Away from noise and stress in the unspoilt south of Calabria. Swim and snorkel in the sea (5 min walk); hike and enjoy the mountains of Sila National Park (20 min drive) from nature. From can`t spacious terrace overlooking the beautiful blue Mediterranean Sea.
This section is not (yet) discovered by mass tourism, so the Calabrezen have plenty of time to chat.
The tranquility of the surroundings and the home of Casa Bahati invite relaxation and finally some time to read a book.
Afin, read the comprehensive information and opportunities in the "background information" on this site.

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Given the distance to the south, the sporadic that one thinks of a midweek or similar Nevertheless, this is the case may be and we are willing (except July and August) to dagberekening apply.
Once the tenant via Mucazu final book, he receives by mail a lease. Containing the request for the agreement in full and go back to mail, but also the request for half the rent on to the account indicated.
Who completed agreement is printed from our original signature provided and mailed to the tenant. Thus, the tenant a written legal document in the hands of the axis rent.
The other half of the rent must be paid upon arrival, after the inspection of the apartment rent.

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Week € 450.00
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Night € 64.00
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Minimum stay 5 nights
Week € 625.00
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Night € 89.00
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Minimum stay 5 nights
Week € 725.00
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Night € 104.00
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Week € 525.00
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Minimum stay 5 nights
Week € 400.00
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Week € 250.00
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The host, Bas & Janny

Micazu member since March 2010

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We Bas & Janny. We had been here for a holiday and it was lovely to enjoy it to go in the low season; de-stress and unwind so. After the pre-retirement in 2001 we went there our final draw and even build something new. Reason: culture, lifestyle, climate and freedom. During 2003/2006 we realized our new building rights. From our home we there now continuously approachable and do our best to make it as pleasant as possible guests.

Additional information

We are Bastiaan (1946) and Janny (1948), but we are approached in this southern Italian with Bastiano and Janine. In 1990, we had purchased a vacation home here and that suited us well. International work gave us the opportunity to two times a year to enjoy a month this spring and autumn; de-stress and unwind so.

After my (Bass) pre-retirement, we decided in 2001 to settle here permanently. This had several reasons, but mainly the culture, lifestyle, environment, freedom, plus the departure of the so-called normal and compelling stress in the Netherlands, have seduced us to make that choice.

As our holiday here quite a bit too small for a permanent stay in the summer -with the family visit, or friends and not as comfortable -wegens in winter the little insulated bouwstijl-, we quickly decided to order to build new. We could land purchases in front of our apartment, because the daughter of the owner was getting married and the father needed money. Yes, in this southern Italian culture does a wedding a capacity of some salary.

Which construction began in 2001 and early 2003, we have come to inhabit our new building rights. Thereafter, the rest is admittedly been established step by step. It was not without a struggle, and we not only had a quick sequel Italian course in that period, but also learn the most (construction) tricks.

In 2006 realized everything and exist today shelters a half villa for ourselves half a villa and two apartments for rent. At present (2011) is (still) only one apartment on the Micazu site visible.

Oh yeah, why is our opstal Casa Bahati. Well, Bahati in Swahili means 'happy' and so hot our grandson, who at the time was abandoned in Tanzania and was subsequently adopted by our daughter. Because we ao feel happy with our healthy and delicious Italian conditions, so this name was obvious.

Finally; We actually live in the complex, so we are constantly engaging. We will do our best to enrich the vacation of the guests.
As a Dutchman hears "South Italy", this area is usually compared to something unpleasant. In order to be sure we're there take a look at 1987. We saw the negative impressions not at all, and thought it was a wonderful area to unwind or de-stress. Most striking was the peace and hospitality that every Calabrian possesses and radiates.
Several times we have visited the area and we were captivated by the climate, sun, sea, fresh fish, mostly organic vegetables and fruit, but also the delicious and typical dishes from the extensive Calabrese cuisine. Easily written, but then give me an example ............ ..

Well, if you walk along it a fruit store, or on the market in Crotone, then you really smell the air fruit and certain vegetables.
Another example. If you go snorkeling, indicates that an additional relaxation because you easily can watch up to 15 meters under water and you see therefore the fish and seabed vegetation.
Go here stop by a good acquaintance or friend, you should anyway anything taste homemade salami and at least one glass of wine "on the house".
As good friends, neighbors or friends slaughter by December (many people have a pig and / or calf), then they will also bring us meat. After all, they know that we have no cattle, so do not kill too, and they feel that we still have meegenieten also their slaughter.

In this area, there is no stress, and everyone has time for everyone. Everyone leaves the other person in its value. Very high in the banner of the Calabrian 'live and let live "and that culture will probably never disappear !!!

Even something fun. Life here is cheaper than in northern Italy and the Netherlands; tasty captured, anyway ........

Are there any disadvantages ?? Yes, it sure did in the beginning. In the Netherlands we were accustomed to keeping appointments and as well again at the right time. Well, that is here not or rarely. They come agreements sometimes after, but "what" later. Bass there long accustomed and hiked the Calabrian way; Janny there may still not get used to.

For someone who is still in the labor force, this is a beautiful area to enjoy the sun, sea, snorkelling and / or diving. Delicious moment for refreshment and relaxation to the beach and walk the sea, towel under his arm and just splash. For lovers to small distance a formal naturist beach. For a change, the forests and mountains of Sila is also a form of relaxation resort, but also because of the so-called rural tranquility is near our hideaway a great area to consider you to relax, finally quietly reading a book and forth all the way to come to their senses . For (early) retirement, like us, it's here daily enjoy the sun, sea, tranquility and nature. Really, Calabria is commendable !!!!
Although the "short description" an impression was given, perhaps even a single supplement.

If you decide to visit our holiday in Capo Rizzuto in Calabria, you will find an apartment of approx. 100 m2, built in 2003, and thus has a virtually new equipment.
The apartment is like a penthouse, has three double bedrooms, a spacious bathroom and a spacious living room / kitchen.

On the south side (seaward) is a terrace of approx. 65 m2, with wide views over the Mediterranean. Also one can sunbathe there, food, bbq or just read a newspaper or a book, or else just get a look mailbox. On the north side is a covered terrace of approx. 18 m2. Patio furniture is obviously in short supply.

In the apartment is everything that you normally have at home for daily living, such as a fully equipped kitchen. You do not bring your sheets, towels etc. Two bedrooms have two large double beds and 1 bedroom with 2 x 1 beds; this can be mounted to a 1x 2-bed.
If desired, there are even buggies, cots and high chairs available. There is a TV, radio / CD and Internet in the apartment (even WiFi); a washing machine for common use in the garage.

If you arrive by car, there is parking on our own enclosed grounds.

, Eg to buy a nice warm bread or ice cream in the village, his bicycles. The children may (under your supervision) to use the children's pool (90 cm high and 3.80 meters in diameter) on the lower terrace.
Those who have made the long trip to visit Calabria, will probably come not just to lie on the beach all day. Perhaps the environment is viewed, visited the expansive National Park Sila, and / or investigated a large number of historical sites. 'Diverse needs, we would like to contribute positively.

For a pleasant stay on the beach, which is only 5 minutes walk, we include some snorkeling attributes, two diving suits, a surfboard, parasols and bocce for the enthusiast. For the little ones we have typical beach toys. If large beach towels are desired, guests need to bring their own.

To alternate the sea with other sports things, can walk well in this environment. Inland, the terrain quickly becomes hilly, so a bike ride can also be very pleasant. An intermediate solution could be rollerskate; We have here three pairs (different sizes) available.

Within walking distance of Casa Bahati is a riding with many beautiful and good horses. Less hot hours can thus be driven out of the stables and in this way can also relax the immediate area to be explored.

For visiting markets, other places or cities, or the National Park, please read the "detailed descriptions" it away.

If tired of the hustle and effort of the day and not feel like something to eat outdoors, Casa Bahati provides an excellent opportunity to stay "home" and yet retain the holiday feeling. All resources are available to cook something delicious, get pizza or bbq, and consume it on the roof. There prevails in the evening and nighttime serenity, far away from the noise in the village, sometimes interspersed with some festive fireworks in the area.
Calabria is by mass tourism fortunately not yet discovered. It starts already at the north-west, eg at Tropea and surroundings, but that is more name than deed, and unfortunately these are the negative factors already evident. This south-east of Calabria has virtually no international tourism, at most about 10% on the naturist campsite and beach of Pizzo Greco, not far away.

Due to the absence of mass tourism, the population is still authentic. That means they still be themselves and open to all who come their way. They continue to hold their Calabrian culture, because by that tourism is not clouded.

The Calabrees is friendly, welcoming and very helpful. Partly because it is very easy to make contact with the population. This applies not only to us, as villagers of Capo Rizzuto, but also for so-called strangers.

We have seen that one of our (Dutch) tenants road and direction was completely lost in the main village Isola Capo Rizzuto (here 5 km away) and tried to explain to someone from that village. After telephone contact concerning our address, which has villager our tenant drove to our house; obviously free ..................

Ask them a question and they will, possibly with the entire family met, the question as fully as possible, with or without demonstrable examples. On the so-called country may simply be associated with and glass of wine and a piece of salami, all natural home made ...................

Nice huh .......................
The climate here is - by Dutch standards - can not be distinguished in the 4 seasons. The short spring is early April to late May, with occasional rain and temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees.
Summer is from early June until mid-October (25-32 degrees), with peaks of heat sometimes 35 degrees in July and August.
In early November to late March are autumnal moments, with some wind and not too much rain.
The so-called "winter" average daytime temperatures range between 10 and 16 degrees. It may be in January and February, sometimes a single week slightly lower, but there are more weeks it even higher.

Typically, the so-called autumn weather can last one day, but rarely longer than 3 days. Then the sun shines like crazy. It is only 1 or 2 times a year for which the maximum about 10 days druilt. It never freezes here and there as once (1x approx. 25 yrs) a little snow falls, everyone is free from work and school.

This description is no overview of the average temperatures from the past, because that means nothing about the coming year. After all, we now know the saying: "results in the past ............... etc.
We have now a nice network and good contacts with people who mean something. However, with the weather gods that does not quite succeed, so we can not promise anything about the weather.

Nature here is unspoiled. On the one hand and arm "no money" to Calabria further develop, but the other very rich in its natural authenticity. On the coast and inland, the craggy rocks (Sila) the large hills or small mountains (maximum altitude 1900 meters) which includes the stray wild horses. That is where you can still walk around for hours without seeing anyone or anything. Is that good or not ................................

For us this excellent conditions, but for the agricultural sector in Calabria less. After all, if it rains so little, it's not beneficial to the fruit and vegetables. In the summer, sprayed with the water in the mountains of Sila is stored (rainwater) and through a pipeline system is distributed throughout Calabria.
Because it is not always sufficient water is available, then it is most necessary land sprayed. The rest of the landscape do not see why the tourists in the summer only a yellow and barren landscape.

There are summers, such as in 2008, that there is a lack of water is large, and thus also the population, since the problems of experiencing. I.e. that one day does not receive water, but during the night a small trickle.
The lessons learned from the past, we have our new building provided a large water reservoir, allowing our guests and ourselves will have no water problem.
During the holidays is fun sometimes divided into sessions, either a half day sea and beach and half a day to look somewhere either on the market. This can also here.

From mid July to late August in our village in the evening a number of stalls selling anything and everything. That's more fun than anything valuable is sold, a real summer vacation so little market.

A more extensive and serious market is in the main village Isola (5 km), length approx. 500 meters. This is only on the 2nd Monday of the month.
The same type of market you will find in the surrounding villages and offers nothing new if you already have seen one or two.

However, in the center of Crotone (20 km), every day morning a large and extensive market. Since everything is fresh and fresh from this region, such as vegetables, fruit, fish, meat, spices and other specialties. Of course there are also stalls including clothing, shoes (real leather), kitchenware, CDs / DVDs and the like.
Both on the market at the harbor there are the necessary stalls with fresh fish.
Moreover, the extensive selection of fresh fish you should preferably before 10.00 am (or even earlier) and you should not buy on a Sunday or Monday (can not be fresh, because during the weekend is not fishing).

An early visit to the market in Crotone would also be an opportunity for us to visit the relatively small center, the historic center (of founder and resident Crotonees Pitagoras) and stores / shops in abundance. In the south, smaller businesses have a right to exist and that makes life here more pleasant and more atmosphere.
HINTS the festivities, the holiday season in this region from mid July to late August. Shortly before that period, the daily festivities for young and old, each year. What the program does the following year, by the city until early July of each year and announced.
Normally this includes performances by famous Italian singers / vocalists, dance groups, performances of folklore groups, dinner parties (sagra) with specific Italian dishes and the like. These include the familiar stalls of-all-and-more-what usually ends with a good dose of fireworks.

The solid ingredients of the festivities in July and August are still the common game on the nearby beach, the markets in the village and folklore performances in the village or nearby. Maybe not directly as a festivity to complain, but for the "young youth" there are several daily game on the beach.
There is also outdoor disco and dancing are in the vicinity. All this in 2 to 4 km away, so for this bike, car or elevator.

The apartment is an overview of the festivities as much as possible up to date.

Regardless of the other informal meetings, we organize every year an evening with all the tenants together to eat. That is on the Italian holiday of August 15. We hold that same evening with food, drinks, music, BBQ and so all tenants can mingle on the terrace. Each year proves to be a nice event where dancing is usually spontaneous and new friendships are closed.
This is a lot to write, because the restaurants in this region are not only excellent but also in abundance. There are plenty of pizzerias and a multitude of restaurants, but what are the beste.Dát depends primarily on the individual taste, but also the choice "is the meat or fish." Because this region is to the excellent fresh fish, in the typical restaurant unfortunately paid little attention to the meat.
While here for a really good piece of meat is only one restaurant, the BBQ at Casa Bahati a good alternative possible solution.

We have in recent years tried almost all restaurants (at least 2 times per restaurant) and thus are not on thin ice to yourself to go out to eat, but also a well-founded advice possible to our guests.

So - we believe - the best fish restaurant "L'Ancora" on the tip of Capo Rizzuto (check their website if www.ristorantelancora.it
The best pizza is "Mare Chiaro" in the center of Capo Rizzuto and the best meat restaurant "Pagus" to Isola Capo Rizzuto.
Although partly depends on what is eaten and drunk, is a full meal ((rich warehouses, (paste) appetizer plus main course with wine / soft drink)) at approx. € 25, - to € 30, -.
A pizza (collection) costs approx. € 6, -.

It is beyond all pizzerias and restaurants to mention here, but the apartment is a list of the better pizza, meat and seafood, including phone numbers, to go eat or to book (essential in August). Bass & Janny are continuously accountable to advise and wish to reserve it.
If you want to book themselves can of course also, but use the name of Bastiano, because it is known there as a customer and that really saves the price ...................!

Again count the Calabrese culture heavy. If Bastiano calling him to a familiar restaurant or pizzeria and says that his guests would come and eat there, they know that they need to deliver service and quality, and certainly not a "tourist price for unknowns" must apply. After all, the guests of Bastiano and Janine may lack nothing ................................

Well, so does that here in this part of Calabria ...............................
There are many places in Calabria that are worth a visit. These can be divided in half or full day. For example, a half day can be spent on:

- Capo Rizzuto (1 km), with the aquarium in which the flora and fauna of the (protected) sea is shown;

- Le Castella (10 km) with the sea in Aragonese castle and departure point for various trips, cozy village;

- Santa Severina (35 km) above the village on the mountain that towers over the landscape, with its fortress and castle Carafa, cozy town square and magnificent views across the province;

- Crotone (20 km) Pitagoras of the city, with its markets, ports, historic center, Carlo V Castle, National Museum, long promenade, museums, etc.;

- Capo Colonna (15 km), archaeological highlight, with its excavations, Torre Nao and temple of Hera Lacinia;

- For all a bit in the mood of this area to come and more to learn about the protected area of ??this sea, look at www.riservamarinacaporizzuto.it (Italian and English).

The entire vacation could be spent on day trips, as in Calabria lots of fun and picturesque towns have. A pair or:

- Crotone, the city where you could spend several days if you love shopping, markets and visiting historical places;

- Sila National Park, the expansive (forest) area in the heart of Calabria, with mountains up to 1,800 mt. height and where you can walk for hours without meeting anyone. In these wild lands Palumbosila the village and the adjacent Lake Ampollino (1,500 mt. Height) is almost a must to visit. Incidentally and wonderful place to picnic. Sila in this area are numerous picturesque places, it is also generally cooler than the coast, and find something for everyone;

- Rossano, with its Acquapark "Odissea 2000" might be a pleasant change from the sea for the children. This place is approx. 125 km. but to know whether that distance is worth it, just look at: www.odissea2000.it

For those who want to have a nice treat (it's still not true holiday) can always go to Beauty Farm Casa Rossa in Crotone (20 km). This pleasant care and / or relaxation is possible for several hours, one day or several days. If you are interested, please visit www.casarossa.it
Delicious nibbles of Calabrese dishes done with a nice glass of Italian wine. The typical French wines are too heavy to drink here, most in the winter. We buy our wine per damigiana (is large carboy of 54 liters) to an individual in Sila, but the grapes are grown in Puglia. This is a fruity wine with soft (almost) all dishes can be served. Because Bastiaan that wine always in stock, guests can taste and optionally at cost (2010: € 2, - per liter) to buy him.

In Calabria in the kitchen very rarely use butter for baking or frying. The olive oil is the base of the kitchen, along with parsley, garlic, peppers and onions. With these ingredients should therefore not be "tampered with" but honest and fresh. Self, we buy the oil at the private squeezer, so we know the origin of the oil. Because olive trees in principle every two years to produce, we always have a stock for at least 2 years.
Nevertheless we can imagine that there are guests who are the real and unadulterated olive oil of this south also like to try. Well, I can, try the oil and if you want more, they can at cost (2010: € 7, - per liter) in our purchases.

We can - from experience - imagine that the last days before leaving it all a bit stressful and shoot some things there. See also - mostly for the ladies - with the pedicure and / or resins. Indeed, in the summer - especially on the beach - everyone wants it groomed. If this happens, do not worry, because the mistress, Janny, is pedicure with years of experience in the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. Make an appointment with her and perhaps the same day, the wish granted.
The journey here can be taken several ways. The most comfortable is usually also the most expensive. Much depends on the time of year, how many people are involved and where the holiday will start. If that is home, or upon arrival in Calabria.

For some ideas outlining relationships in comfort and affordable price, the following:

- With a luxury coach from the Netherlands is relatively inexpensive, but is of approx. 40 hours is still a drain on the bottom;

- With the (night) train is more expensive, but not really save much time compared to the journey with a coach;

- By plane, it seems most obvious, but that depends on the number of persons. For 1 person to fly cheaper than by car. For 2 persons gives the fly / own account at a similar price tag, but with their own transport we have here is a car available. With 3 or more, the price more attractive to the private car.
From mid April to mid October from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany directly to Lamezia Terme (approx. 100 km from here) flown. Some flights are scheduled flights and charters others again, like on Saturdays Transavia and Martinair on Thursdays. For charter flights can be obtained from Holland International and De Jong Intra travel;

- Private transport is recommended as one with 2 or more from home with all the holiday will start. If one wants to take the trip quickly, with multiple drivers, of course, is that in less than 24 hours.
When they also enjoy the way of nature and landscape, then do the journey in less than 2 days. We have some advice for the desired route and sleeping (and) road;

- Last but not least is the ability to directly from the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany to fly to Lamezia Terme and rent a car. In this way, the journey time shortened here and there is also private transport on holiday address.

Anyway, there are several possibilities, but that all depends on the wishes of the guests. If we know it and possibly be asked for an opinion, we will certainly give and focused.

Oh yes, if the trip by car is done, remember to not "just" a hand gesture to an Italian fellow road user. If you are the hand gestures in Italy is unknown can misuse to very unpleasant consequences lei (ij) s.
Although there is only one apartment will be published on this site Micazu, we still have a 2nd apartment and a half villa for rental. The 2nd apartment is of the same area but so-called reversed (see map) and the half-villa (160 m2 mt.) Is suitable and equipped for max. 10 persons.

If one of more than 6 persons or forming a larger group which also 2nd apartments and / or half the villa would like to rent, there is a 10% discount on the total amount.

Excluding the months of July and August, there is a 10% discount for members of the IPA (International Police Association).
This region lends itself overwinter excellent to so-called for the people who are not fond of the gray, wet and cold autumn and winter, which sometimes starts in the Netherlands in September and ends in May.

Dutch standards is no winter here; never freezes here and there is at most a short period of one month of autumn.

Again, we want to give any statistics from the past, because "the results achieved in the past are no guarantee for the future."
We have called winters experienced where we are - at 5 to 10 days - usually breakfast and had lunch on the outdoor terrace. It also happened that the two months it was not possible because of the wind, or low temperature and / or rain.

Nevertheless, the sun shines much more than in the Netherlands and the temperatures here hefty higher. This makes the region attractive to hibernate, especially for those who have difficulty with the sometimes far too long drizzly autumn-winter period.

Should it be cool or cold, we proposed disposal a gas stove in the past. For the convenience of the snowbirds and safety, we decided in 2009 to install a summer / winter air conditioning. The cost of normal electricity consumption is then charged to the winter. The (cheaper) gas remains available.

Although rents are clearly mentioned on this site, which will be updated / modified for snowbirds. This means that the listed price is calculated on the 1st month, but in each case € 100, - discount is given on the following months.
The saying "unknown, unloved 'applies also for this part of southern Italy. Add to this the stories about the Mafia, the Ndrangheta and Gomorrah, then you'll soon feel to it but maybe another time to go, but .................

We do not deny that even in the south is a kind of underworld, where is not, but in the press that often overexposed. The ordinary Italians and tourists do not suffer from these people, just as we do.
An example. In this environment, making extensive use of the bars, where just a little longer or a little one-coffee drinking. Ditto with the tabacchi, where as a newspaper and / or cigarettes are purchased. At that time, the car in the street with the windows open, keys in the ignition and usually just a few minutes with the engine running. And yet there is never a car stolen here ....................

In all events, these are our findings and we can cite many more examples, but they can be estimated as subjective.
For now an objective view of Italy to get another visit a few sites objectively. Here you can find everything to do with Italy, so of course also about travel, politics, recipes, holidays, events and even a free newsletter. Try it out, really cool sites you know!!

- Www.italie.nl

- Www.dolcevia.com

- Www.italiemagazine.nl
Below some summary information, in case this was not sufficiently described in the detailed information.

- The guests can have bicycles available, bbq's, wetsuits, surf and snorkel attributes.

For Land:
- This land is paved; There are several gardens. It offers good space for parking on private property.

Downstairs Terrace:
- This terrace (100 m2) is common with children's pool (90 cm diam + 3,80 mt) and sunbeds for "babysitter".

Use of garden:
- The herbs in the garden, Wed parsley, mint, basil and rosemary, may also be used by the guests; ditto with any existing fruit.

- Precise navigation city: Casa Bahati is located (see eg Google Maps) to coordinate: 38.909803, 17.108081;

- General: easily accessible by car, bus and train, but flying through Crotone (8 km) or Lamezia Terme (100 km) is a nice close;

- Airport 1: Definelty airport's Santa Anna near Crotone (8 km). For this, we always have to transfer to Rome or Milan;

- Airport 2: That is Lamezia Terme (100 km) near Catanzaro. This is flown directly from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany;

- Train and bus: The nearest train station is Crotone (20 km). This also applies to the luxury coach line services (called Pullman);

- Private or rental car: At both airports you can rent cars. When driving your own car, the landlord sends a route request advice;

- Extra service: If required, the landlord can pick up guests at the bus or train station, or at one of the airports.

- Coast and beaches: The pristine coastline of this region has many long sandy beaches. The nearest is a 5 minute walk;

- Rest: After a busy holiday it is good and quiet place to be on our roof. Which is on the outskirts of the village, without the noise of the center;

- Nature general: The most beautiful piece of sea in Europe, where there are to see thousands of stars, offers more than just sea and sand;

- Naturism: For the naturist even a 20 min walk a formal naturist beach.. Nude sunbathing allowed in the upper deck;

- Sila National Park: If one of the sea here is tired, there are to visit several archaeological sites and the Sila National Park remains one piece of unspoiled nature (see detailed description);

- Environment: The provincial and pristine-looking environment is welcoming, friendly, with excellent fish restaurants (see detailed description);

- Written information: An information pack about the area is provided, including important phone numbers, including information on the bakery, restaurants, shops, doctors, first aid, etc;

- Oral information: The landlords Bass & Janny are always ready to assist tenants with advice and even to reserve for them in Italian.

- Without Car: For swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling or diving alternating, one can also go hiking sports, cycling and horse riding;

- By car or bus: To switch off the daily sports and / or recreation, visit the daily market and harbor in Crotone, with its historic center;

- By car: Calabria offers many picturesque places and rich cultural and archaeological history. See the full description.

- Arrival: On arrival the tenant is received by Bas & Janny with coffee and / or fresh. Children play usually relaxing with them new toys;

- The beginning: In the apartment waiting a surprise and some fresh drinks. If desired, it can be supplemented with the 1st messages;

- Continued: If desired Bass or Janny will give a tour of the surrounding area (beaches, shops, bank, restaurants, etc.);

- Extra services: The own stock Bas is to buy local wine and olive oil. By Janny one can get pedicures;

- Animals: As animal lovers we allow it to bring a pet, so long as that is elated at others but no nuisance concerned and which area enclosed outside us;

- Overwintering: Due to the pleasant climate is the perfect place to relax in winter. For longer stays, more discounts (see detailed description).



Living room
1st floor

45 m2



Bedroom 1
1st floor

16 m2


Bed: Double bed 190 x 180 cm

Bedroom 2
1st floor

14 m2


Bed: Double bed 190 x 160 cm

Bedroom 3
1st floor

13 m2


Bed: Single bed 190 x 90 cm

1st floor

9 m2




Type: Open

Stove: Gas (4 Cooking zones/burners)


Swimming pool

Type: Open air swimming pool / Above ground pool

Heated swimming pool: Unheated swimming pool

Privacy: Shared swimming pool


Accommodation type

  • Apartment

Total floor space

  • 100 m2


  • Child's bed (3)
  • Child's toys
  • Child's chair (3)
  • Stair gates
  • Child's bath
  • Camping bed (2)

Sports & Recreation

  • Diving / Snorkeling
  • Cycling
  • Horse-riding
  • Walking
  • Swimming

Travel Ideas

  • Culture & History
  • Child friendly
  • Winter sun
  • Rest & space
  • Sun,Sea & Beach


  • Gas heater
  • Boiler
  • Airconditioning

Internet, Wifi, Audio

  • Flatscreen TV
  • Hifi / Stereo set
  • Radio
  • CD player
  • Dvd player
  • Wifi
  • Measurements of TV in cm: (1)
  • USB connection
  • Internet connection

Games & entertainment

  • Playstation 2
  • (Board) games
  • (Comic)books
  • DVDs / Blu-rays

Outdoor Facilities

  • Balcony
  • Barbecue
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Garage
  • Deckchair (5)
  • Sun umbrellas
  • Parking place (5)
  • Private driveway
  • Terrace
  • Garden
  • Garden chair(s) (10)
  • Garden table(s0) (2)
  • Porch
  • Roof terrace
  • Garden fully fenced
  • Ashtray(s)


  • Manager on site
  • Complete privacy


  • Washing machine
  • Smoking allowed
  • Pets allowed
  • Storeroom
  • Scullery / laundry room
  • Seperate toilet (1)


  • Bed linen available
  • Towels present (15)
  • Kitchen linen available
  • Bed linen for children


  • Wheelchair accessible
  • No thresholds

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per night from (b.o. 1 week)
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