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Vacation Rental Serbia

Republic of Serbia is a country in southeastern Europe and Belgrade is the capital. The country is situated between other European countries and therefore has no coastline. However, the Danube is a large and important river. The Danube is good for the Serbian economy by shipping, sport fishing and tourism. In Serbia, several Slavic languages are spoken where Serbian or the official language.

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In Serbia it is very easy to travel by bus. It is comfortable and many towns and villages are accessible by bus. The cities are full of nice terraces and the streets are full of people. Citizens of Serbia are generally very happy with tourists and therefore very welcoming. Are you looking for a true Serbian dining experience, be sure to go to a Kafana. In such a pace, people come together to eat, drink. In the touristic Kafana's there often is live music! Or visit Topola, famous for its yearly Oplenac vintage festival, attended by several thousand visitors each year. Furthermore, there are numerous museums in Serbia, many are being renovated, but the country is so special that the country itself seems a museum. Serbia has an interesting culture.

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  • For 85 years, Serbia has been part of Yugoslavia
  • Football is the most popular sport in Serbia, but also tennis and water polo
  • The Danube has a length of 2850 km