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In the south of Carinthia, near the triple point of Austria with Italy and Slovenia, lies the small and quiet village of Lukowitz. Ideal for hikers and lovers of nature and tranquility. Due to its central location, this place is also very suitable for those who prefer the hustle and bustle, there is so much to do in the area that two weeks are not enough to see and discover everything. That's why almost everyone who has been here always returns to this place.
The little cottage is old and simple but cozy and most comfortable. The veranda makes it complete. Request your booking first to meet the conditions! It is not possible to make the payment only on arrival.

The host, Michel en Anita

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Arethusa was the early 60s put down as temporary shelter by my grandparents. Arethusa After the main house was finished, guesthouse. Many families despite the cottage is built for two people, there spent their holidays. Also we have gained a wealth of wonderful memories with our three daughters. Meanwhile, we are the third generation owner of this heavenly piece of family property. Is

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The rent in the high season is € 400, = and includes water, electricity, bed linen and use of all the appliances available. Not included is the deposit, tourist tax and final cleaning.
It is not possible to pay the amount only on arrival. When you book, we expect the payments according to the terms. Please contact us before booking, any costs of cancellation will be charged.

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Wed 01-Jun-2022
Thu 15-Sep-2022
Minimum stay 5 nights
Week € 400.00
Midweek -
Night € 57.00
Weekend -
Thu 15-Sep-2022
Sat 01-Oct-2022
Minimum stay 3 nights
Week € 375.00
Midweek -
Night € 55.00
Weekend -
Sat 01-Oct-2022
Fri 14-Oct-2022
Minimum stay 3 nights
Week € 325.00
Midweek -
Night € 46.00
Weekend -


Here you will find any mandatory and optional additional costs.

€ 100.00
Per stay
Pay at booking | required
Final cleaning
€ 65.00
Per stay
Pay at booking | required
€ -
To consumption
Pay at location | optional
Tourist tax all ages
€ 1.35
Per person per night
Pay at booking | required

Location & tips

Additional information

Municipality Ludmannsdorf - Bilcovs Lukowitz is one of the 17 villages that are part of the municipality of Ludmannsdorf. Ludmannsdorf is a town in the Austrian state of Carinthia (Kärnten), and is part of the district of Klagenfurt-Land. Ludmannsdorf has about 1900 inhabitants of whom about 100 live in Lukowitz. Carinthia is known for its mild climate and is often called the sun terrace of central Europe. Thus Ludmannsdorf often called the sun terrace of the Rosental. From the many villages of Ludmannsdorf you have a wonderful view of the Rosental and Karavanke (Hochstuhl highest peak, 2236 meters) which forms a natural border with Slovenia. Slovenia heard until 1918 in Austria and that's good to note, the area is still bilingual. For example, the villages have for example a German and Slovenian name. In the center stands the parish church Hl. James d. Alt which is an independent parish since 1784. The original Romanesque building was extended in the Gothic period. The church stands on a European Jacob's pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella. Neighbouring countries: Italy / Slovenia Due to its central location in relation to the three countries point with Italy and Slovenia, it is possible to make day trips to these countries. Within half an hour denotes Slovenia and slightly longer than half an hour in Italy. The market in Tarvisio (It.) Offers leather goods (jackets, shoes, bags) at an affordable price. Tarvisio is about 3 minutes away. Venice (It.) Is a bit further away, almost 3 hours away. That's fine to do but it's also very nice to her for one night to take a hotel, there are plenty. Slovenia has been independent since 1991 (since 2004 a member of the EU) and therefore had little affected by the unrest in the former Yugoslavia (although the independence it took was accompanied by a brief war of 10 days and a few dozen lives). In duty-free shops at some border crossings you can buy tax free cigarettes and liquor. For the motorways you need a vignette (other than the Austrian vignette) and the Karawankentunnel have to pay toll (keep in mind that it is obligatory in Slovenia to drive with low beam). Lipica for horse lovers is an absolute must. Lipica stud farm is where traditionally bred the Lipizzaner horses of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. Lipica is over an hour away. In both Italy and Slovenia is the fastest route through toll roads. However, it is also possible to dodge and drive through the Loiblepass (very steep) or Würzenpass. Very nice, shorter in kilometers but does something longer. Italy border: through toll roads 50.5 km, 38 min Tarvisio:. Through toll roads 57.1 km, 44 min Tarvisio:. Without toll roads 50.9 km, 57 min Venice. Through various toll roads 278 km, 2 hours 45 min. Slovenia: through Karawankentunnel 27.1 km, 29 min Lipica:. through toll roads 78.1 km, 1 hour 8 min Lipica:. without toll roads 73.4 km, 1 hour 21 min Loiblpass:. 31.7 km, 35 min. Würzenpass: through Rosental 39.5 km, 44 min City. Klagenfurt, Velden, Villach Lukowitz is anywhere near. You do need a car but you can also pull out every day and no day has to be the same. Within half an hour you are in Klagenfurt, capital of Carinthia (Kärnten), with not only a beautiful, historic city but also plenty of sights and museums. Velden am Wörthersee (about fifteen minutes away) is a fashionable resort where is organized a lot in the summer. The famous castle hotel (known from the series Ein Schloss am Wörthersee) has welcomed many famous guests and is a popular golf hotel for golf enthusiasts. Who loves beautiful cars, offer hours of fun on one of the many terraces along which many expensive car owner like parades. Fields is the most famous seaside resort of Carinthia and a popular tourist resort, there is much to do. Villach is a half hour drive but well worth a visit. An absolute tip for those who love shopping, the huge shopping center Atrio, which already has several prizes won. Fields: 11.2 km, 17 min Klagenfurt. 23.2 km, 28 min Villach. 25.7 km, 33 min.
Culture Like in the rest of Austria in Carinthia some ancient manor houses, find monasteries and churches. Carinthia's capital, Klagenfurt, is known for its many historic buildings and museums, including the National Museum, with mosaics, sculptures and tomb fragments from Roman times. The Magdalensberg is the Roman ruins Virunum. Castle lovers can enjoy their stay here. Burg Hochosterwitz (Launsdorf, north of Klagenfurt, close to St. Veit an der Glan, with museum), Burg Landskron (near Villach, bird show), Schloss Hollenburg (between Köttmannsdorf and Maria Rein, with his Haflinger) and Schloss Rosegg (in Rosegg nearby fields, with wildlife park and labyrinth) are definitely worth looking up. About 80% of the population in Austria is Catholic and in every town has at least one or more churches. Beautiful buildings with great history that are also within an experience to visit. The Klagenfurter Dom example, or in Villach include the St Jakob's Church of St Nikolai. The pilgrimage church of Maria Gail Villach is one of the oldest churches in Carinthia, also very nice to see. More than an hour away, about 60 miles east of Klagenfurt, is the Benediktinerstift St. Paul. The art collection of this monastery is one of the finest and most comprehensive collections of Europe monastery. Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque art: it's all in the Treasury of Carinthia. Lovers of museums are in this area well. A small selection: Bonsai Museum (3000 m2 of bonsai trees), Torture auf Burg Sommeregg (back to the Middle Ages), Porsche Automobile Museum Helmut Pfeifhofer, Archäologischer Park Magdalensberg, Museum of Modern Art Carinthia, Dom von Gurk (world famous Roman church from the 12th century which belongs the main buildings of the European sakraalkunst). And many more! Lovers of museums are in this area well. A small selection: Bonsai Museum (3000 m2 of bonsai trees), Torture auf Burg Sommeregg (back to the Middle Ages), Porsche Automobile Museum Helmut Pfeifhofer, Archäologischer Park Magdalensberg, Museum of Modern Art Carinthia, Dom von Gurk (world famous Roman church from the 12th century which belongs the main buildings of the European sakraalkunst). And many more! The discount card Kärnten Card is definitely a must if you plan to take a lot. there is almost no card that offers more services and price advantage. For a one time fee, more than 100 sites, museums, scenic routes and cruise lines included. Public transport is the Kärnten Card free of charge and several bonus partners offer an attractive discount on production of the card. You can visit zoos, cable cars, summer toboggan runs and pools free and as often as you want. Some suggestions, free admission with the Kärnten Card: Aussichtsturm Pyramidenkogel (! At 905 meters the best view point in Carinthia With a lift in 24 seconds to the three viewing platforms in Keutschach near Maria Wörth.). Obir Tropfsteinhöhlen (Unique world caves in Carinthia. In Bad Eisenkappel south of Sittersdorf). Tropfsteinhöhle Griffen (The most colorful caves of Austria with impressive tour. When Griffner Schlossberg with Burgruine Griffen). Mini Mundus (Approximately 140 of the most beautiful buildings in the world can be seen at a scale of 1:25 in a 26,000 m2 show big park). Price: € 34, - for one week, € 42 for 2 weeks, € 53, - for five weeks, children very discounted rate and up to 6 free Sport Carinthia, for an active vacation. Holidays Carinthia has all lakes many opportunities for all kinds of swimming and water sports. Carinthia has around 200 crystal clear mountain lakes in the summer have a very pleasant temperature of around 28 degrees. In Klopein (hour drive) or the Weissensee (slightly further 1 ½ hours) are several diving schools. Watersports fans also come in sailing, surfing, boating, water skiing and diving will get their money. Another fun activity during your vacation in Carinthia is riding. Carinthia has the largest network of bridleways Europe, with 1,400 kilometers of bridle paths, from which hikers can choose from numerous hiking. For runners, there are moreover many walking, running or Nordic walking routes. For cyclists and sports bikers there are plenty of hiking and mountain biking trails, so you will not be bored during your holiday. For lovers of action sports, outdoor fun and excitement are rafting, paragliding, canyoning or climbing on waterfalls, the best way to get the pulse once quite up and the adrenalin household to give an extra boost. Golfers can indulge in one of the many Carinthian golf courses internationally. Even skiers can head to Carinthia: from early December over Carinthia becomes one big ski slope and are everywhere snow on perfectly groomed slopes. Black slopes, rolling parts to catch his breath and hilly slopes to experiment. However, we can not offer in the winter and the cottage please go to our neighbors and fellow villagers.
Restaurants Originally the Carinthian cuisine from simple, often hearty peasant fare with lots of cereals, dairy products and vegetables. Nowadays there is in Carinthia lot of culinary experience. With products that provide the nature and the farmers in the area. There are a lot of restaurants in different shapes and sizes. From simple to elegant dining parlor. Many influences from Slovenia and Italy but also typical Austrian cuisine as Kaiserschmarren (thick chunks pancake with powdered sugar, served with plum jam) Palatschinken (pancakes with apricot marmalade or chocolate sauce), trout in different ways, dumplings (dough balls filled with sweet or savory ingredients eg marillenknödel: filled with apricot), of course the Vienna but also Jägerschnitzel and more. Velden you have a lot of nice restaurants on the lake, who wants to keep it simple can also go to a chicken restaurant (very tasty chicken). Around the Wörthersee are anyway very much tasty and nice restaurants. Klagenfurt are also many eateries, trendy or rustic, elegant or simple. On several farmers can also make extensive food (Buschenschenke). You will receive an extensive arsenal served to meat, served with homemade wine, homemade apple juice or schnapps. In Ludmannsdorf is gasthaus Ogris, where we always own the first day of our stay to eat. It is cozy and the food is simple but good. In addition to sporting events (beach volleyball, cycling, marathon), there are around Wörthersee in summer numerous events organized (World Bodypainting Festival, Rolls Royce and Bentley-Treffen). Ironman (late June) is the largest triathlon event in Europe where thousands of people to participate and come down. The annual GTI Treffen is also a very popular event among lovers of Volkswagen GTI, here come very many people off and you see the most diverse pimped GTI'tjes. Also in the field of parties Carinthia has the offer summer real highlights. During the 'Fete Blanche enjoy thousands of visitors, all dressed in white, an elated festive mood. A kilometer-long celebration on the shores of the Wörthersee with numerous attractions such as international show acts, fashion shows and live music. In the field of classical music are the "Carinthian Summer" and the "Wörthersee Classics Festival 'grandiose events for the enthusiast. Especially in summer, however, besides the notable highlights a plethora of regional parties, celebrations and special events, which should not be missed during a holiday in Carinthia. Portschach find the Pink Lake Festival in August (International Gay Festival) takes place. During the summer there are also smaller festivities are regularly organized. Nightlife Outside the festivities and events, there are many entertainment options nearby. Try your luck at the casino in Velden, or visit one of the many cafés in Klagenfurt and Villach. The pleasant temperatures is possible until late in the evening to sit on a terrace, there are plenty, of the town center to outside overlooking the lake. The vibrant nightlife include Fields and Pörtchach going until the wee hours of the morning.



Living room
Ground floor
12 m2

Sail / linoleum

Dining corner / Dining Table

2-person Sofa bed (1)

Ground floor
14 m2

Bed: Single bed 190 x 80 cm

Bed: Single bed 190 x 80 cm

Sail / linoleum

Ground floor
3 m2


Shower (1)

Washbasin (1)


Type: Separate room

Stove: Electric (4 Cooking zones/burners)

Cutlery & Tableware


Accommodation type

  • Holiday house

Total floor space

  • 36 m2

Sports & Recreation

  • Climbing
  • Golf
  • Mountain biking
  • Walking
  • Swimming

Travel Ideas

  • Budget
  • Culture & History
  • Maximum privacy
  • Peace & quiet


  • Electric heating
  • Boiler

Internet, Wifi, Audio

  • Satellite receiver
  • Flatscreen TV
  • Radio
  • CD player
  • Dvd player
  • Wifi
  • Measurements of TV in cm: (1)
  • Dutch TV channels (1)
  • Internet connection

Outdoor Facilities

  • Barbecue
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Carport
  • Deckchair (2)
  • Sun umbrellas
  • Parking place (1)
  • Private driveway
  • Terrace (2)
  • Garden
  • Garden chair(s) (9)
  • Garden table(s0) (2)
  • Porch
  • Shed
  • Hammock


  • Visible from outside
  • Complete privacy
  • Detached house


  • Dryer
  • Washing machine
  • Hall
  • Storeroom
  • Scullery / laundry room


  • Bathrobes available (2)
  • Bed linen available
  • Towels present (20)
  • Kitchen linen available
  • Beach towels available (6)

Games & entertainment

  • (Board) games
  • (Comic)books
  • DVDs / Blu-rays

€ 325,-
Week starts at
€ 325,-
Week starts at
Arrival date
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