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Vacation Rentals in Mauritius

Though a holiday to Mauritius does not seem the most obvious choice, it is a wonderful place to go for your vacation. Mauritius is not big at all, it actually just is as big as a small city or village. It is therefore easy to visit the highlights from your vacation rental. On Mauritius you can find beautiful beaches, mountains, rivers and lakes. There are many places for refreshing and swimming. From your holiday home, it is also possible to go on a diving excursion as coral surrounds the island. Additionally, due to the subtropical climate, it is very pleasant to stay during the winter. The great advantage of booking a holiday with Micazu, is that you book directly at owner, which is very beneficial in many ways.

Discover Mauritius from your vacation rental

Mauritius is an island in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Africa and near Madagascar. In the sixteenth century, Mauritius was an important colony of the Netherlands. The island is named after Prince Maurice. In the seventeenth century, the Dutch discovered the dodo. A bird that became extinct during the Dutch colonization in Mauritius. The island has low mountains, the highest mountain does not exceed 900 meters. There are plateaus of craters and volcanic rock in Mauritius, the volcanoes work, however, has long gone. With a cottage on the west coast, you can fully enjoy life on a tropical island.

Are you looking for a little piece of paradise for not too much money, go quickly to the holiday homes in Mauritius.

Fun facts

  • Mauritanian cuisine is strongly influenced by Indian cuisine
  • Mauritius is a Paradise for diving and snorkeling
  • The Mauritian population consists of Chinese, French, Muslims, Creoles and Indians.
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