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Tanya Kertész ut

Complete and nice rural house fully furnished with central heating making it suitable for overwintering.

The house is equipped with everything needed including, TV, DVD, CD player, washing machine, Senseo, microwave etc.

Classification of the house:
hall, kitchen, 2 bedrooms (double bed 140x200cm and 90x200), large living room (5x6), dining room, shower and toilet

The house has a spacious terrace where you both day and evening can sit with for example the BBQ

Plot opp. 1250 m2. Overlooking 10 acres of arable land.

The garden has a large lawn, it is securely fenced and has parking facility for several cars.

In the garden, apple, pear, cherry, plum, nectarine and peach trees. Furthermore, the front yard full of grape vines

In summer the garden is in a large bath (3.5 m). You can also visit the thermal pool. This is within walking distance of the house

Setting property:
Within walking distance, supermarkets, bakery, butcher, post office, bank, church, museum, thermal pool, camping, bars, restaurants, pharmacy, doctor, library, bus, etc

For children:
Swimming, biking, hiking, paintball, street and motorcycle show (July / August), horse riding, etc

Private transport:
Jászszentandrás The village lies just above the Puszta, 30 kilometers below the Bükk Mountains and 90 miles from Budapest. From Rotterdam to Jászszentandrás, Hungary is about 1450 km.

From Budapest Airport to accommodation is about 60 min drive

From Budapest runs three times a day bus to Jászszentandrás.

Can both by mail and by telephone Netherlands tel 0031-06-(*CONTENT HIDDEN*).
After July 4th, we are also accessible in Hungary. Tel.nr. (*CONTENT HIDDEN*)

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The host

Micazu member since May 2009

German, English, Dutch

I have on a 1250m2 private land two dwellings.

Currently one of the houses in the rent (2 bedrooms), the other house (1 bedroom of 8x4 meters) I use as a private residence.

Both properties are fully furnished and if desired can be either rented dwellings

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  • Per night (b.o. 1 week):
  • € 36,-
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Extra price information

The weekly rate is based on 4 persons.
For more than 4 persons, an aditional fee of 50.00 euros per person a week will be added.

In the house are present (summer) duvets, pillows and mattress protectors guard loop.

Please note that: Bed linen, kitchen towels and beach towels aren't  standard in the house.

Renting linens and kitchen towels is optional.

Rates & duration

Prices are per stay
Period Night Weekend Midweek Week Discount Minimum stay
30-09-2018 - 01-03-2019 - - - € 250.00 - 7 nights


Type Price
Deposit € 100.00 Per stay Pay at booking | required
Final cleaning € 30.00 Per stay Pay at booking | required
Kitchen linen € 4.50 Per stay Pay at booking | optional
Linen € 4.50 Per person Pay at booking | optional
Remaining costs € 0.00 Per stay Free
Reservation fee € 15.00 Per stay Pay at booking | required

Additional information


See link above activity 'life' in the street.

Holidaymakers can from this point to take home waving :-)

First of all thank you for visiting our site.

We are Jay and Haya, mother and son.

In 2006 we have been on holiday to Hungary. Because the country fascinated us so we decided in the small village of nostalgic, Jászszentandrás, to buy a home.
Here we also spend every holiday and three times per year.

The house currently rented, is on the same site as the house where Jay and I stay in every holiday.

If you rent the holiday home as we also Jászszentandrás, then you can always contact me for questions and other issues. If I am not present during your stay, there is an on-site administrator who will contact you and where you can go for many things.
You are certainly not left to fend for and we will ensure that your holiday in Jászszentandrás one with positive stories where you will talk about for a long.

I wish you success in finding suitable accommodation and holiday pleasure in Hungary.
For young and old:
In the village center, within walking distance of the house is a large thermal bath, a hot tub with therapeutic potential for rheumatoid arthritis patients.
The pool complex with several pools, you can stay all day to 7 days a week. In the bath, various attributes including big slides for the children. You will also find much to eat and drink.

Other fun things for young and old: paintball, horseback riding, discos, cafes and boswandelen.

For the teenagers and the elderly:
Street party with music. Once a month (from May), a street party held. The street will be closed and there is live music or a DJ with dancing in the streets. There are along the street eating and drinking places where you can sit comfortable.

The last week of July in the village a motorcycle parade. Motorcyclists come from all over Hungary to Jászszentandrás, to camp and to show off their engine. This week there are daily activities with live music or a DJ. This annual festival is concluded with live performances and a motorcycle parade through the village

For the elderly:
Botanical garden

For all:
Museum or an adventurous vacation eg by bus from Budapest to Jászszentandrás.

To recommend:
A day with a Hungarian guide. Let Istvan, the administrator, you spend a day at the place of your choice or let him surprise you. This trip is definitely worth it.
Our administrator also cook, Istvan, you will regularly find the house.

Istvan is a fantastic cook.

If you appreciate, Istvan is one of the Hungarian specialties, pörkölt, a day in our outdoor kitchen for you or do you cook with.
There is then outside to the bonfire and eaten pörkölt is finished with Istvan's home-brewed Palinka :-)

From Istvan learn during this cozy event (in a short time) quite a few words speak Hungarian.
Cycling is something many people do Jászszentandrás. For our guests it was worth around on the bike.
There are several ways in Jászszentandrás justified.

By car:
Through the AA route planner or even better navigation, the house is not hard to find.

Complete package:
You can also choose that we do for you right with bus or flight.
Bus with Eurolines and Wizz Air flight from Eindhoven airport to or from another airline.
You are at the airport or at the bus station in Budapest retrieved and brought to the house. The cost of this package can be found under the heading, tariff and extra costs.

Package tours provided by D:
You can also take care of your entire trip by D-trips.
Ie D-travel does the Price Check ®

Comparing holidays and flights between the large number of suppliers is not easy. D-trips each day compares the prices of almost all travel agencies to see who offers the cheapest travel.
This is called the D-traveling Price Check ®.

After booking with us is completed, you can use D-reizen.nl your ticket reservation.
D-travel offers all airline tickets lowest price guarantee. What further implies the Guaranteed: If it be that the day of booking somewhere else cheaper ticket with the same conditions encountered, then D pays traveling the difference.

From the airport to the house is about 60 km. If you at the airport to rent a car, can travel that D for you in order. Rent is from 20.00 euro per day.

This service can be very satisfied.
Climate & weather climate hungary has a humid temperate climate with warm to hot summer. In Hungary, there is a transitional climate between continental climate in the east, the climate in the west and the Mediterranean climate in the south. The climate in Hungary tends most to landklimaat.TemperatuurIn the summer, the temperature in Hungary is not among countries such as Spain, Italy or Turkey. Hungary has warm summers. In July, the daytime average of 26 to 27 degrees. In the nights, the average 15 degrees, so it is good sleep. With an average annual temperature of 10 degrees, Hungary is just as warm as the Netherlands. The warm summers are offset by cold winters. In January it freezes at night and moderate daytime temperatures around freezing. In the plains of the southeast, temperatures of -15 degrees possible. The area with the temperature distribution tends to a continental climate. On the eastern border is also the case. During the summer the water temperature of Lake Balaton to more than 25 ° C. Precipitation Lots of rain will not fall in Hungary. Averaged over the year is between 500 and 600 millimeters of precipitation. Only the extreme southwest near the border with Slovenia is slightly wetter with 800 millimeters per year. Hungary is a drought area between the mountain chains. Most of the surrounding mountain areas are wetter. Most rain falls in June. Average over 80 millimeters of rain falls across the country. Then also for thunderstorms. The lowlands in the east of the country is droogst.SneeuwDe winters are snowy. On more than thirty days per year there is an average snow cover. Especially in the hills and low mountains, this is the case. In the lowlands in the east, the snow cover less. Here, in twenty days a year sneeuwdek.OnweerHet country has many thunderstorms. Average thunderstorm on more than thirty days per year. It is one of the richest areas in Europe thunderstorms. In the southwest of the country is just remarkably little thunderstorm. Here thunderstorm on 18 days per year. Most rainfall events in the zomer.ZonneschijnHongarije is a sunny country with an average of 2000 hours of sunshine and not poorly endowed. This is mainly due to the sunny Mediterranean climate that is close. For example, Croatia has a lot of sunshine. In the north of the country is least sun. In Miskolc, this is 1766 hours per year http://www.weeronline.com/Hongarije.htm
The currency is the forint, which is divided into 100 filles. Tickets are immediately worth 10,000 Ft, 5000 ft, 2000 ft, 1000 F, 500 Ft, 200 Ft. Coins for values ??of 100 Ft, 50 Ft, 10 Ft, 5 Ft, 2 Ft, 1 Ft and 50 f. Almost everywhere in Hungary you can find ATMs and at all banks there is an inside and outside the building. Nowadays you can just as easily withdraw money in Hungary and the Netherlands. If you know the places you are visiting, you can check online if there's a machine / bank to find. Bank card or credit card. In almost all shops and all major stations can use your card betalen.Contanten you can switch to the border stations, post offices and Hungarian banks. Giro Payment can be cash in about 200 post offices that have a window sticker "Postcheque" perform. Euro checks are accepted by banks. Not very long ago there was widespread black (Private) changed in Hungary. The promise was always a better rate. Sometimes it was the victim of clever tricks. The liberalization of the Hungarian legislation in this area there is no reason for Hungarians to be black switch. So you can safely assume that if you have what is offered, it lifts you as you respond to these proposals. Incidentally, the black share is still prohibited. 1 Euro is 246 Ft. For the recent price go to: http://www.wisselkoersen.nl
Tip: If you are traveling by car in Hungary MUST also daytime lights. This is especially in suburbs, small towns, is necessary. If you do not, and is arrested by the police, here is a fine for fixing.
Price Check ® Comparing holidays and flights between the large number of suppliers is not easy. D-traveling this takes the customer from your hands. D-trips each day compares the prices of almost all travel agencies to see who travel most advantageous aanbiedt.Dat called D-traveling the Price Check ®. After booking with us is completed, you can use D-reizen.nl your flight reservation . D-travel offers all airline tickets lowest price guarantee. What further implies the Guaranteed: If it be that the day of booking somewhere else cheaper ticket with the same conditions encountered, then pay the difference D travel terug.Met this service can be very satisfied.
Eger is located 30 minutes from the accommodation. It lies in the north of Hungary, is the seat of county Pest and is a "city with comitaatsrecht". Eger counted on 1 February 2001 58 331 inwoners.De city is best known in connection with its castle, thermal baths, historic buildings, including the (the authorities) northern Ottoman minaret, and the opinion of experts best red wine of Hungary, namely the Egri Bikavér ("bull's blood" wine). The historic city of Eger has many attractions. The city is mainly baroque and neo-class architecture. The Archdiocese of Eger, the largest cathedral on 1 Hungary. The Town has partially pedestrianized streets with beautiful buildings and terraces. The main sights in Eger are: - The castle (Var) which includes bunkers-the cathedral-high school with a library and observatory (camera obscura) - Archbishop's palace and museum Minorite-the Minaret, the last remnant of the Turks for sport and leisure there also plenty of opportunities in Eger. There is a beautiful outdoor pool, together with a thermal bath. There is a Turkish bad.GeschiedenisBurcht of Eger and the statue of István DobóKathedraal (or basilica) of EgerMinaret of EgerSzepasszonyvölgy (valley of the beautiful women) Eger has been inhabited since the Stone Age. During the Middle Ages the area was inhabited by Germans, Avars and Slavic tribes. The Hungarians occupied the area since the tenth century. Stephen I (997-1038), the first Christian king of Hungary founded an episcopate in Eger. The first cathedral of Eger was built on the castle hill, where later the castle of Eger was built. The city is built around the cathedral, which no longer exists, however, Eger is an important religious center since its ontstaan.Tijdens the invasion of the Mongols in 1241 Eger was destroyed. Then it was rebuilt in 1261 and surrounded by ramparts. The fourteenth to the sixteenth century was a prosperous time for Eger. Vineyard, where the city is famous for, at that time was more important and during the reign of King Matthias (1458-1490), when the Renaissance began to stamp his pressing the Hungarian culture, the bishops of Eger had beautiful buildings to bouwen.Gedurende the Ottoman occupation of Hungary, Eger became an important border fortress. In 1552, the city by a large Turkish army surrounded. Under the guidance of István Dobó fought the defenders of the castle (2100 people, including women and children) successfully against a superior force of 80,000 Ottoman soldiers. Women and children, who vats of boiling water and tar on the besiegers poured, and the men who fought, resisted the attacks half a century the Turkish siege. For most Hungarians, this victory of the famous novel "Egri csillagok" ("The Stars of Eger") of the famous nineteenth-century Hungarian writer Géza Gárdonyi. The name of the famous wine of Hungary, Egri Bikavér (meaning "bull blood") comes from two legends surrounding this overwinning.In 1596 succeeded the Ottomans with a larger army captain Nyáry of Eger, six days after the castle was besieged been to surrender. Eger was for eighty years under Ottoman rule and became the capital of an Ottoman province (Vilayet). The Ottomans rebuilt the castle, changed the churches into mosques and built several other buildings including public baths and minaretten.Nadat the Ottomans tried to Vienna to conquer, thought the Habsburgs, that the non-Ottoman part of Hungary ruled that it was time to the Ottomans out of the country altogether. The Christian army led by Charles IV of Lorraine conquered the castle of Buda in 1686 and starved into surrender the castle of Eger from Eger in 1687.Daarna began to flourish again. The bishops claimed back the town, which many Protestant inhabitants left the city. During the Hungarian war of independence against the Habsburgs between 1703 and 1711 supported the city ruler Francis II Rakoczy, but the imperial army defeated the Hungarians and not soon after that Eger suffered under the pest.Gedurende the beginning of the eighteenth century many people to Eger and between 1725 and 1750 the population rose from 6,000 to 10,000. New buildings were built in the Baroque style, including a new cathedral, the episcopal palace, the comitaathuis, the college (now called the Eszterházycollege, after the founder) and several churches. Even the mosques were converted to Catholic kerken.De nineteenth century began with disasters. A fire destroyed half the city in 1800 and the southern wall of the castle collapsed in 1801 in which several houses were destroyed. In 1804 Eger was all power in the hands of the archbishop. The city fought to break free from the dominion of the archbishop, however, the power of the church was too big and the archbishop was the owner of the city. In 1827 most of the city destroyed by fire and four years later 200 people died by a epidemie.De inhabitants of Eger played a significant role in the revolution of 1848. Even though the revolution was suppressed, the time of landowners and serfs had passed and in 1854 Eger was liberated from the domination of the archbishop. Unfortunately for Eger was the construction of the railway line from Budapest to Miskolc already completed, so the smaller town situated south Füzesabony the role of railway junction itself nam.Na the First World War the economy slowly, but from 1925, new buildings built. Gárdonyi's novel "Egri csillagok" in 1899 meant that Eger is a popular tourist attraction was, and there began the archaeological excavation of the burcht.Tijdens World War II, the retreating Nazi Army and the emerging Soviet Army both their effects on the city, but there were no bombardementen.Anno Eger 2006, a prosperous city and a popular international tourist destination with an attractive Baroque town center.
Less than 45 minutes from the property are the Matra and Bükk bergen.Nationaal the Bükk park is beautiful in all seasons. In the summer you can enjoy nature and walk or cycle to it. In Silvasvarad are mountain bikes for rent. You can also use a narrow-gauge train omhoog.De Szalaika famous waterfalls are within walking distance, like the cave in the Istállós-ko, where prehistoric finds have been made .. the Bükk National Park is an offshoot of the Carpathians with a height of nearly 1000 meter. The (beech) forests seem infinite, but there are open spots. The mountains consist of limestone in which more than 300 places caves are formed. In Lillafüred in Miskolc, there are several caves open to the public and there is a cave used as kuurbad.Het national park has a rich flora and fauna. There are wild cats, stone martens and stoats. In the Bükk come Black storks, Saker Falcon, Imperial, Stone, Scream, and Dwarf-toed Eagle and Hazel grouse for. Nine species of woodpeckers and birds live here as Hawfinch, Collared Flycatcher and Sperwergrasmus are numerous. There are many butterflies which some, like Czarist Mantel, Lathyrus Glider and Eastern esparcetteblauwtje rare. Others, like the Blauwoogvlinder, the Witbandzandoog and the Imperial Mantle occur at any convenient location. The flora is abundant almost everywhere. The so-called sinkhole-rich chalk grasslands are protected, rare species and are covered with beautifully developed juniper struwelen.Meer information about the national park (in Hungarian) see: www.bnpi.huNaast hiking and biking you can climb mountains and in the winter skiing and cross country skiing in the Bükk. In the ski area atop the mountain are an 8-numerous slopes and drag lifts. There is also ski on ski aanwezig.Informatie Bankút find (in Hungarian) on: www.bankut.hu / nyito.phpIn Szilvásvárad are several museums worth visiting such as the forestry museum (Erdeszeti Múzeum), with the Lovas Múzeum history of the famous Lipizaner horses and a traditionally styled boerdrij (Orbán-haz). There is also a stoeterij.Voor Silvasvarád more information see: http://szilvasvarád.hu
Budapest is located 90km from the accommodation. It is a beautiful city with plenty to see authentic valt.Voor beautiful images, see google :-)
Hospitality What characterizes the Hungarians? The Hungarian people is a colorful mix of different ethnic groups. The first Hungarian tribes migrated in the year 896 of the Carpathian Basin from Asia and mingled with the living as smaller and larger nations. In the course of time it took just only from neighboring countries but also from more distant areas many people to Hungary. These monks. teachers, artists and settlers contributed in their turn a bit to the enrichment of the culture and traditions of the Hungarian people. Foreigners see Hungarians as resourceful, talented, good-humored, romantic and above gastvrij.Duizend year round Culture Hungary is a melting pot of western and eastern influences and their own millennial culture. Of a turbulent history witnesses not only the Roman monuments and buildings from the hundred and fifty years of age when the country was occupied by the Turks, but there are also small medieval churches, beautiful basilicas, ruins on mountaintops and beautiful castles. Visitors can indulge in the monuments, museums and events of the imperial cities of Esztergom, Székesfehérvár, Buda and Visegrád in the Middle Ages were the capitals of the country. The royal town Veszprém and Gyor the cities, and Eger Vác guarantee their preserved baroque city center a very interesting journey. Also Koszeg finally around a castle was built, and Sopron, a city wall that still holds, counting with the Pecs and Szentendre Mediterranean cities and cultural centers Szeged and Debrecen many attractions. Unspoiled nature Small Hungary is particularly rich in natural treasures. If the protected landscapes and nature would be concentrated in one place would create an area of ??520,000 ha. that could compete with the largest national parks in the world. The landscape in the ten national parks ranging from wild river landscapes, rolling hills and vast lakes and mountain ridges covered with dense forests, endless plains and karst areas with unique natural wonders. Marked hiking trails and educational point walkers, cyclists, birdwatchers and nature photographers weg.Land of the healing water Maybe there is a sea of ??healing water deep under Hungary. For wherever it into the ground to find me hot springs. Of the 1300 sources that have so far been disclosed, there are about eighty in Budapest. At about seventy places it is used in thermal accommodation as spas, swimming pools or hot water with healing and spa. The mineral helps with rheumatic and neurological disorders, problems with the musculoskeletal system and further skin ailments, gynecological problems, infections, digestive diseases and bone problems. A short or a longer course of treatment can be effective in rehabilitation as a good preventive agent in the atmosphere. You do not after all be sick to enjoy this generous gift of the vibrant cultural life natuur.Een Hungary - the land of Bartók and Kodály - is a musical powerhouse. Not only in the field of classical music, but also in the opera: who does not know the "Csardasfürstin" or "The Merry Widow"? And a nice dinner hear gypsy music or a folklore program with swirling Hungarian Dances. Each year in the month of March in the Budapest Spring Festival. This two-week festival also takes place in eleven cities in the province. Furthermore, as we like the Balaton Festival in May, Opera and ballet theaters in August in Budapest, the Outdoor Games in Szeged, the Art Festival of Zemplén in Sárospatak and the Jewish Summer Festival which takes place in various cities. In many churches and castles are regularly given concerts. The choice is getting bigger and moeilijker.Boedapest, Queen of the Danube, Budapest is not just the Queen of the Danube called. The unique location is one of the most beautiful cities of the world. Between the hilly Buda and flat Pest flows the broad, meandering Danube on the fresh spring days still looks blue. Budapest is a bustling city with two million inhabitants, but also has caves, curative hot springs and nature reserves within its borders. There are also monuments as a Roman amphitheater and a Turkish bath but also examples of the special Hungarian Art Nouveau. The numerous theaters and concert halls, opera house, coffee houses, cafes and jazz clubs make it difficult to choose. But one thing is certain: in Budapest you can not vervelen.Het Balaton Lake Balaton is the largest thermal lake in Europe. The south bank is due to the shallow water along the beach especially popular with families with small children. Along the north shore with its deeper water is a striking belt of volcanic mountains. It is worthwhile to Badacsony mountain or the Szent György-climbing and a look at the special geological formations that are called basalt organs. In between you can enjoy the delicious wines. In just a few kilometers away from the bustle of the beach bring the exceptional rock formations, the magnificent bird life and wild vegetation of the North Balaton National Park visitors in ecstasy. On the peninsula of Tihany is a nine hundred years old church with a monastery. The oldest town of Keszthely is Balton, with its beautiful baroque castle, medieval Gothic church and museums are also in other seasons than summer can be an excellent destination. The nearby thermal lake of Heviz is actually a crater lake. The healing waters with a temperature of 38 C and mud are particularly suitable for the treatment of disorders of the bewegingsapparaat.Werelderfgoed in Hungary are as many as eight locations on the list of World Heritage listed. These areas enjoy a special protection. Three sites fall into the category of nature, namely the karst area of ??Aggtelek the largest cave system in Central Europe includes the grassy steppes of Hortobágy and Lake Fertö that most western Euro-Asian steppe lake and also the largest alkaline lake Europe. these areas are also national parks. The World Heritage List for architecture shows the not long ago in Pecs exposed early Christian cemetery with its painted tombs, the thousand years old and now also functioning Pannonhalma Abbey and the village Hollóko, where the medieval village form, folk architecture and the many traditions have remained. The Tokaj wine region around the town is characterized by unique geological and geographical conditions. Thousand year old traditions express here a special stamp on the wine. Because of the magnificent buildings along the banks of the Danube, the Citadel on Gellert Hill and the castle on Castle Hill, the cityscape of Budapest rival the most beautiful places on earth. The Andrássy road and the historic area around it forms a coherent architectural unity and also fall under the protection of the UNESCO.Veelkleurige Folk Saying goodbye to the winter, early spring, the wheat harvest in summer and the harvest in the fall: they are all good moments to celebrate. Yet it is well-known holidays that most people use are connected. At Easter, Pentecost and Christmas, you can still see villagers walking around in their costumes, as they are proud of their cultural heritage. Each region has its own patterns and colors. The motifs are well known from the town Kalosca. You can find these motifs not only on clothing and embroidery, but skillful hands woman they paint on the walls. Equally, the brightly colored folk art in the "Matyó" style, with a retrospective exhibition is on display in the museum of Mezokövesd. At several places in the country are outdoor museums where the finest examples of folk architecture has met gebracht.Activiteiten, sports, recreation In Hungary, riding in the countryside permitted. Fences or signs telling riders not stand in the way. Who aspires to an equestrian vacation will find a host of excellent houses, fine horses and well trained staff. Cyclists can enjoy the variety of flat and hilly terrain. Long-distance hikers will find marked trails and hiking trails with a total length of 10,000 km, which is largely run by mountains and hills. Anglers and boaters will be busy going about their business in a large number of lakes, streams and rivers. Even golfers can indulge in Hungary one of the many golf courses. There are two in Budapest and eleven in the rest of the land.Heerlijke spicy cuisine, fine wines Did you know that the real "goulash" is actually a soup dish? And it tastes best when he is in the outdoors in a kettle over a wood fire is prepared? The deep red color and flavor of paprika are also many other Hungarian cuisine is an essential component. The Hungarian cuisine owes its popularity to the wealth of begging. During your journey through Hungary is worth to the local dishes to try, because the Plains, the northern mountain areas, Transdanubia have their regional specialties. Wines from less than 22 wine regions make these dishes complete. Among these wines are so-called Hungarica, ie wines that are made only in Hungary. How important is the role that good food and good wine spelled in the life of the Hungarian evident from the fact that many events related to this. There are Hungarian fish soup cooking competitions and contests for filling Hungarian sausage. There are also onions and peppers festivals, apple days, melon and cherry festivals and of course wine festivals, wine and shopping opportunities champagnefestivals.Goede Everybody wants a souvenir of his travels or gift to take home. Typical Hungarian are the hand-painted porcelain, crystal, lace and of course the products of popular artists: weavings, embroidery, ceramics. A good tip is a Hungarian cookbook complete

Surroundings & location

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Features & layout

The living room has a TV, DVD player, stereo set and various board games.

  • Dining corner / Dining Table
  • Dining Chairs
  • Couch 2 seats (2)
  • Armchair

The dining room. Separate room next to the living room.

  • 9 m2
  • Tiled
  • Dining corner / Dining Table
  • Dining Chairs (6)

In the bedroom is a 3-person bunk. You also have another chest of drawers, duvets and pillows. Bed linen, fitted sheet, duvet cover and pillowcase must bring your own take or rent one from us (see price list above)

  • 5 m2
  • Tiled
  • Bed: Double bed 200 x 140 cm
  • Bed: Single bed 200 x 90 cm
  • Bed: Single bed
  • Duvets (2)

In this room is a 3-person bunk bed consisting of: Slide Under-bed, and bunk bed. In the room are quilts and pillows. Fitted sheet, duvet cover and pillow case you must bring your own or rent one from us. See price list.

  • 5 m2
  • Tiled
  • Bed: Single bed 200 x 90 cm
  • Bed: Single bed 200 x 90 cm
  • Bed: Single bed 200 x 90 cm
  • Duvets (3)
  • Wardrobe(s) (1)
  • Toilet
  • Shower
  • Washbasin

The kitchen is also a Senseo machine. Info: The best you can reach me by telephone. Netherlands: tel 0031-06-45780740. After July 4th, we are also accessible in Hungary. Tel.nr. 0036-070-3545750

  • Type: Separate room
  • Stove: Gas (4 Cooking zones/burners)
  • Cutlery & Tableware
  • Toaster
  • Microwave combi
  • Dry rack
  • Refrigerator
  • Coffee machine
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Detergent
  • Ironing board / Iron
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Water boiler

The pool is located in the village. It is a large thermal baths with healing properties (especially for rheumatoid arthritis patients). At the pool, several restaurants where you can eat. Of course they also snacks and ice. The pool is open all day, 7 days a week. Email contact via this site does not work yet. The best you can reach me by telephone. Netherlands: tel 0031-06-45780740. After July 4th, we are also accessible in Hungary. Tel.nr. 0036-070-3545750

  • Type: Open air swimming pool / Inground pool
  • Heated swimming pool: Heated swimming pool
  • Privacy: Public swimming pool (1 away)
  • Children’s pool: Separate
  • Holiday house
  • 100 m2
  • Child's bed (1)
  • Cycling
  • Mountainbiken
  • Horse-riding
  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Culture & History
  • Child friendly
  • Winter sun
  • Rest & space
  • Central heating
  • Flatscreen TV
  • Hifi / Stereo set
  • Radio
  • CD player
  • Dvd player
  • Measurements of TV in cm: (1)
  • Playstation 2
  • (Board) games
  • DVDs / Blu-rays
  • Barbecue
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Carport
  • Deckchair (7)
  • Sun umbrellas
  • Parking place (4)
  • Private driveway
  • Terrace (1)
  • Garden
  • Garden house
  • Garden chair(s) (7)
  • Garden table(s0) (2)
  • Porch
  • Manager on site
  • Visible from outside
  • Complete privacy
  • Detached house
  • Washing machine
  • Hall
  • Security installation
  • Smoking not allowed
  • No pets allowed


  • Based on 5 reviews 7.7
  • General impression 7.8
  • Location 8.0
  • Facilities vacation rental 7.2
  • Equipment and state vacation rental 7.4
  • Child friendliness 8.0
  • Hygiene 8.0
  • Friendliness and service host 8.4
  • Price/quality 7.4
  • walter ossenblok, with partner. Gave on an average of 6.4  

  • Diana Mik, with partner. Gave on an average of 6.9  

  • albert brouwer, with the family. Gave on an average of 8.5  

    Knus, schoon, sfeervol huis met een prachtig onderhouden tuin met fruitbomen en bloemen, uitzicht over de landerijen. Vrij en rustig gelegen.