Holiday house

Want to experience the unique culture of the friendly Minangkabau (which parent entitled to date and combine Islam) and also enjoy the immensely rich tropical nature? Then you are in our holiday home in the right place.
We, a family-anthropologists, 20 years ago, fell in love with this region, and have bought a piece of land where we built, surrounded by a botanical garden of around 6000 m2. Our house and guests staying
We can not always stay in our home and to pay for maintenance, we have decided to rent to interested our house. We prefer to do this to one group at a time.
Our compound consists of two large houses and several detached buildings, all connected by covered roads with each other.
In one of the houses live Amir and Sita, who take care of the cleaning and maintenance of the compound. If English interpreter, you can also consult the present Leni. If you are considering trips they can possibly assist.
You can stay in a pleasant climate here (580 m above sea level, it is not too hot and not too cold) and get to know. Tropical nature immediately In the garden you can instantly find a rich collection of fruit and other trees and a living pharmacy of medicinal and sacral (used for ritual purposes) plants.
There is also a big chance that you will see some of the animal. Tropical birds, squirrels, civets, chameleons, frogs, toads, lizards, etc. in our native garden. Fish and turtles we grow in our six ponds. Bats come every day at dusk to our fruit trees.
Outside the complex, you can walk along the rice fields and fruit gardens of the villagers walking. Want to experience the unspoiled nature, then you can use a guide to climb the mountains or take a hike through the jungle.
In our compound, you can relax undisturbed, but if you're interested, you can also participate in cultural and social life of the villagers. When our neighbors can follow a course original Sumatran cooking or participate in various artistic activities (traditional music and dance).
There are many festivals celebrated and guests are always welcome in this culture of mother-right (all houses are owned by women). Leni will be happy to assist you.
In our region is still no negative impact of mass tourism. Do you want some more distant events (eg, bull races, concerts, theater, etc.) or the regional sites (archaeological sites, traditional architecture, museums, parks, crafts, etc.) view, then you can go for a decent price with a car driver and guide hire. Favorable overwintering is also possible in Holiday Cici.

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Extra price information

The price is € 50, - per one or two people per night, for stays of one week. For shorter stays of less than a week and at least 4 days, the price per night € 5, - higher (€ 55, -).
For shorter stays than 4 days, we request a further fee of € 5, - more per night (€ 60, -).
Would you have more than 2 people, it is € 15 for each additional person - extra charge, regardless of the length of stay.
All prices include breakfast, tourist tax and cleaning. The reservation fee will be deducted from the remaining costs. There are no further charges.

Rates & duration

Prices are per stay

Minimum stay 4 nights
Week € 250.00
Midweek -
Night € 36.00
Weekend -


Here you will find any mandatory and optional additional costs.

Daily cleaning
€ 1.50
Per person per night
Pay at booking | required
Reservation fee
€ 25.00
Per stay
Pay at booking | required

The host, Cici

Micazu member since May 2014

Dit ben ik, Cici, en mijn man Hans, een Oostenrijks cultureel antropoloog. Wij hebben lang in Nederland gewoond. Twintig jaar geleden hebben wij in het dorpje Patai, West Sumatra, in een prachtige omgeving grond gekocht en vervolgens daar gebouwd. Als u bij ons wilt komen, schrijf ons (Nederlands, Duits, Engels of Indonesisch) en wij helpen u graag bij elke stap van uw reis in Sumatra als u dat wenst.

Additional information

Holiday Cici is a compound consisting of two large houses and three detached buildings. These are all through roads and roofs together to form a compound related. All houses are situated on a plot of 6220 square meters if botanical garden is landscaped and features six ponds. A five minute walk in the valley are our rice fields.
Our land belongs to the village Patai which is centrally located in the cultural area of ??Minangkabau society. About 12 km away is the mountain lake Danau Singkarak. Six kilometers from the regional capital Batusangkar. Lies
The distance to Padang, the capital of West Sumatra, is 100 km and the famous town of Bukittinggi is 50 km away.
If you want to stay alone or with someone else get the Wooden House (Rumah Kayu) allocated in the bamboo garden. Children up to 15 years can join. The costs are € 55, - per night and includes breakfast, tourist tax and cleaning. It is cleaned daily and linen is changed every second day. This price is valid for a minimum stay of four nights. If you are staying for less, per night is € 5, - will be charged more.
Are you staying for a week, then the cost is only € 350, -. For longer periods or overcomes rings there are in agreement favorable prices possible.
If you want to stay with more than two people per additional person is € 15, - put in appreciation. This also includes breakfast, tax and cleaning.
All other guests get their own doubles. There is free internet access via WiFi or Ethernet cable.
Tea and coffee can be specified in one of the four kitchens / cooking sites themselves.
You can also cook as if you wish yourself. All supplies are provided for this. Furthermore, it is possible to order eg if you wish to eat or after you have already purchased something on the market itself. Eating certain dishes
Our neighbor loves to cook. The price controls on the spot.
Of course you can also eat outside the compound and try the numerous food stalls or restaurants.
For translations, please consult Leni. She speaks English and will welcome you and guide you during your stay at Holiday Cici. At our expense, you can use its services.
You can also hire her on trips as a guide (which is highly recommended). The costs are € 15, - per day.
The Wooden House consists of a wooden and brick area. The wooden part is not as divided with many traditional houses. This is your bedroom. It is equipped with a double bed and a single bed, a desk, chairs, table, wardrobe and coat hooks.
Through the first door you have access to the porch (which surrounds the whole house). Through the second door and a staircase gives access to the living / dining / kitchen area. This part of the house is brick and tiled. Here you will find a sofa, chairs, table, satellite-TV with local and international channels, wardrobes and a fully equipped kitchen.
The bathroom in the Wood House is equipped with a hot shower where you can shower. Warm without time limit Next to the bathroom is the toilet, with a sitting toilet, sink and mirror.
From the Wooden House you will see a short indoor corridor on Grand Terrace which serves as a central meeting place.
The spacious 60 m2 terrace is covered on three sides, open space and access to four buildings and the garden. From this terrace you can see both the sun and the moon rise and make you feel immersed in nature.
From the large terrace looking directly into the main pond (with the red and black Gouramis-fish) or visit the garden.
In season you can even pick fruit from the terrace. You are close to nature, to observe her, feel and smell, but at the same time you are well protected by the roof and a low wall, even in a tropical rainstorm.
You will find on the terrace sofas, chairs, tables, a hammock, a barbecue (fire), and a kitchen with two burners, washing equipment, plates, pans, fridge etc. The WIFI connection is to receive the Grand Terrace properly.
Grand Terrace is divided into two parts and consists of a smaller higher and larger lower part. The upper part has in the past often acted as a stage for various performances. Spectators sit in the lower portion or outside in the garden. If you wish, it is possible to invite to take place. A local performance artists (musicians, actors) from Leni will be helpful in this case.
From the large terrace you enter the Courtyard. Here is a staircase that gives you access to the room on the first floor, surrounding balcony and sun terrace on the roof.
On the ground floor there are various facilities. You will find a fully equipped kitchen (Capital Cooking), a washing machine, fridge-freezer combination, a large table and benches and bookcases. Also in the Binnenhof you close to nature. In the uncovered section of tropical plants and a pond with fish and local water shield paths that reproduce here. From the Binnenhof, two bathrooms accessible to everyone.
The Big Residence consists of a living room, a study room, a kitchen / dining room and two bedrooms.
The house you enter through the large terrace at the front, from the Binnenhof, or from the garden. The living room has sofas, chairs, table, books and other castes. There is also a flat screen TV, DVD player, a large stock of DVDs and CDs and a piano.
In the bedrooms you will find double beds, wardrobes and as in all other rooms desks. If you are wanted. there is also a fan.
In the bedroom on the west side is directly next to find the bathroom and the bedroom on the east side (our master bedroom) is equipped with an ensuite bathroom, furnished. Indonesian style
From the Great Residence is on all sides a nice view, but from the kitchen / dining area is extremely beautiful views. Due to the large sliding doors, you can observe the fish and possibly execute if you have fruit waste. Gourami fish like to eat different kinds of fruit peels when enough fruit to sit here. So no bananas or orange peel; these are not nutritious. But with apple, mango, sawo, avocado, etc. guaveschillen the fish will be very happy. From the dining room you have a nice view over a large part of the garden.

In this room you can enjoy a stunning view through the large windows and sliding doors which is fitted around the room.
You're in this room at the same height level as the treetops and offers good opportunities to observe. Lives of animals in the trees
You can, to name a few examples Indonesian squirrels (tupai), several species of birds (sunbirds, kingfishers, weaver birds, rice birds, with little luck owls and hawks and many other birds), bats and flying foxes (daily at dusk ). With a little patience, you can also nocturnal civets (moesang, who live in our garden) or even leopard cats perceive.
This room has two single beds, wardrobe, desk and chairs. We have done a small but complete small bathroom built in Indonesian style to the view as little as possible to interfere. On the ground floor you will find two large bathrooms which can be too. Use them From the balcony on the first floor, you can descend to a smaller sun terrace on the roof of the Binnenhof where you can enjoy the sun undisturbed. Using a ladder
Pressing the international airport Minangkabau, Padang arrive at the airport you can take a taxi to yourself:

Vacation House Cici, Patai, Padang Magek, Rambatan, Batusangkar.

With this information, the driver will be able to find the destination (the driver will always be able to ask further directions near the destination).
Want more comfort and less you hurry, we can arrange transport for you. The price for a car with seven seats and the associated drivers are now amounts to € 30, -.
In this case you will be the driver (and if you so wish by our guide Leni) met at the airport, then subsequently placed. Patai to
It is of course possible to make the move to check something or to eat a stop over.
If you want to back to the airport after your stay, you can travel back in the same way and costs.
The journey from the airport to our house is in itself an experience. You drive, first along the coast, through lush green culture areas, smaller towns and villages. Then drive through the jungle up until the culture natural landscape of the highlands with its paddy fields, coconut tree reaches forests, volcanoes and lakes. You will even see many long-house during your journey along the way.
Want to look comfortable destinations within the province of West Sumatra, then you need a rental car with driver and probably a guide that leads you around.
We can organize for you. The cost of an air-conditioned car with seven seats (eg, Toyota Avanza, Daihatsu Xenia or Suzuki APV), including petrol and the salary for the driver, € 50, - per day.
If your trip lasts until late at night (over 12 hours), you will pay extra cost to the driver. In this case, € 7, - or Rp. 100.000, - charged extra.
Would you like Leni guides as a guide, then the cost is € 15, - per day. It is important that you report it. Well in advance For a longer day also they are entitled to the same amount as the additional driver.
The water in the compound is provided by means of their own ground. The water is pumped from two sources to the water towers and go there in the pipe. Both sources can be used separately.
The water from the first source may, after a strong rain are slightly cloudy, but can be used without problems, as water-bath or wash water. The water from the second source provides excellent drinking water; Namely, it is filtered by a ceramic filter and is boiled off.
We also offer drinking water from a dispenser.

The wastewater goes through our own sewer system to a septic tank. It is then biologically purified and filtered before it is discharged into a public channel.
The pipe system is sensitive and therefore we request to throw. Absolutely no waste in the toilets Even no toilet paper, they can be deposited into the waiting bins.
The house is partly covered with traditional Indonesian bathrooms. In Indonesia, bathed by water from a large tank through pouring. a ladle over themselves This is a pretty practical way to bathe. In this Indonesian bathrooms is no hot water installed. Indonesia is a warm country and baths with hot water is not common in principle.

Would you prefer to use warm water, then you can switch on a large kettle simple water heating (anywhere in the home is to find a gas burner) and mix this with the bathwater. So you can with a kettle of hot water about 20 liters of hot bathwater get.

The wooden house is a modern shower placed where you can shower without time limit. With hot and cold water


Living room 1
Ground floor

45 m2



Living room 2
Ground floor

25 m2



Bedroom 1
Ground floor

30 m2


Bed: Double bed 200 x 160 cm

Bedroom 2
Ground floor

23 m2


Bed: Double bed 200 x 200 cm

Bedroom 3
Ground floor

23 m2


Duvets (2)

Bedroom 4
1st floor

21 m2


Bed: Single bed 200 x 90 cm

Bedroom 5
Ground floor

16 m2


Bed: Single bed 200 x 90 cm

Bathroom 1
Ground floor

6 m2


Shower (1)

Bathroom 2
Ground floor

5 m2


Bathroom 3
Ground floor

4 m2


Shower (1)

Bathroom 4
1st floor


Shower (1)

Bathroom 5
Ground floor

2 m2


Shower (1)

Bathroom 6
Ground floor

4 m2


Shower (1)


Type: Open

Stove: Gas (8 Cooking zones/burners)

Cutlery & Tableware


Accommodation type

  • Holiday house

Total floor space

  • 400 m2

Sports & Recreation

  • Climbing
  • Cycling
  • Walking

Travel Ideas

  • Culture & History
  • Maximum privacy
  • Winter sun
  • Group accommodation

Internet, Wifi, Audio

  • Satellite receiver
  • CD player
  • Dvd player
  • Wifi
  • Measurements of TV in cm: (90)
  • Internet connection

Outdoor Facilities

  • Balcony
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Private driveway
  • Table Tennis
  • Terrace (3)
  • Garden
  • Garden chair(s) (10)
  • Garden table(s0) (2)
  • Porch
  • Roof terrace
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Garden fully fenced


  • Manager on site
  • Complete privacy
  • Detached house


  • Washing machine
  • Scullery / laundry room
  • Seperate toilet (5)
  • Pets on request


  • Bed linen available
  • Towels present (30)
  • Kitchen linen available


  • Child's chair (1)
  • Stair gates

Games & entertainment

  • DVDs / Blu-rays

per night from (b.o. 1 week)
per night from (b.o. 1 week)
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