Villa J van Domburg


This beautiful villa is delivered in mid-2011 and lie in Paradera. The villa has 4 spacious bedrooms with airconditioning.De master bedroom has a TV and a private bathroom badkamer.De other lying in the hallway between bedroom 2 and 3.Beide Bathrooms have hot water.Verder is a spacious living room with TV and a luxury European kitchen, all amenities such as microwave / oven / dishwasher. There is a separate laundry room with washer and droger.De aansluitind villa has wifi, cabel TV with DVD and an alarm system from the living room through sliding doors onto the porch, very spacious and is built where the wind blows and delicious you always lie in the porch schaduw.Op as comfortable as possible you can enjoy the garden and zwembad.De villa is built on a large plot. So space zat.De garden of this villa is fully fenced and landscaped with gravel and plants, connected to a drip
The pool is parallel to the porch and is 10m long and 5m wide with a maximum depth of 2m.
Beside the house are 2 separate apartments each with 2 bedrooms with air conditioning. These both have a kitchen with a living / sitting / dining area and both have their own porch.
The assembly includes a very large garden of approximately 800m2.
The apartments are separately huren.De prices of the apartments you can apply via our mail address so it is possible to use several families can rent the whole and yet cozy together in the garden by the pool while your own house / apartment you.
It lies in Paradera, a quiet area overlooking the Aruba haystack. It is a nice quiet neighborhood, about 7 minutes from the beach (by car).
Supermarkets in the area.
In Aruba, you need a car if you want to explore the island.

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We are a family with four children. We have built a house on Aruba because my husband was born and raised. We go there every year around and are so eager to give others the chance to get to know this beautiful island and to enjoy the tranquility and the beautiful white sandy beaches.
There is much to do in Aruba, so do our kids love to go fishing, snorkeling and swimming everywhere.
We hope you will enjoy our beautiful Aruban villa apartment

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Villa and apartments are both per week or per month verhuurd.Appartementen period1 :1-9-2011 t / m 14/12/2011 = 400 euros instead of 500 euros (offer for the fast movers) per week.14-12-2011 to / m = 4/15/2012 600 per week.15-4-2012 t / m 01/09/2012 week.Voor = 550 euros per month prices please contact us by mail.Aanbieding for the villa to 15 of april 850 to 700 per week and from 15 April to 29 June of EUR 950 to 600 (on offer) Villa with 4 bedrooms and can get there with up to 8 people in it for just 600 euros instead of 900 euros per week.nergens on this site you so, one big house built on 1450 square meters of land completely fenced and a super large pool and centrally located on the island and so, n prijs.MIS NIET.PAS END OF SEPTEMBER 2011 THIS OPPORTUNITY IS COMPLETED A brand new villa.

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Week € 896.00
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Night € 128.00
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Minimum stay 7 nights
Week € 952.00
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Night € 136.00
Weekend -


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Baby chair
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Child's bed
€ 0.00
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€ 90.00
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€ 400.00
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We have enjoyed in your villa and were very pleased with the appartement.We babybedje.Zwembad was geweldig.De oven has done very well, I have twice pom can bakken.Op the porch blew the heerlijk.Ik ga your villa and apartment aanraden.En family and friends when we go back to Aruba we will certainly make use of your home.

Sharda Dataram-Durga
(17-12-2011 t / m 12/26/2011.
Dear Daphne and Alfonso,

Vacation was great and what a disappointment to get back into the chilly country are :-) And what did you do a lovely house in Aruba, we have certainly enjoyed it and felt really directly thuis.Huis of practical amenities and the pool was top for the kids of course!
Fabia (Administrator) was also helpful and aardig.We have even given her a pumpkin pie ..... Delicious

Greetings and maybe until next time.

Ajoo (challenge)

We are very well received at the airport of Aruba by the beheerder.Het house was very nice, beautiful large pool, nice tuin.alleen pity that there are 2 apartments when sitting, so you have less privacy.Verder we find it a must. We have a nice holiday and enjoyed the house.


Ingrid and Twan Hendrix.
In Aruba, you pay the price of the florin.De Aruban florin is dependent on the U.S. dollar. You can pay with dollars on Aruba, in some places also in euros. All banks can cash wisselen.Openingstijden banks: Monday - Friday 8.00 - 16.00. The CBM bank at the airport is open daily from 8.00 am to 16.00 pm, except on official holidays.

Nature in Aruba is special, and certainly not typical of all Caribbean islands. On the west and south coast are vast white sandy beaches which are regularly elected the most beautiful in the world. The north east coast, the windward side of the island is rugged and rocky. The interior of Aruba is littered with meters high cacti, low shrubs and rocks. The famous tree is the Watapana, better known as the divi tree. This particular tree is formed anywhere on the island against.

Time Difference
In Aruba, the Netherlands compared to, depending on our summer or winter, 5 pm (winter) or 6 hours (summer) before.

Location and size
Aruba is located in the heart of the southern Caribbean, about 20 kilometers off the coast of Venezuela. The island is 30 kilometers long and 9 kilometers wide at its widest point. The total area is approximately 180 square kilometers.

In Aruba is an (almost) always sunny and the average temperature is 28 ° C. Often the wind blows a bit, making it feel cooler. Hurricanes are very rare here, because Aruba is outside the hurricane zone. Of rain during your holiday you will probably not suffer because the average is only 408 mm of rain per year (less than half in the Netherlands), and the showers are generally short.

In Aruba, about 100,000 inhabitants. Most Arubans Caiquetio have a mix of Indian, African and European influences in them. Aruba has a high standard of living and a strong economy. Combined with the wonderful natural environment it attracts people from all over the world!

Water and electricity
Just like home in Aruba you can just drink tap water. In Aruba is one of the largest factories in the world where fresh water from salt water is made. This plant is also generated electricity for the whole island, hence the name WEB: Water and Energy Company.
Aruba has hardly come to power failures. The plugs are different than at home (110 AC, the same as in the United States and Canada), so bring a world power is recommended.

Dutch Home / About Aruba / General Information / Medical Facilities
Medical Facilities
The level of health care is like in Aruba in the Netherlands. Almost all medical procedures can be performed. Should it be necessary, then you are with the plane very quickly in a hospital in Curaçao or the United States.

Aruba is also easily accessible for the disabled. The airport and the vast majority of hotels are accessible for people in wheelchairs and most tools (such as a wheelchair, crutches, special beds or a scooter) can be rented.

Aruba has a rich history. There are still rock carvings made by the original inhabitants, the Indians. But the traces of the first Europeans who came ashore are still visible, and all customs and habits that other people over the centuries have left behind. All this has led to Aruba a very hospitable and multicultural island, with ditto residents.

Papiamento is the native language of Aruba and Bonaire and Curacao only further discussed. You could say that Papiamento is, as the Arubans are: open and friendly! Originally it is a fairly simple language. But as the Afro-Portuguese-based Creole language Papiamento has gradually developed into a full-fledged language with a lot of Dutch and English influences. On the other Leeward Islands of the Netherlands Antilles, Curacao and Bonaire, speak Papiamentu.
Education in Aruba is based on the Dutch system and is given at all levels (primary, secondary and higher education). The amount the government spends on education is much higher than elsewhere in the Caribbean / Latin America.

The Palm Island
Even this small island is only five minutes by boat from the coast and includes hammocks, restaurants and a (water) sports facilities. The Palm Island is accessible to everyone. It is a perfect spot for snorkeling and Blue Parrotfish Water Park offers great slides!

Ostrich Farm
The rugged countryside of Aruba is the perfect habitat for ostriches. They therefore want to stick to the ostrich farm. Here you will not only face to face with these large birds, but you will also learn all about their behavior and habits. Tip: a lot of fun with children! You can find the ostrich farm along the road to the (former) Natural Bridge. Guided tours start at 9.00 and are given throughout the day until 16.00. For more information: (297) 585-9630
The beaches of Aruba are among the best in the world. And not for nothing! They are snow white, surrounded by an azure blue, crystal clear sea. You will experience how relaxing it is, to just a little to gaze at the horizon, the sun on your skin to feel the murmur of the sea and hear the sand between your toes to move ...

Arashi and Boca Catalina Beach are both located near the lighthouse on the northwest side of the island. Here you can find great snorkeling.

In Palm Beach, the sea is calm. On this beach are the larger resorts.

At Eagle Beach you can enjoy a picnic in the shade of palm trees. There is enough parking and there are several hotels on the other side of the street.

Rodgers Beach is close to Baby Beach. Here you can surf well. There are also picnic tables and showers.
Who once hid, is addicted for the rest of his life. There is nothing like entering a wreck and suddenly be surrounded by a huge school of small fish, or to be surprised by a beautifully colored parrot.

Aruba is known as a wonderful location for wreck diving. There are six shipwrecks around the island, including the Antilla, a German ship, the largest wreck in the Caribbean. Even divers who come here more often, each time discovering something new!

You can test dives in Aruba (half day), or get your Paddy (two days). Want to get your license for open water, you can do during a course that lasts four days.

Deep Sea Fishing
If you are on the deck of a boat is, and your line is a fish of 30 pounds, then the high waves and splashing salt water can do little more. You have only one goal: get that fish! Chances that a tuna, barracuda or king, because those are common here. Whether you're an experienced fisherman or a fishing pole out for the first time ever, the captain and his boat, tailored to help you. Spend a day or half day long, and let your catch of the day evening in the restaurant of your choice ready!

Sailing & Boating
From the sea breeze hits you all very relaxed, and the cocktails on the deck of the catamaran or a beautiful wooden boat served all the more. It is delightful to the crystal clear, azure waters to sail and enjoy the sun and the view. Along the way there is enough time for a swim or a snorkel trip. Book Also consider a sunset sail "or a" dinner cruise "for the evening, the stunning Aruban sunset from the water even more spectacular!

For whom diving is a step too far, there is good news: even with a snorkel and flippers, there is plenty to do. Off the coast you have great chance to come eye to eye with the most beautifully colored fish. During a trip by boat to one of the surrounding reefs will be even more beautiful to see underwater! For those who do not want to get wet suit, a trip on the glass bottom boat or even a real submarine is an absolute must.

Wind and Kitesurfing
The wind in Aruba brings much more than just cool. Pick a gust of wind, waiting for the perfect wave ga!

Aruba has a steady wind of 15 knots. There is much variation in calm water and good waves. This Aruba has one of the most popular spots for windsurfers and kitesurfers in the world.

Are you a beginner, do it quietly and hire an additional half day of an equipment or take a trial lesson. Can you have wind or kite surfing, you will definitely find your challenge to the north and southeast side of the island.

Every year in June the "Hi-Winds Amateur World Challenge Windsurfing 'tournament in Aruba. This match lasts 10 days and attracts hundreds of amateur and professional surfers from all over the world.

Underwater without getting wet
Want or can not swim, but still enjoy all the beauty beneath the azure water surface? You can! In Aruba, because you can join the glass bottom boat or a submarine. In this way, you will discover the wonderful world under water, schools with beautifully colored tropical fish, brightly colored corals and special filtering of the sunlight in the water. Probably there's a turtle swim along or even a tuna! Everything comes to life even more if you book a tour with a guide
Good afternoon,


I see the mail until after the holidays, but I can tell you that we have had a great holiday.

The house was beautiful and so wonderful that we still had no desire to go home, but then everything comes to an end.

Thanks for the delicious cake that we received from you sister, who also at the airport was ready for us.

During the week we met her a few times and spoken, very friendly!


We will certainly keep in mind the house and pass it to acquaintances who also agree to Aruba would like.



Thanks in your home and taking good care of your sister, we have the "once" great time.


Sincerely, "

Monique van der Weijden

Dear Fam. Domburg,
First of all, congratulations on your wonderful villa at Rooi Afo,
We really enjoyed the spacious garden, porch and pool.
At the next visit to Aruba again we hope to make use of,
really a must!
mvrgr. Fam. Nijgh


Living room
Ground floor
38 m2


Dining corner / Dining Table

Dining Chairs (6)

Bedroom 1
Ground floor
13 m2

Bed: Double bed 200 x 160 cm


Duvets (2)

Bedroom 2
Ground floor
12 m2

Bed: King-size 200 x 200 cm


Duvets (2)

Bedroom 3
Ground floor
12 m2

Bed: Single bed 200 x 70 cm

Bed: Single bed 200 x 70 cm

Bed: Trundle 200 x 70 cm

Bedroom 4
Ground floor
11 m2

Bed: Bunk bed 200 x 70 cm


Duvets (2)

Bathroom 1
Ground floor
4 m2


Shower (1)

Washbasin (1)

Bathroom 2
Ground floor
4 m2


Shower (1)

Washbasin (1)


Type: Open

Stove: Gas (5 Cooking zones/burners)


Swimming pool

Type: Open air swimming pool / Above ground pool

Heated swimming pool: Unheated swimming pool

Privacy: Private swimming pool


Accommodation type

  • Villa

Total floor space

  • 225 m2

Sports & Recreation

  • Diving / Snorkeling
  • Golf
  • Night Life / Entertainment
  • Watersports
  • Swimming

Travel Ideas

  • Child friendly
  • Luxury accommodation
  • Peace & quiet
  • Sun,Sea & Beach

Internet, Wifi, Audio

  • Cable television
  • Flatscreen TV
  • Dvd player
  • Wifi
  • Measurements of TV in cm: (81)
  • Dutch TV channels (4)
  • Internet connection

Outdoor Facilities

  • Barbecue
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Deckchair (10)
  • Parking place (2)
  • Terrace (1)
  • Garden
  • Garden chair(s) (4)
  • Garden table(s0) (1)
  • Porch
  • Garden fully fenced


  • Dryer
  • Washing machine
  • Security installation
  • Scullery / laundry room
  • Safe
  • Smoking not allowed
  • No pets allowed


  • Bed linen available
  • Towels present (8)
  • Kitchen linen available
  • Bed linen for children


  • Child's chair (1)
  • Camping bed (1)


  • Evenfloor

Games & entertainment

  • (Board) games (6)
  • (Comic)books
  • DVDs / Blu-rays


  • Complete privacy


  • Airconditioning

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