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Chalet Le Jacques

In the middle of the growing green in the summer months or the thick packs of snow in winter, our traditional chalet is located in the Belgian Ardennes. Surrounded by water from the wild stream in the garden and the untouched forests, you feel yourself here in a piece of real nature. The rivers Ambleve, Steinbach and the large Wolfsbuch are within walking distance, where you can swim, kayak or canoe. Close your eyes and hear nothing but water, birds, sometimes some crickets and possibly fanning the fire in the fireplace. Yet you find yourself in this mystical place within fifteen minutes drive from the lively and lively town of Malmedy where you can, if you like, seek out the crowds. A five minute drive away you will find the traditional village of Waimes with its supermarket, fresh bakery and possibly a pharmacy.

When you enter the house, you get what you expect when you think of a fairytale chalet in the Ardennes. With a burning stove in the middle surrounded by cozy large sofas and lazy chairs. Robust, wooden doors and paneling. Shot yacht on the wall and a burgundy open kitchen. The two bedrooms on the upper floor have been converted into spacious but cozy double and four-person beds, each with its own sink. On the ground floor you will find a luxurious suite with French doors that give you a great view outside. The chalet has an extra conservatory with open views to the outside where you see nothing but forests, water and air. In the house you will find two toilet rooms and a spacious, separate shower room. The house is surrounded by greenery. On the terrace you can enjoy good food in the summer and you walk into the private garden. The chalet has a spacious private area of ??approximately 800 square meters and runs into an immensely large nature reserve. Note: recently also fully renovated chalet 'Le Jacques 2', also available on the site of Micazu

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The host

Micazu member since January 2013

German, English, Dutch

We are a family with three children and have the chalet now 22 years and are still very much in this piece Ardennes. It seems as if time has stood still. Long time here For a delicious campfire in the background the sounds of the stream exciting storytelling and all your worries and rush behind you.

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  • € 160,-
  • € 395,-
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The rental rate is based on 4 or 5 people (consisting of 1 family). With multiple people the surcharge is € 15 per night.

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Prices are per stay
Period Night Weekend Midweek Week Discount Minimum stay
07-07-2018 - 30-07-2018 € 130.00 - - € 910.00 - 7 nights
30-07-2018 - 03-08-2018 € 150.00 - - € 1050.00 - 3 nights
03-08-2018 - 24-08-2018 € 130.00 - - € 910.00 - 5 nights
24-08-2018 - 27-08-2018 € 395.00 - - € 2765.00 - 2 nights
27-08-2018 - 12-10-2018 € 140.00 € 325.00 € 420.00 € 665.00 - 2 nights
12-10-2018 - 04-11-2018 € 160.00 - - € 1120.00 - 5 nights
04-11-2018 - 21-12-2018 € 140.00 € 325.00 € 460.00 € 665.00 - 2 nights
21-12-2018 - 06-01-2019 € 180.00 - - € 1120.00 - 5 nights

Services & additional costs

Type Price
Energy cost € - To consumption Will be deducted from the deposit
Final cleaning € 50.00 Per stay Pay at booking | required
Taxes € 1.80 Per person per night Pay at booking | required

Additional information

The house is ideal compared to a variety of golf courses (Spa, Liege, 5 Nations, Clervaux, Durbuy, Sankt Vith, Herstal, etc.). The green fees are generally cheaper than in the Netherlands, are challenging jobs and there is almost always carried out. Moreover, they often have great deals, such as a combination golf, cart and lunch or dinner for a price!

Directly from the house you love cycling with low elevation. There is a lovely separate bicycle path on the former railway between Malmedy and St. Vith by a wonderful area. In Montenau you can relax on a nice terrace at Café Restaurant Terminus. For cyclists, it is really a challenge for cycling. To Stavelot and Wanne There is also the Stockau (often part of the Tour de France).
Around the house you imagine yourself in winter often in a ski area, it is so beautiful snowy landscape (see photos).
In winter, cross-country skiing and sledding from the chalet often as possible.
Cross country skiing slopes (High Fens, Rodt, Baugnez, etc.) and great ski slopes (eg in Ovifat and De Wanne, even with snowmaking and great for snowboarding) are nearby. Also nice is the cross-country ski at the Beer Museum in Rodt. After skiing (but summer also after walking) you can enjoy drinks and food.

The chalet is situated in a group of seven private homes. From the garden you walk into nature. It is surrounded by woods, streams and the river Amblève. A little further lies the small village Ondenval. The chalet has spacious grounds (2000 m2).

Bars, cafés and restaurants you close in Montenau, Waimes, Malmedy and St. Vith, but for example you can also take a walk in the forest of Rodt and then something to eat or drink in the beer museum (a winter ski and cross-country skiing paradise). Nearby are the Fens. You also sits near Germany with lovely towns of Monschau and all the great towns in the Eifel, but also Luxembourg's only a half hour drive.
In Coo is a small amusement park and a waterfall "Cascade de Coo".
Spa has a nice center, a casino and a beautiful new spa.
A larger theme is Phantasialand near Cologne.
New is a small war museum dedicated to the Battle of the Bulge. That is close in Baugnez.
Fishing for trout in Amel (or pick vergunninbg first to post Waimes) from our site, but also in a large pond in law, which is also a playground and a nice cafe / restaurant on the water.

Only 300 km or 3 hours drive from central Netherlands, you enter a completely different environment and culture! Beautiful green hill and mountain, dense forests, picturesque villages and towns. Our house light at the end of one of the most beautiful valleys of the region. On the trout river Amblève and sheltered by the beautiful Wolfsbusch.
In the surroundings you will find lots of different landscapes and routes. The High Fens (6 km) are a very special and rough nature. Go look at Baraque Michel and the nearby Museum of Nature.
Belgium is well known for its delicious food and enjoy, but in the Ardennes Burgundian lifestyle that gets even more dimension. The shops are a variety of products including fine wines available. Another special feature several local high quality, such as trout Ondenval, various cheeses Thirimont, Ardennes ham Montenau, etc. Especially the game in the hunting season is nothing to sneeze at. For fresh game from the Ardennes and Eifel please contact the Catering in Robertville rightly or excellent cooked in the restaurant of Hotel Cyrano Waimes. Throughout the restaurants you get presented with high quality at a reasonable price. On the many terraces and in the cafes have the choice of all those delicious Belgian beers. Try the coachman Kwak beer in Café Scotch on the main square in Malmedy or go in Bellevaux (4 km) to the new brewery. Or go to the Beer Museum in Rodt at St. Vith. And the language! Our house is right on the linguistic border between the Walloon and German-speaking area (East Belgium).
Do not be put off by the French. Today, the people really do their best to answer you in Dutch and they do not succeed then offers German or English mostly outcome.
The East Cantons have again a unique culture. At the tourist office on the main square in Malmedy, you can get a lot of information about. The website: gives a lot of information. You can download all kinds of brochures about the area and activities.
A very special cultural aspect is the focus on the Battle of the Bulge. Nearby in Baugnez is a small museum that pays attention to the impact in the vicinity of Malmedy. But in many other places in the Ardennes, especially in Bastogne that history is palpable.

Walking can be unlimited in the immediate vicinity. One of the largest forests of the Ardennes, the Wolfsbusch, adjacent to the site. Tennis, horse riding and cycling (including mountain bikes for hire) is fully possible. Beautiful is also a walk along the sprookjesachtuige river with numerous waterfalls, the Ninglinspo near Remouchamps (see pictures). At a distance of 4 km are several beautiful villages such Ligneuville, Montenau, Waimes, etc. In the immediate vicinity You will find plenty of restaurants, nice terraces, cafes and pubs.
Anything larger can make day trips to Liege, Aachen, Monschau, Luxembourg, Vianden, Little Switzerland, Bastogne, La Roche etc. are also the Ardennes with its lovely setting, lovely villages, towns, an abundance of museums and attractions within your immediate reach . (Spa, Remouchamps, Stavelot, Cascade de Coo, etc.) you will find in Montenau Pools, Spa, St.vith and Robbert Ville. 15 km. is the famous water sports center "Worikken" on Lake Bütchenbach (sailing, surfing, swimming, paddle boats, etc.) In short, you can fully enjoy your holiday!
See also the website "The Escapades": # menu

Waimes, 3 km to the north are two fine bakers (morning fresh petit pains and of course baguette in French). Along the road from Waimes to Malmedy, found just outside Waimes on your right a small Delhaize supermarket. At that store and at the gas pump in Waimes you can buy bags of wood for the stove. Drive further to Malmedy, then you come just at the beginning of this little town a huge Carrefour supermarket counter, where a variety of good food, good wine will, etc. can take. Prima butchers with first quality meat of cattle from the Ardennes found in Waimes.
Greeting supermarkets are at the border in Luxembourg where you can very cheap fuel. Well

In the stream which runs through the garden are quite a few waterfalls built and again moved by children. Of course, under the guidance can be a fire burned in the open fireplace. In the adjacent field the shallow stream flows and Steinbach The children can roam safely. Directly from the house You can also from this area for trout fishing in the river Amblève, but equally in advance Waimes get a permit at the post office.

Around the house are so many attractions. The castle of Reinhardstein, the Botrange nature center, the Spa / Francorchamps, Stavelot Abbey, the Museum of the circuit in Stavelot.

In the immediate vicinity of the house is Reinhardstein castle. This completely rebuilt from ruins medieval castle can be visited. Every weekend there are Nedeland speaking tours. Groups can be a private tour (outside normal hours) organized.

694 above sea level). About 20 km from the chalet) the natural center of Botrange (the highest point of the Benelux is Here you will find a complete history of the origin of the Ardennes High Fens. The Ardennes far as we know the oldest mountains in the world and ever occur at the South Pole. The nature center provides a good picture of how the Ardennes have become what they are today. For groups you can hire a guide to the exhibition can further explain (great value).
In the region you can great mountain biking. If one is not in a position to bring these self can rent them anywhere near.
The trails are almost unlimited in this piece Ardennes.
Railbike and devalkart

On an old railway line through the High Fens it, you can track biking. A track bike is a type pedal but for the track (at about 10 km from the house).

On the slopes of Ofivat (7 km), you can in the summer with a Devel Kart (a kind of go-kart) slopes downward. You use the lift to come up again.
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Features & layout

If you sit in the living room with a glass of wine by a crackling fire, you imagine yourself in a real hunting lodge. The old wooden beams in combination with mud walls provide unsurpassed warm and cozy atmosphere. The sliding doors of three meters wide will give you access to the wooden terrace in the rich nature.

  • 63 m2
  • Tiled
  • Dining corner / Dining Table
  • Dining Chairs (8)
  • Couch 3 seats (1)
  • Armchair (2)

This spacious suite has French doors overlooking the magnificent nature that Begische Ardennes is rich. With private toilet and closet space is the master bedroom of the cottage.

  • 14 m2
  • Boards
  • Bed: Double bed 200 x 160 cm
  • Duvets (1)
  • Wardrobe(s)
  • French doors

This spacious bedroom has recently been converted into traditional bedstead. The bedroom has a stone sink and hot water.

  • 12 m2
  • Boards
  • Bed: Double bed 200 x 140 cm
  • Duvets (1)
  • Wardrobe(s)
  • Desk / dressing table

This spacious bedroom has been converted into traditional bedstead. The bedstead is room for 4 people. The bedroom has a stone sink and a spacious wooden wardrobe.

  • 14 m2
  • Boards
  • Bed: Queen bed 200 x 120 cm
  • Bed: Queen bed 200 x 100 cm
  • Duvets (2)
  • Wardrobe(s)
  • Desk / dressing table

With a pebbled floor and an extra wide shower head, you imagine yourself here under a waterfall during the daily shower. The rest of the floor is of beautiful blue stone and a sink of blue stone.

  • 2 m2
  • Shower (1)
  • Washbasin (1)

A spacious open kitchen where you have contact with anyone in the living room and conservatory.

  • Type: Open
  • Stove: Gas (4 Cooking zones/burners)
  • Hood
  • Cutlery & Tableware
  • Microwave combi
  • Fridge freezer
  • Refrigerator
  • Coffee machine
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Ironing board / Iron
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Dishwasher
  • Water boiler
  • Chalet
  • 120 m2
  • Cycling
  • Golf
  • Mountainbiken
  • Sport Fishing
  • Walking
  • Luxury accommodation
  • Maximum privacy
  • Rest & space
  • Weekend trips
  • Central heating
  • Electric heating
  • Gas heater
  • Stove
  • Cable television
  • Satellite receiver
  • Flatscreen TV
  • Radio
  • Dvd player
  • Measurements of TV in cm: (1)
  • Dutch TV channels (10)
  • Internet connection
  • Barbecue
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Sun umbrellas
  • Parking place (5)
  • Private driveway
  • Terrace (1)
  • Garden
  • Garden chair(s) (6)
  • Garden table(s0) (1)
  • Sledge (2)
  • Shed
  • Washing machine
  • Hall
  • Storeroom
  • Scullery / laundry room
  • Seperate toilet (2)
  • (Board) games
  • Detached house


  • Based on 60 reviews 8.4
  • General impression 8.6
  • Location 8.7
  • Facilities vacation rental 8.1
  • Equipment and state vacation rental 8.5
  • Child friendliness 7.6
  • Hygiene 8.1
  • Friendliness and service host 8.9
  • Price/quality 8.3
  • Aldert Bergwerff, with partner. Gave on an average of 9.6  

    Geweldig chalet, van alle gemakken voorzien midden in het bos. Onze mooiste vakantie in jaren ! Echt geweldig, een aanrader !

  • Bernard Fransen, with partner. Gave on an average of 7.9  

  • Jaap Louisse Louisse, disabled. Gave on an average of 7.0