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Holiday homes in Mozambique

Whether an adventurous safari or chilling out on the beach, Mozambique is a fantastic holiday destination. Why? The sun is always shining and the cocktails taste even better. The local people are exceptionally friendly and hospitable. You’ll be able to taste some great food and enjoy the lovely accommodation set in natural surroundings. A holiday in Mozambique is guaranteed to provide you with some of the most beautiful views with its breath-taking nature, from the mountains in the west to the coast in the east.

Discover Mozambique from your holiday home

Mozambique lies in southeast Africa, and the country offers numerous possibilities for a delightful holiday. This former Portuguese colony has a coastline of no less than 2,655 kilometres, so you are never far away from the sun, the sea and the beach. Enjoy its snowy-white beaches and the most beautiful spots for diving and snorkeling. Visit one of its wildlife parks to spot zebras, gnus and other wild animals. Or visit vibrant Maputo, the capital, with its lively markets and numerous little eating places by the water.

Climate in Mozambique

Mozambique has a tropical climate. The rainy season lasts from October to March.

Time Difference with Mozambique

Mozambique is one hour ahead of the UK.

Are you ready for an unforgettable vacation in southeast Africa? What are you waiting for? Browse our range of private holiday homes in Mozambique now.

Fun facts about Mozambique

  • The official language of Mozambique is Portuguese, but throughout the country, as many as 40 different local languages are spoken.
  • Portuguese dishes such as ‘camarão’ (shrimp), ‘lula’ (squid) and ‘peixe gelhado’ (grilled fish) can be found on almost every menu.
  • Mozambique was ‘discovered’ in 1498 ‘by Vasco da Gama, who was on his way to India.
  • The best time to travel to Mozambique is from May to October.
  • Mozambique has 24 million inhabitants and is approx. 3.3 times bigger in size than the UK.
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