Holiday house



Luxurious and cozy house with garden on the edge of the beautiful nature reserve Kellerwald.

In the house everything is on the ground floor and has:

- 3 bedrooms with 2 new box-spring beds in each bedroom.
- separate toilet.
- bathroom with shower / toilet / sink.
- living room with fully equipped open kitchen with ao combi microwave, dishwasher, washing machine, mixer / hand blender, toaster / sandwich maker, coffee / Senseo machine, kettle, steam iron / ironing board, etc.
- satellite TV with Dutch channels
- radio / CD / DVD player
- internet / wifi
- camp bed, high chair and sled.
- heating and wood stove
- luxury garden set with cushions

Dogs in consultation € 25, -.

Bed linen can be rented for € 7 per bed or you must bring your own. Towel and tea towel not provided.
For the camping cot with mattress you must bring a duvet and bed linen.

The host, Bas

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I am a private landlord and this holiday home is one of the accommodations. I think it is important that the holidaymaker can spend his / her holiday in a luxurious, complete and well-maintained home and that the guest does not lack anything and that they book a holiday accommodation again next time or recommend the home to family, friends or acquaintances. I await your reservation with interest.

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Minimum stay 3 nights
Week € 525.00
Midweek -
Night € 75.00
Weekend -
Minimum stay 3 nights
Week € 455.00
Midweek € 455.00
Night € 65.00
Weekend -
Minimum stay 7 nights
Week € 695.00
Midweek -
Night € 99.00
Weekend -
Minimum stay 7 nights
Week € 695.00
Midweek -
Night € 99.00
Weekend -


Here you will find any mandatory and optional additional costs.

Damage deposit
€ 100.00
Per stay
Pay at booking | required
Final cleaning
€ 50.00
Per stay
Pay at booking | required
€ 8.00
Per person
Pay at booking | optional
€ 25.00
Per stay
Pay at booking | optional

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Luxury and cozy house with garden on the edge of the beautiful nature Kellerwald ligt.In the house is all one level and features: - 3 bedroom 2 bedrooms with every new box spring beds. - Separate toilet. - Bathroom with shower / toilet / sink . - living room with fully fitted kitchen with microwave, dishwasher, washing machine, mixer / blender, toaster / toaster, coffee / Senseo coffee machine, kettle, steam iron / ironing board etc. - satellite TV with Dutch channels, radio / CD / DVD player, cot, high chair and sled. - heating and wood garden furniture with luxurious pillow-bedding can be hired € 7, - per bed or you should bring your own. Towel and tea towel not aanwezig.Voor the cot with mattress you must have a duvet and sheets along nemen.Er is a free service through the bakery bread from the village who can deliver fresh rolls every day (including Sundays).
Dense forests, lakes with crystal clear water, soft hills and meadows - Waldecker Land, located in the heart of Germany, is characterized by an incredible variety of landscape. It is its proximity to nature and the friendliness of the people who make a guest host strain. Not only the first national park of Hesse-Kellerwald Edersee and the two nature parks Kellerwald-Edersee and Diemelsee invite long and unforgettable wandelingen.Het varied landscape with a high proportion of colorful mixed forests, idyllic valleys and ecological versatility to create a visit an unforgettable experience. Meadow valleys with crystal clear streams and brooks divide the ridges and are often under special protection. The animal and plant world is as varied as the landscape and witnesses of an intact environment. The holiday and leisure region Waldecker Land, which is identical to the district Waldeck-Frankenberg, consists of several sub-regions with a total of 168,293 inhabitants (as at December 2005) on a total area of ??1.848.57 square kilometers and takes the top position among the Hessian recreation regions. Discover it for yourself ...!
The city Frankenau (3492 population: state december 2005) with the boroughs Allendorf, Altenlotheim, Dainrode, Ellershausen Louisendorf and is predominantly on a plateau on the southern edge of the national park Kellerwald-Edersee. The core city is a recognized recreatieoord.Ca. 1 km outside the resort town is the village Frankenau. In the National Park Kellerwald-Edersee can red deer, fallow deer, roe deer, mouflon and wild boar observe. Extensive information also provides an information center of the national park, the "KellerwaldUhr", in the holiday Frankenau. Here one can learn of the history of the forest and the cultural landscape of the Kellerwald. Another attraction is the path to boshistorische Frankenau. Also worth visiting are the Quernstkerk with a devastatingly beautiful views of the area and several old mills in the valleys of Lengel and the Wesebach.
Welcome in the green heart of nature. The forests are a paradise for holidaymakers and a haven for deer, hare and co. In the pure lakes frolics a wealth of fish, which in Germany is still looking for his equal. In addition, conservation of flora and fauna it possible that man and nature coexist in harmony. In the Waldecker Land nature lovers have the best prospects for a good relaxation. Go your way. An extensive network of trails is literally at your feet for your own personal ontdekkingstocht.Waldecker Country also means wetlands, surrounded by refreshing green hills. Both a diving course on the Edersee, sailing on the Diemelsee or water skiing on the Twistesee: You always moves in the purest waters. All waters which are released to swim, must satisfy certain properties. In accordance with the Bathing Water Regulation of 15.12.1998, that quality requirements for the chemical, physical and microbiological quality of bathing waters contains, on the Eder, Diemel and Twistesee regularly before and during the bathing season water samples taken and examined. The result can be seen and confirms that the 3 lakes of the Waldecker Land in terms of purity occupy top positions in Germany.
In the north of the Park Kellerwald, immediately on the edge of the Edersee, there is a more than 5000 acres of preserved natural heritage of international prestige. The so-called "Ederhöhen" ("Eder heights") with their distinctive mix of mountains and canyons wearing one of the last great and natural, streets or buildings intersected beech forests of West Europa.Tegenover other forest areas distinguishes the northern Kellerwald by its extraordinarily high proportion of old trees. In less accessible locations of the Eder-sides are even real natural forest residues with an authentic beauty preserved. Old tree files from beech or oak provide an indispensable condition of existence for many large birds, bats and wood-inhabiting insects and fungi: the six Hessian woodpecker species, the black stork, the red kite, the eagle owl, the great muisoor or Bechstein's bat, several species of flying deer, beech mushroom spine constitute only a small reflection of this large deciduous verscheidenheid.De heights, with colorful flowers and meadow valleys and individual historic places are meeting places, wonderful views and exciting new insights for the visitor: dive into the sea of ??beech, discover the fascination of a wilderness tour with a ranger.
Korbach enchanted by the special charm of Korbach. Medieval fortresses, mighty Gothic hall churches, brick warehouses, timber and City Hall are evidence of tradition, power and wealth of the only Hessian Hanzestad.Een special attraction is the well-preserved, picturesque old town with the dual medieval city wall ring and the imposing Gothic hall churches as well as the around 1420 resulting figures portal of the St. Kilians Church. They testify to the tradition, power and wealth of the former Hanseatic city and some of Hesse. Also worth a visit are the historic town hall of 1377 with the Roland, the four Gothic stone houses and the numerous half-timbered houses from the 17th and 19th eeuw.Bezoek the Eisenberg, the richest gold mine in Germany, the "Korbacher Spalte" ("Korbacher gap "), a site of fossils from the Permian geological period - location of the Procynosuchus and the excellent Wolfgang Bonhage Museum of Korbach. An extensive pedestrian zone with attractive boutiques, department stores and terraces stands for carefree shopping. A network of hiking and biking trails leads you to the intact mountain landscape of the holiday region Waldecker Land. In total, live in Korbach 24,384 inhabitants (as of december 2005). Free tour: Tuesday 14.30 and Saturday 10.30 am (venue: Town Hall forecourt).
Bad Wildungen WildungenBad is known as a rich tradition yet modern spa. As a natural complement to the internationally known seaside resort and the spa town Reinhardshausen apply the rural districts near Bad Wildungen. Today life in the city 17,979 inhabitants (status December 2005). An extensive leisure facilities ranging from golf, tennis and horseback riding on delta and paragliding, guided walks, city and museum tours, extensive spa parks and organized trips to stay in the beloved amusement park "Heloponte". Every year there are a large number of events! Bad Wildungen is a member of the German style Street and hosted the Landesgartenschau 2006.Bad Wildungen proudly refers to "Europe's largest spa park" and more than 20 medicinal springs. The roughly 1200 year old town offers a picturesque view with great skill and a Gothic church in the center. Above the old town castle enthroned Friedrich Stein. Of historical interest is primarily the more than 600 years old spa life. Since 1906 the city bears the title "Bad". Around the healing springs are beautiful Jugendstil villas and spa buildings arise and also offers Bad Wildungen also several museums. The most valuable altar painting in the world can be admired in the town church of Wildungen. At the world famous altar by Conrad von Soest from the year 1403 for the first time in European art north of the Alps, a man with glasses shown.
  Frankenberg Frankenberg with 19,300 inhabitants (as of december 2005) the largest city in the holiday region Ederbergland. Already in 1236, Frank Mountain, with its historical center over the course of the Eder Burgberg connection, first mentioned in records. Three buildings place particular emphasis: the "stone house" from the year 1240, only three short successive fire catastrophes around the turn of the century 15de/16de has passed, the Lady and the Gothic town hall with 10 lattice towers. Another gem is the former Cistercian monastery St. George Berg with the local history, which the history of the timber town and its surroundings are impressive weerspiegelt.In the Thonet museum you can admire the world famous cafe chair. Not only for the children is the wildlife park an attraction. Besides shopping, sports and culture is also walking a high priority behavior. Frankenberg and districts have a vast network of wandelwegen.Gratis city tours: Saturday 10.30 am (venue: City Hall) from April to October. Groups by appointment.
WillingenIn in 1974 from the districts Bömighausen, Eimelrod, Hemmighausen, Neerdar, Rattlar, Schwalefeld Usseln Welleringhausen formed and merged community of Willingen (Upland) are approximately 6547 inhabitants (as at December 2005). The core community of Willingen is a ski area of ??international level spa with healing climate and recognized Kneipp health resort, spa with healing climate Usseln and air spa Schwalefeld.Een walk in the protected areas of the Hochheide in Upland is worthwhile because of the rare plants . The leisure facilities presented in Willingen of the lagoon and adventure with saunas, waterslides and outdoor swimming pools to the schaatsbaan.In the Strycktal is the largest ski jump in the world to visit, which on January 8, 1995 for the first time a World Cup ski jumping was held. Since 2002 is located on the 838 m high and frequently visited mountain in Willingen, Ettelsberg, a new attraction. The 58 m high "Willinger-Hochheide-Turm", with the 41-m-outdoor climbing wall is the most accessible place in North West Germany. From here you have a wonderful view to Kassel, far in the Sauerland and the Vogelsberg.
DiemelseeDe resorts of the recreation Diemelsee - a total of 5347 inhabitants (as at December 2005) - in the same park offer everything for a varied and relaxing holiday. Besides the climatic spa and recreation resort Heringhausen Ottlar also the resorts Adorf, Benkhausen, Deisfeld, Giebringhausen, Flechtdorf, Rhenegge, Schweinsbühl, Stormbruch, Sudeck, Vasbeck and Wirmighausen set for guests. The quiet location, mild climate and enhancing the rural character features all places. The centerpiece of the recreation area is the Diemelsee with its huge dam. Nestled in the mountains of the Sauerland, immediately before the gates of Willingen is the Diemelsee. Lots of water, more forests, wild meadow valleys, glorious vistas and idyllic corners. Alone or with two, many with family or friends can see the versatility of the fascinating landscape around the Diemelsee the middle of the same nature park.
Hain aaan the southwestern slope of the Kellerwald lies the borough of Haina (monastery), consisting of 12 districts with a total of 3725 inhabitants (as of december 2005) with excellent climatic location in the center of the park Kellerwald-Edersee.Een special attraction is the Cistercian the big church in Romanesque and Gothic style was gebouwd.De districts Battenhausen Löhlbach and are "recognized by the state recreation areas." With nearly 500 meters above sea level are the highest places in the Kellerwald. Because of its favorable location are good ski conditions to the other districts treffen.In Altenhaina, Bockendorf, Dodenhausen, Hadden Berg, Halgehausen, Hüttenrode, Mohnhausen, Upper Holzhausen, RÖMERSHAUSEN you can enjoy the tranquility
         Bad ArolsenMidden in Waldecker holiday offers Bad Arolsen with its fine men and half-timbered houses, the baroque royal residence, broad avenues, romantic neighborhoods and the big trees park one of the most beautiful cityscapes in Germany. Characterized by its mild climate and a high recreational value hospitable spa invites you to an unforgettable holiday - and that in any season. The town of Bad Arolsen with its boroughs currently has 16,861 inhabitants (as at December 2005). The annual Baroque festival is on the borders as a grandiose staging of courtly life in this era. From Bad Arolsen, the classicist sculptor Christian Daniel Rauch and history painter Wilhelm von Kaulbach. The birth home of two artists belong to the "Schreibersches Haus" at the Museum of Bad Arolsen. A queen was born in Bad Arolsen: in the year 1858, here Princess Emma of Waldeck and Pyrmont, later Queen of the Netherlands, born free city tour (April-October): Saturday 15:00 (venue: sign city tour Schloss Strasse, near the Royal Palace ).
  WintersportOf in Willingen at the latest snow skiing opportunities exist, you will learn in the snow phone by calling +49 (0) 5632/401132. If there is enough snow, all the options open to you: walking on snowy winter roads, ice skating, cross country skiing, sledding, skiing or a romantic ride in a sleigh - winter sports opportunities abound in the Waldecker Land! The Upland as part of the Sauerland while the center of the resort with the highest peak, the Ettelsberg with a height of 838 m ski Here is paramount worn. Enjoy the irresistible atmosphere of a magical snowy region. More information is available on-www.skigebiet In Willingen meet each of the world's elite ski jumpers together, to collect points for the World Cup! Exciting entertainment, live that you can share the experience! An unforgettable experience. The ski jump was built in 1925 the "Mühlenkopfschanze" was in the year 1999/2000 completely modernized and is today the largest jump in the world. The cable car and passenger lift in the run-way up the tower facilitate and offer the visitor outside the game times a wonderful view of the imposing complex on the Mühlenkopf.
Walking Walking is today again. The soft endurance has a positive effect on the heart and circulatory, respiratory, immune, metabolism and the psyche. The Wanderer expects a wealth of forests, wide views, an environment of low mountains and unspoiled nature. This offers the Waldecker Land as one of the most forested regions of central Germany with rich views over forest and meadow landscapes and the Eder, and Twistesee Diemelsee. Natural watercourses, natural silence and fresh air and hiking areas in the national park Kellerwald-Edersee, the surrounding region of the national park and nature park Diemelsee wait for the walking guest in the Waldecker Land.Zowel a pleasant day trip, overnight long distance hikes or a full walking away from traffic congestion and the stress of everyday life - in the Waldecker Land is all this mogelijk.Door the dense forest landscapes and hills one gets a feeling of pureness, which is worth to explore, for example, in one of the two natural parks or in the only national park in Hessen. The three "Quality hiking trails Wanderbares Deutschland" ("Quality hiking hiking Baar Germany") provided by the region run indicate that walking in the Waldecker Land plays an important role. From a total of 11 rural hessen roads leading four by Waldecker Land. It will well over a dozen regional trails, such as the Sternweg, the Herkulesweg, the Wartburgpfad, Sudentenpfad, Lulluspfad, Diemel-Eder-Way, the Ederhöhenweg, Volkmarser the Way, the Waldecker Way, the Drei-Seen-Way, the Kellerwaldsteig , the Urwaldsteig, the Uplandsteig and the Burgwaldpfad.
Canoe The Diemel and Eder invite you out for a canoe trip. Diemel is the northernmost and simultaneously the smallest power of Hesse. Of the total 123 km, the Diemel from Warburg to the mouth of the Weser, a total length of 46 km navigable all year round. On this stretch are 10 dams to overcome at all omdragen is necessary - a boat car is to bevelen.De Eder, approximately 180 km long and is moving from the small, swift stream to the known upland river. In Herzhausen leads the Eder Eder in the 27 km long, one of the largest reservoirs in Europe. In total, about 70 km navigable by canoe. The area above the Edersee should not be navigated with canoes and the range between the dam and the Affolderner See is closed. The Diemel and Eder are really flat in most places, but one should attract a life jacket and of course swimming.
Sailing A fresh breeze for sailing ... The Eder, Diemel and Twistesee invite so out! The Edersee with its 202 million. cubic meters of water a real paradise for every recreational captain. But even here the Diemelsee should not inferior. The treacherous Edersee demands with its rotating winds many of the sailors and is therefore a demanding regatta area, where the tactic a decisive role. Therefore applies to both lakes the slogan: "Who here the winds controlled, a good sailor to call, anywhere sails!" If you do not own boat ownership, ask at the sailing school at the Edersee boats of the most diverse classes of hire. Even the little ones to the Edersee of great importance. Already 6 years may be his first sailing experiences. Everyone - both junior and senior - must be able to swim to the Diemel and Twistesee sailboats can not be hired, but there are pedal boats and electric boats are available for exploring the lakes!


Living room
Ground floor
Bedroom 1
Ground floor

Bed: Single bed

Bed: Single bed

Bedroom 2
Ground floor

Bed: Single bed

Bed: Single bed

Bedroom 3
Ground floor

Bed: Single bed

Bed: Single bed

Ground floor




Type: Open

Stove: Ceramic (4 Cooking zones/burners)



Accommodation type

  • Holiday house

Total floor space

  • 75 m2

Sports & Recreation

  • Cycling
  • Mountainbiken
  • Tennis
  • Walking
  • Swimming

Travel Ideas

  • Child friendly
  • Luxury accommodation
  • Peace & quiet
  • Holiday parks
  • Weekend trips


  • Electric heating
  • Stove

Internet, Wifi, Audio

  • Cable television
  • Satellite receiver
  • Flatscreen TV
  • Hifi / Stereo set
  • Radio
  • CD player
  • Wifi
  • Measurements of TV in cm: (1)
  • Dutch TV channels
  • Internet connection

Outdoor Facilities

  • Outdoor lighting
  • Sun umbrellas
  • Parking place (2)
  • Terrace (3)
  • Garden
  • Garden chair(s) (10)
  • Garden table(s0) (3)
  • Sledge (1)
  • Shed


  • Washing machine
  • Hall
  • Storeroom
  • Seperate toilet (1)
  • Smoking not allowed
  • Pets on request


  • Bed linen available


  • Child's chair (1)
  • Camping bed (1)


  • No thresholds
  • Evenfloor
  • Raised bed

Games & entertainment

  • (Board) games
  • (Comic)books


  • Detached house

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