips in the near surrounding.

Tourist offices and tourist shops you will find in Doorn, Leersum, Maarn, Zeist, Rhenen and Wijk bij Duurstede
De Utrechtse Heuvelrug is a beautiful area, where many walking and cycling routes are found.
The area was created during the last glacial period. Thereafter primeval forests has been formed. Through the combined efforts of man these forests did not exist anymore around 1800. Then reforestation projects started.
The National Park has a number of green entrances into the area. At these locations you can get information on the area and you can immediately start walking or cycling.
The main entrances are at railway station Driebergen-Zeistway (in Cafe La Porte) and at Kwintelooyen (nearby Veenendaal).
The green entrances are found along the main road N225 between Driebergen and Rhenen (eg Green Entrance Kaapse Bossen, Doornse Gat, Hoogstraat, Amerongen and Plantage Willem III). Another green entrance is found in Maarn, south of the main road A12 at the exit Maarn (nearby estate Stameren).

Het Leersumse Veld (into the direction of Leersum) and the Kaapse Bossen (direction Doorn) are nearby: only a few kilometers from Solange.

The largest mammal on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug is the deer, the largest predator the fox. Animals you will not see often are the badger, the squirrel living in the treetops, and rare pine martens.
Other mustelids found are: the polecat, the weasel and the ermine. The viviparous lizard and sand lizard are quite common in the National Park. They live on the moors and in sandy areas. The slow worm is found in the entire area.
The moor frog can only be found on the Leersumse Veld and rarely at other places of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. In lakes and ponds the large and small newt are found.
In and along the marshes of the Leersumse Veld the black-necked grebe, the little grebe, the bluethroat, yellowhammer and teal breed. From March to August the heather areas around the ponds (marshes) can not be reached, but from the blind you will be able to watch the birds.

Closer to home you can also see birds: sitting in the dining area you have an excellent view on the dining area of our birds. Do you recognize the nuthatch, robin, blue tit, great tit and the great spotted woodpecker?

Large-scale reforestation activities(around 1900) with Scots pines took place; the trees were logged for mining / construction wood. Also large avenues of beech and oak were planted. Later on in many places fast growing Douglas fir and larch has been planted. Spontaneous growth of birch, oak and beech resulted gradually into mixed forests. In the herb layer of forests you find blueberries and sorrel. In the older and wetter forests we find false lilly and cow wheat; in some forested hills also grows wood anemone.

In the National Park we find besides the forests heath lands, moors and sand drifts. Besides heather and heath we also find in these open areas small dodder, broom, prickly gorse, marsh gentian, sun dew, bog rush, sphagnum peat and lint. On the shifting sands bunt grass is, sand sedge, Morison's spurry and different types of lichens.


Living room
Ground floor
30 m2



Dining corner / Dining Table

Bedroom 1
Ground floor
9 m2

Bed: Double bed 200 x 140 cm


Duvets (1)

Bedroom 2
1st floor
15 m2

Bed: Single bed 200 x 90 cm

Bed: Single bed 200 x 90 cm


Bedroom 3
1st floor
10 m2

Bed: Single bed 200 x 90 cm


Duvets (1)

Ground floor
3 m2


Washbasin (1)

Floor heating


Type: Open

Stove: Gas (4 Cooking zones/burners)


Swimming pool

Type: Open air swimming pool / Inground pool

Heated swimming pool: Unheated swimming pool

Privacy: Shared swimming pool


Accommodation type

  • Holiday house

Total floor space

  • 75 m2

Sports & Recreation

  • Cycling
  • Golf
  • Mountain biking
  • Tennis
  • Walking

Travel Ideas

  • Budget
  • Citytrip
  • Culture & History
  • Long term rental
  • Peace & quiet


  • Floor heating

Internet, Wifi, Audio

  • Cable television
  • Flatscreen TV
  • Radio
  • CD player
  • Dvd player
  • Wifi
  • Dutch TV channels (12)
  • Internet connection

Outdoor Facilities

  • Barbecue
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Parking place (2)
  • Private driveway
  • Terrace (2)
  • Garden
  • Garden chair(s) (8)
  • Garden table(s0) (1)
  • Shed


  • Manager on site
  • Detached house


  • Washing machine
  • Storeroom
  • Scullery / laundry room
  • Seperate toilet (1)
  • Smoking not allowed
  • No pets allowed


  • Child's chair (1)

Games & entertainment

  • (Board) games
  • DVDs / Blu-rays

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