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Statema's Ferienhaus

Our bungalow is a small park on a nice spot halfway up a mountain, overlooking the village, on farms and in the background the woods. Which of rest, hiking or cycling in the countryside means (eg Hardehausen, Bad Wünnenberg, Brilon), an ancient city wants to visit (eg Paderborn, Warburg), equally delicious to the sauna (eg Driburg Bad, Bad Lipspringe), you will find in our beautiful and cozy bungalow a great place to take it all or relax on our beautiful terrace and enjoy the view. A day or Willingen Winterberg is also possible (70 km) There is Atteln (2 km) a new nature / outdoor pool with water from the River Altenau. The bungalow has recently been completely renovated and adapted to modern times. No pets. --------------------------------------------- Living room: A cozy seating area, a dining area, large wardrobe, satellite color TV ned with, among others. channels, WIFI wireless router. From the room you have a beautiful view of the Altenautal with its farms and behind the woods. A ceiling fan and a tilt and turn window. There is a huge map available with information about excursions that are worth the effort. --------------------------------------------- Kitchen: A fully equipped spacious kitchen is fully equipped: dishwasher, fridge, freezer, 4-burner gas hob, extractor, microwave, toaster, blender, coffee maker, Senseo coffee machine, kettle, cutlery, etc. Tilt & Turn window for ventilation. --------------------------------------------- Bedroom 1: A 2 pers. bed containing the single mattresses (2 x 80 cm - 2 m) on both sides, a bedside table with lamp and / or electric. alarm clock. Duvets are provided. Large hanging / wardrobe, small legkastje. From the bedroom you have a view on the terrace, the valley and the hills beyond forests. --------------------------------------------- Bedroom 2: A 1 pers. bed (80cm. - 1.90m) and a bunk bed (2 x 90cm -. 2m.) Hanglegkast and duvets are provided. There is a tilt-turn window for ventilation. Overlooking the lawn around the house. --------------------------------------------- Bathroom: The bathroom has a shower with glass shower enclosure, bathroom cabinet with 2 pers. sink with two faucets, above cupboards and drawers under. There is a present cupboard, toilet, washing machine and dryer. A Tilt & Turn window for ventilation. --------------------------------------------- There is still a separate toilet in the hallway present. Also our bungalow with a C.V. (Combi boiler), vacuum cleaner, iron / ironing board. --------------------------------------------- Terrace: The terrace has garden / lounge chairs with cushions, 2 tables with doily, and the room and a bedroom window sunshade. --------------------------------------------- The park: Our detached bungalow stands on a small, free car park. The park is built on the beautiful wooded south side of the Vobbenberg. There are 48 stone bungalows, a restaurant, playgrounds, miniature golf and much more at your disposal. For cars there are two parking spaces, one upstairs and one downstairs. In the restaurant you can enjoy both inside and outside on the terrace, with a nice cup of coffee (with some there?), A drink or a nice meal. It is a child friendly environment.

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The host, Bart en Diny

Bart en Diny Statema
Bart en Diny Statema

Micazu member since June 2013

German, English, Dutch

A warm welcome to our site!

We are Bart and Diny Statema and are the proud owners of this beautiful bungalow in Germany.

We have two small houses bought in 1998 (under one roof). We were "in love" with the view and tranquility.
After several years one of the many houses rented to have, we decided to convert it into a large house. 2 small houses
And that is very well managed by us. Our bungalow is fully equipped.

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19-08-2017 - 26-08-2017 € 525.00 - - € 75.00 - 7 nights
26-08-2017 - 02-09-2017 € 495.00 - - € 71.00 - 7 nights
02-09-2017 - 09-09-2017 € 465.00 - - € 66.00 - 7 nights

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Baby chair € 8.00 Per stay Pay at location | optional
Bath linen € 12.00 Per person Pay at location | optional
Bed linen € 14.00 Per person Pay at location | optional
Bike rental € 24.00 Per item per day Pay at location | optional
Child's bed € 8.00 Per stay Pay at location | optional
Cleaning € 44.00 Per stay Pay at location | required
Deposit € 50.00 Per stay Pay at location | required
Kitchen linen € 2.50 Per stay Pay at location | optional

Additional information


Paderborn is not only geographically in the middle of the Paderborn region, the university town with 145,000 inhabitants is the economic and cultural center of an area that extends far beyond the boundaries of the Paderborn region. Thanks to the swift development in the last few decades, Paderborn today a lively, but definitely manageable metropolis with a high standard of living and many leisure opportunities. When you first visit Paderborn, you will be pleasantly surprised by the attractive town with its many attractions, its romantic alleys, the beautiful pedestrian zone and 200 sources of the Pader, Germany's shortest river.


Monastery Dalheim:

The monastery in Dalheim is reached (about 6 km) within walking distance

A medieval nunnery, a canon Augustiner monastery, the Baroque era bloom, Prussian State Domain, estates moved - after 550 years of history, the monastery Dalheim entered a new era. Today it houses a unique museum in Germany for monastic culture history. Meaningful and valuable exponents found their place in the almost completely preserved convent building, which preserved until now the impressive strength and peace remained.

With its Gothic cloister, the 2,000 m2 comprising monastery gardens and the newly designed exhibition spaces is the foundation monastery Dalheim LWL Landesmuseum a special place to explore. Fascinating wealth of monastic culture We not only count the "Ora et labora" (Latin for pray and work), but also music, theater, food and drink, the valuable art treasures and construction, printing and garden art. Permanent and changing exhibitions show how the monasteries the development of Europe influenced over the centuries, how they as religious centers and mediators of the Christian faith also influenced the development of research, in addition to their far-reaching significance of the art and science development of the entire region.



Arolsen in 1131 was mentioned for the first time as parish around an Augustinian monastery. During the Reformation, the monastery was secularized (1526) and was the residence of the Counts of Waldeck. Schloss Arolsen dates from the early 18th century. From 1665 to 1918 Arolsen seat of the Principality of Waldeck (-Pyrmont), then until 1929 capital of the Free State of Waldeck.

Arolsen was also a garrison town, the Belgischer Platz recalls a sign out, that there was a barracks since 1871 and has been used since 1952 by the Belgian army. In 1994 the First Horse Hunters left to the city, as well as a logistics department and the 14th Combat Cie Genius. Part of the building is still there, the rest is absorbed in a shopping center.

In Bad Arolsen, the International Tracing Service located at the Grosse Allee 5-9. Their archive contains data on more than 17 million Nazi victims. The Red Cross used the data in tracing missing from World War II. The archive is now open to the public.


Jesuit Church in Buren:

The Baroque Jesuit Church is a Church that is unique to this region. It was built in 1773 by the Jesuit near the Jesuit college. The Jesuit college in 1717 - founded in 1728 on the initiative of nobleman Moritz van Buren.
Here was included the great Westphalian architect Johann Conrad Schlaun to work. However, the architecture of this valuable sacral building exists only to the baroque façade, inside there are pure rococo style elements to find. The wooden doors of the aisles are decorated with beautiful handicrafts. Particularly impressive are the graphics on the roofs of the church vaults. These images of a life, in the life of Mother Mary (Immaculatie)

The fine, pastel-colored stucco and the impressive paintings form a harmonious entity. Your visit is complete when you see the paintings and works of Josef Gregor Winck.


Fort Fun:

The park is within easy reach and offers a totally different day out because it is located in the slopes of the hilly Sauerland. Lovely Fort Fun is located at the mountain Stueppel. To the rear of the park you should therefore take into account a steep climb-walk. There is a monorail up the mountain, but on busy days you are not the only visitor who wants to simplify away. Upwards that way

Fort Fun harbors no huge spectacular attractions. The "fun" lies in the striking location and well fed wild-west-romance. There is clever use of the height, you can have a steel channel with a single trolley mountain slide down in the 1300 m long "Trapper Slide" r or hanging under a hang glider in a 700 m long "Wild Eagle".
Fort Fun also has some eight-and rapids and children there may cowboy and Indian feel on the back of a horse or pony.


Adlerwarte Berlebeck:

The largest and oldest raptor park in Europe is located in the Teutenburg Wald. The park offers thrills, relaxation and information from 1st hand. Adlerwarte Berlebeck lies south of the city center.
It has 180 large and small raptors from 48 races, they are far away known for their breathtaking flights. Elegant and majestic eagles falcons flying over the hills of Berlebeck, over the heads of small and large crowd, only to countries. Using the falconer
The Adlerwarte existed for 65 years and has now become even more attractive. The panoramic terrace tempts you to stay a little longer. The children will enjoy the new playground. What further guard a flock of sheep to be fed and petted. With the new learning and information center, the Adlerwarte received a "classroom". Here delivers the modern media all worth knowing about raptors, the history of falconry and the tasks of the Adlerwarte in species protection.


Hollywood Safari Park Stuck Brock:

Hollywood and Safari Park Stuck Brock is a mix of Safari adventure and theme park fun. With Super Tornado, Congo River and attractions such as Giraffe Tower, Black Fly and Flying Oil Pump, yet offering the necessary thrill to.
The park is suitable for the whole family :: there are several quiet attractions, interspersed with shows. The children can indulge in this fine park.
Obviously, the Safari Park one of the highlights, with of course the white lions, white tigers as a public attraction.

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Features & layout

The living room faces south, overlooking the terrace, the Altenautal with its farms and forests on the background. The room is nicely furnished and fully equipped, such as a color TV Satellite System with, inter alia, Ned. and German channels, plenty of storage. You also have access to the Internet via wireless WIFI Router. There is also a thick folder present with information on fun trips. There is a tilt-turn window for ventilation and a sunshade.

  • 30 m2
  • Carpet
  • Fan
  • Dining corner / Dining Table
  • Dining Chairs (5)
  • Couch 2 seats (1)
  • Armchair (3)
  • Tabouret

The bedroom is south facing with stunning views of the terrace, the Altenautal with its farms with forests in the background. There is a tilt-turn window for ventilation. In addition, also here outside a sunshade. In the second bed are two separate mattresses, each 80 cm. The large wardrobe consists of two parts, both hanging and leg room. In addition, there is still a small box, which can be used. If legkastje

  • 15 m2
  • Tiled
  • Bed: Double bed 200 x 160 cm
  • Duvets (2)
  • Wardrobe(s) (2)

This bedroom has a window (Tilt & Turn) which overlooks the lawn, which is located around the house. Optionally, it can be 1-pers.bed slid under the bunk. This bedroom has an iron and ironing board.

  • 10 m2
  • Sail / linoleum
  • Bed: Single bed 190 x 80 cm
  • Bed: Bunk bed 200 x 90 cm
  • Duvets (3)
  • Wardrobe(s) (1)

The bathroom is new, has a ventilation system and a tilt and turn window for ventilation. The bathroom has a large vanity unit available with 2 pers. sink and two taps, wall cabinets and drawers under, a washing machine and a dryer. In addition, there is a closet.

  • 10 m2
  • Toilet
  • Shower (1)
  • Washbasin (2)

The kitchen is renovated 2 years ago and meets all modern requirements / conditions. It is a fully equipped kitchen with plenty of cupboard / storage space and equipment. A Senseo coffee machine is present. There is also here a tilt and turn window for ventilation.

  • Type: Separate room
  • Stove: Gas (4 Cooking zones/burners)
  • Hood
  • Cutlery & Tableware
  • Toaster
  • Microwave combi
  • Dry rack
  • Refrigerator
  • Coffee machine
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Food processor
  • Detergent
  • Ironing board / Iron
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Dishwasher
  • Freezer
  • Water boiler
  • Holiday house
  • 80 m2
  • Cycling
  • Mountainbiken
  • Walking
  • Culture & History
  • Luxury accommodation
  • Maximum privacy
  • Rest & space
  • Central heating
  • Satellite receiver
  • Flatscreen TV
  • Radio
  • Wifi
  • Dutch TV channels
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Deckchair (4)
  • Terrace (1)
  • Garden
  • Garden chair(s) (4)
  • Garden table(s0) (2)
  • Manager on site
  • Visible from outside
  • Complete privacy
  • Detached house
  • Dryer
  • Washing machine
  • Hall
  • Safe
  • Seperate toilet (1)
  • Smoking not allowed
  • No pets allowed
  • No thresholds
  • Evenfloor


  • Based on 7 reviews 8.8
  • General impression 8.9
  • Location 8.9
  • Facilities vacation rental 8.6
  • Equipment and state vacation rental 8.6
  • Child friendliness 8.0
  • Hygiene 9.0
  • Friendliness and service host 9.3
  • Price/quality 8.9
  • Nico Groothuizen, with partner. Gave on an average of 9.1  

    Wij hebben een heerlijke vakantie gehad. Prachtig uitzicht, goed verzorgd huis. Vriendelijke beheerder. Komen zeker terug.

  • Peter van Doorn, with partner. Gave on an average of 9.4  

    Hebben ons er erg over verbaasd dat in de 2e slaapkamer geen deur naar de badkamer, cq. WC is. Als er personen in de 2e slaapkamer liggen en 's nachts naar de wc moeten, dan moeten ze door de ouders slaapkamer heen. Heel vreemd!

  • PD Dam, with partner. Gave on an average of 8.3  

    mooi verzorgd huisje, goede wandelmogelijkheden .
    Lokatie en de mogelijkheden in de omgeving zeer varierend/goed
    Is een aanrader voor leuke vakantie,als je goed ter been bent