The Reehorst Beerze


Vakantie Boerderij de Reehorst is located in the beautiful Beerze. Beerze is a neighborhood belonging to the municipality of Ommen, (Overijssel). Beerze is located on the river Vecht and has 233 inhabitants and is very characteristic because of the authentic hallhouse farms.
The wooded surroundings, the beautiful nature and the farms together provide a real outdoor feeling.

The holiday home
De Reehorst is a beautiful authentic farmhouse for over 8 PEOPLE with PRIVATE POOL , a STEENOVENSAUNA , OPENHAARD , large garden with lots of privacy and several cozy seats, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, an INFRAROODSAUNA and craft 'locomotive' BBQ . The decor of the living room and bedrooms is authentic, rural, cozy and can be described as English cottage style.
A stay at holiday farm de Reehorst will give you a relaxed and rural feeling. The nights are dark and quiet, due to the minimal light pollution and little to no traffic. The only sound you will hear early in the morning are the birds that awaken.
Other features in the home include a washer, dryer, BATH, FREE WIFI, etc.
For an extensive presentation of the house see also the photo overview with descriptions.

Beerze is located directly on the River Vecht and is surrounded by beautiful nature with varying character: forests, heaths, sand drifts and woodlands.
De Reehorst lies at the foot of the well-known "Beerzer Bulten". From the garden you can go to the back path and walk past the meadows towards the woods for a nice walk. For the walking enthusiast, the 'Pieterpad' is easily accessible from the house. Look for an overview of hiking trails on the network Vechtdal. Here you will also find an overview map with the starting points of the walking routes also within walking distance of the house (including the points Beerzerpoort, Beerzerbulten, Beerzerzand.

There is also a paved cycle path adjacent to the entrance of the farmhouse. Beerze is also very suitable for beautiful bike rides for young and old. The cozy Mariënberg, Hardenberg, Ommen and Den Ham are easy to reach by bike. There are various cycling routes on Fietsroutenetwerk Overijssel.

De Reehorst literally lies between the award-winning "De Beerzer Bulten" campsites (1.5 km) and nature camping "De Roos" (1 km). As a holidaymaker you will be able to make use of, for example, the indoor swimming pool, the fitness, wellness (salt caves etc.) and the children's paradise 'the Giga rabbit hole' of the Beerzer Bulten campsite. Camping de Roos has an organic camping shop.

In nearby Mariënberg you can find the nearest railway station (3.5 km). There is also the nearest supermarket (Spar). In Den Ham you can also find a supermarket (C1000) (3.5 km). But of course Ommen itself (9.0 km) and Hardenberg (11.0 km) are easy to reach and well equipped.

The administrators
Harrie and Hennie Hof are the managers of the farm. They take care of the rental and live on the smaller part at the front of the farm. This part is completely separated from the holiday part. The managers also do not use the facilities that belong to the holiday rental, such as the swimming pool, sauna, bbq, garden, etc. You can always contact them for all your questions. Especially if you are used to the hustle and bustle of the city, you do not feel completely isolated and alone. Because the nights in Beerze are very quiet!

UPDATE : In February '18 the bathroom on the 1st floor was completely renewed.
In May '18 the front door has been renewed.

The host, Rik & Sanne

Micazu member since May 2013

We are Rik and Sanne. In 1988 this beautiful farmhouse became family property. Since the summer of 2013 we use it for the rental. The house is very free and is located in a wooded area, with at some distance the famous campsites De Roos and Beerze Bulten. As you will read, all conveniences and luxuries are present in the home. We invite you to come and enjoy our holiday home. We would like to welcome you to Beerze!

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Een week is van vrijdag t/m vrijdag.
Maar stelt u gerust de vraag of een andere aankomstdag ook mogelijk zou zijn (alleen buiten de vakantieperiodes). 
Midweek is van maandag t/m vrijdag.
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Alle prijzen zijn incl. gas/water/stroom. En excl. toeristenbelasting.  

Indien men hier prijs op stelt verzorgen wij voor u, als extra service, sets schoon bedlinnen of zorgen we dat de bedden gedekt zijn bij aankomst. U komt dan in een kant en klare schone woning en de vakantie kan gelijk beginnen.

De eindschoonmaak is verplicht. U bent dan gewaarborgd van een schone woning en u kunt in alle rust op de vertrekdag vertrekken.

Handdoeken dient u zelf mee te nemen.

Er zal bij aankomst ook een grote mand met openhaardhout voor u klaarstaan en er ligt genoeg hout in voorraad voor vrij gebruik.

Rates & duration

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Minimum stay 3 nights
Week € 1290.00
Midweek € 990.00
Night € 184.00
Weekend € 990.00
Discount 15%
Minimum stay 3 nights
Week € 1490.00
Midweek € 1190.00
Night € 390.00
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Week € 990.00
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Night € 275.00
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Minimum stay 3 nights
Week € 790.00
Midweek € 590.00
Night € 190.00
Weekend € 590.00
Minimum stay 3 nights
Week € 1090.00
Midweek € 890.00
Night € 290.00
Weekend € 890.00
Minimum stay 3 nights
Week € 1330.00
Midweek € 590.00
Night € 190.00
Weekend € 590.00


Here you will find any mandatory and optional additional costs.

Bed linen
€ 25.00
Per stay
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Beds made on arrival
€ 50.00
Per stay
Pay at booking | optional
€ 250.00
Per stay
Pay at booking | optional
Energy cost
€ 0.00
Per stay
Included in price
Final cleaning
€ 100.00
Per stay
Pay at booking | required
€ 0.00
Per stay
Included in price
Swimming pool
€ 0.00
Per stay
Included in price
Tourist tax all ages
€ 1.00
Per person per night
Pay at booking | required
Wood use
€ 0.00
Per stay
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Location & tips

Additional information

Beerze is located directly on the River Vecht and is surrounded by beautiful countryside with varied nature: forests, moors, sand dunes and bosvennetjes.
The Reehorst lies at the foot of the well-known "Beerzer Humps". From the garden you can go to the back path and walk along the meadows towards the woods there to make. Walk a fine For hikers is also the 'Pieterpad' to reach from the house fine. For a list of hiking trails on Walking network Vechtdal. Here you will also find an overview map with the starting points of the trails within walking distance of the house (including the points Beerzerpoort, Beerzerbulten, Beerzerzand. Http://
Also runs adjacent to the ramp of the farmhouse a paved bike path. Beerze also lends itself very well for cycling tours for young and old. Thus, the cozy Mariënberg, Hardenberg, Ommen and Den Ham away. Well on the bike There can be found on Fietsroutenetwerk Overijssel. Various routes

The Reehorst is literally between winning campsites "The Beerzer Humps" (1,5 km) and campsite "The Rose" (1 km). You may use for example the indoor pool, fitness, Wellness (salt caves etc.) and the children's play paradise 'Giga the rabbit hole "of the camp Beerzer Humps. Use as a tourist fee Camping de Roos has an organic grocery store.

In the nearby Mariënberg is found (3,5 km). The nearest railway station There is also the nearest supermarket located (Spar). In Den Ham also find a supermarket (C1000) (3.5 km). But of course also Ommen (9.0 km) and Hardenberg (11.0 km) to achieve fine and well equipped facilities.
Want evenings cooking in our own country kitchen with hob and oven? Or would you rather eat? There are several restaurants nearby where you can enjoy a bite to eat. From Italian to pancakes, plenty of choice.


- Grand Café Den Herdenbergher, East End 32
- Eethuys the 4 Seasons, 31 Front Street
- The Heemse, Blanckvoortallee 2
- Grand Café Docks, Port Gedemte 4 (from here you can also sail sloop)
- Brasserie Market, Marktstraat 15
- Grill Room Jerusalem, 22 Front Street
- Wok Inn Hardenberg (Wokrestaurant), Theorem 3
- Kota Radja (Chinese), Stationsstraat 24
- The Long Wall (Chinese), East End 4
- Naples (Italian), aisle three
- La Rusticana (Italian), 39 Front Street
- Rheezerbelten (Pancakes), Big Beltenweg 1 (outside Hardenberg)

Snack Bar
- Snecks & Go, Old Bosch 9
- Anytyme, Rembrandt 2
- Snack Rian, Stationsstraat 24a
- McDonald's Hardenberg, Theorem 2


- Restaurant Ekkelkamp, ??Stationsweg 1
- 'T Olde City Huus, Market 3
- Brasserie Aunt Pos, Markt 17
- Grand Café Jipp, Church Square 3
- Restaurant The New Bridge, Lemelerweg 13 (outside Ommen)
- China Garden (Chinese), Voorbrug 11
- Hong Kong Ommen (Chinese), Brugstraat 28
- La Dolce Vita (Italian), Varsenerstraat Gate 13
- La Laterna (Italian), Markt 13

Snack Bar
- Flater (including pancakes), Markt 18
- Smulwereld Ommen, Markt 55
- Anytyme Ommen, Slagenweg 3a
The immediate surroundings of Beerze is rich in attractions, something for everyone. So you can moored visit major theme parks, or watch animals in the zoo in Emmen.

- Slagharen (19.0 km), Black Dike 37 Slagharen
- Theme Hellendoorn (20.0 km), Luttenbergerweg 22 Hellendoorn

- Zoo Emmen (46.5 km), Ermerweg 28 Emmen

In een straal van 10km vanaf Beerze vindt u de volgende supermarkten:
- Albert Heijn Ommen, Haven Noord 1
- Albert Heijn Hardenberg, Van Wevelinckhovenplein 60
- Aldi Ommen, Slagenweg 1
- Aldi Hardenberg, Isral Emanuelplein 9
- Attent Mariënberg, Oude Weg 8 (dichtst bij Beerze, 3.5 km)
- C1000 Hardenberg, Floralaan 46
- Jumbo Ommen,  Markt 22-24
- Jumbo Hardenberg, Markt 50
- Lidl Ommen, Schurinkstraat 30-34
- Plus Hardenberg, Dr. Albert Schweitzerplein 5
- Spar Hardenberg, Jupiterplein 1
Beerze ligt in natuurgebied met een rijke flora en fauna dat het centrum van Overijssel omvat. Hier liggen de heuvelachtige gebieden van de Beerze Bulten, de Lemelerberg en het  grote Nationale Park Sallandse Heuvelrug met een omvang van 35km2. Daarnaast ligt Beerze dichtbij rivieren als de Vecht en zijn vertakking de Regge. In dit gevarieerde natuurgebied is een groot aantal verschillende activiteiten te ondernemen.

- Beerze Bulten, met onder meer Giga Konijnenhol, Zwemparadijs en Outdooractiviteiten, Kampweg 1 Beerze (1.0 km)
- Outdoor Ommen,  met onder meer kanoverhuur, een klim- en klouterpark, crossfietsen en boogschieten, en restaurant de Nieuwebrug, Lemelerweg 13 Ommen (10,7 km) 
- Boerengolfboerderij De Wolf, Coevordenweg 28 Stegeren (6.7 km)
- Speelvijver De Oldenmeyer, Oldenmeyerweg Hardenberg (8,5 km)
- Rederij Peters Bootvaren, Zwolseweg 8c Ommen (9,0 km)
- Ommen, in een Tuk Tuk rondom Ommen touren? Huur nu uw Tuk Tuk bij Vechtdal Express! DeThaise Tuk Tuk is een uniek overdekt vervoersmiddel die van uw dagje uit een bijzondere belevenis maakt.
- de Koeln, Forrelvisserij, Beerzerhaar 17 Beerzerveld (3,5 km)
- Botanische Vijvertuin Ada Hofman, Westeindigerdijk 3 Hardenberg (19.3 km)
Wandel- en fietsgebieden
- Nationaal Park Sallandse Heuvelrug,, bezoekerscentrum  Grotestraat 281 Nijverdal (22 km). Over de Sallandse Heuvelrug van Hellendoorn naar Holten lopen verschillende wandelroutes, waaronder het bekende Pieterpad
- Lemelerberg,, verschillende wandelroutes. Met restaurant/theehuis bij vertrekpunt van de wandelroutes, Kerkweg 32 Lemele (15 km)
- Beerze Bulten, (start wandelroutes tegenover Beerze Bulten, Kampweg 1 Beerze, 1,0 km)
Kijkt u eens op 
Op deze website vindt u allerlei informatie over activiteiten, bezienswaardigheden, fiets- en wandelroutes, etc. in de directe omgeving van onze vakantiewoning.

Een voorbeeld van een direct langs de woonboerderij gelegen fietsroute is 36,5 km is bijgevoegd op de afbeelding.
De fietsroute start officieel in Hardenberg en u fietst dan zuidwaarts en zoekt al snel de Overijsselse Vecht op. Een route met water en groen langs de fraaie vecht! De Vecht stroomt door een landschap waarin vervlogen tijden bewaard zijn gebleven en waar je volop ruimte en rust vindt. Het gebied leent zich uitstekend voor een ontspannen fietstocht.



Living room
Ground floor
53 m2


Dining corner / Dining Table

Dining Chairs (8)

Bedroom 1
Ground floor
20 m2

Bed: Double bed 200 x 180 cm


Duvets (1)

Bedroom 2
1st floor
22 m2

Bed: Double bed 200 x 180 cm


Duvets (1)

Bedroom 3
1st floor
14 m2

Bed: Single bed 200 x 90 cm

Bed: Single bed 210 x 90 cm


Bedroom 4
1st floor
17 m2

Bed: Double bed 200 x 160 cm


Duvets (1)

Bathroom 1
Ground floor
3 m2


Shower (1)

Washbasin (1)

Bathroom 2
1st floor
14 m2


Shower (1)



Type: Separate room

Stove: (4 Cooking zones/burners)


Swimming pool

Type: Open air swimming pool / Above ground pool

Heated swimming pool: Heated swimming pool

Privacy: Private swimming pool


Accommodation type

  • Farmhouse

Total floor space

  • 200 m2


  • Child's bed (1)
  • Child's chair (1)
  • Stair gates

Sports & Recreation

  • Cycling
  • Mountainbiken
  • Horse-riding
  • Walking
  • Swimming

Travel Ideas

  • Culture & History
  • Luxury accommodation
  • Maximum privacy
  • Peace & quiet
  • Weekend trips


  • Sauna


  • Central heating
  • Stove
  • Fireplace

Internet, Wifi, Audio

  • Flatscreen TV
  • Hifi / Stereo set
  • Radio
  • Dvd player
  • Wifi
  • Measurements of TV in cm: (94)
  • Dutch TV channels
  • Internet connection

Outdoor Facilities

  • Barbecue
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Deckchair (2)
  • Sun umbrellas
  • Parking place (3)
  • Terrace (4)
  • Garden
  • Garden house
  • Garden chair(s) (10)
  • Garden table(s0) (4)
  • Garden fully fenced


  • Manager on site
  • Visible from outside
  • Detached house


  • Dryer
  • Washing machine
  • Hall
  • Pets allowed
  • Storeroom
  • Scullery / laundry room
  • Seperate toilet (2)
  • Smoking not allowed


  • Kitchen linen available


  • Evenfloor

Games & entertainment

  • (Board) games
  • DVDs / Blu-rays

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