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Our cozy Tanya stands at the foot of the Mecsekgeberte in a village on the edge of a large nature reserve.
Your dog is also welcome. The house is equipped for 2-6 persons. The house has 2 bedrooms, living room, bathroom and hallway / entrance / kitchen. The spacious garden is completely fenced, with grass and fruit trees. There is enough space in the garden for several cars to park.
In the village are a few small convenience stores for everyday groceries, a few nice pubs (here you can buy a 1/2 liter of beer for about € 1.00 and a glass of wine for about € 0.50). Post office, hairdresser and museums are also there.
Several srv-cars come through the village with such frozen products. And when the weather are several ice cream drive through the village farmers.

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Early booking discount: book now for the high season (July and August 2015) and pay only the rent (no additional charges such as taxes, booking fees and cleaning) Nice discount right? (Use water to bring your own pool is not included in the price)

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The host, Arno en Ilse

Micazu member since March 2010

Since 2005 we are owners of this property. We went looking for a nice place to ourselves. A number of countries we have visited but when we arrived in Hungary we fell in love. Not only this house but also the land and people.
Our dear manager couple (Ákos and Anikó) ensures that the house looks tiptop there and you will receive cozy. They and we look forward to welcome you in our house!
Arno, Ilse & Marit
(More about us background info)

Additional information

We wish you a warm welcome in our house Kakas-ház Váralja in Hungary!

Since 2005 we have been owners of this property. Our family name is Rooster so we have the home-ház Kakas, which means Haan-house, called.

We wanted to own place abroad, some countries we visited, but when we arrived we fell in Hungary. Not only this house but also the country and its people. We felt right at home.
It is a lovely spot, because the garden is in a bowl is quickly pleasant and often we have not bothered by the wind. The house is simple but well equipped. Of cheese, cork to attract, electric kettle, microwave, washing machine and a kit, it's all there.
The garden is spacious and uncluttered, with lots of grass and fruit trees in the season to make delicious fresh fruit. In 2009 we planted a walnut so we hope within a few years to pick our own walnuts. The BBQ has many working overtime as we were present!
One of our guests wrote in the guestbook "I enjoyed the concert of nature as I Sat in the garden." We are definitely agree. Already a few years houses a woodpecker in the willow, the crickets and many other birds but also the local farmers with their mowing machines provide a great concert.
When we bought the house we got a cat. The previous owner had brought her to her sister elsewhere in the village. But the lady came back happily walk. After all these years she is still there. The house is not in, but she is very glad of a bowl of kibble and canned food, she is happy!

Because we have called home Kakas-ház we are engaged in all kinds of fun, bad, beautiful, ugly chickens and roosters to gather. It starts to be a nice collection.

We love to spend hours walking in the forest and because "our village" on the edge of a large nature area is that we can indulge. We have spent many hours spent in the countryside. Just a walk around the village, walk to Óbánya Máza or direction. We enjoyed the walk among the deer, the shepherd and tranquility of the forest provides. Pécs also very happy to visit the Sunday market, the city center with shops, cafes and restaurants, yet we can spend hours walking around.

Because we not only want to enjoy the house we decided to rent the house. That was the first year was very exciting, how people will interact with our house, what will they think of the home, the village, the people and the land available. Fortunately we had after the 1st year only positive reactions. Both the house, as the village and surrounding area. Guests are always very positive about our dear administrators couple Ákos and Anikó. They manage the house since the 1st day that we are letting go, they're real friends! They received our guests and assist them to answer when questions and / or problems. Anikó makes the house look tip top there when you arrive, as the season permits, it provides that a platter of fresh vegetables from the garden waiting for you upon arrival.

At the end of 2007, we, of course in "our village", a wine house purchased. A sweet little house with a nice vineyard there. Since 2008, we make our own wine so. We rose, white and red wine. The wines are dry and we find them, of course, delicious. A gardener takes care of the vines throughout the year. And in September we pluck and winemaking. With some friends, colleagues and neighbors, we cozy picking, grape crushing and pressing. Of course, in between a delicious Goulas leves (Goulas soup) provided.
We are still working to restore this house but it is intended that this house from the summer of 2011 also can be rented (2-4 persons). This house we have, very appropriately, Bor-ház (winery) called and you understand, we are now busy with all kinds of fun, bad, beautiful wine collecting stuff (such as glasses, bottles beautiful, nice paintings / posters etc.)

In August 2009, Arno got the chance to his employer for several years in Hungary to work. This we have with both hands. We now live with our daughter in northern Hungary. This allows us year-round use of our home. We enjoy being around the house in all seasons with it.

If after reading our presentation further questions, please contact us. We would be happy to answer your questions!

Arno, Ilse and Marit
In July we were nominated for the holiday of August 2007. When the mail came in late July that we had become, we were very surprised and happy. Surprised because the other nominated properties also saw so beautiful. Vakaniewoning of August 2007, an indication of where we are super proud! Hopefully do you do too!
At the foot of the Mecsek in the south of Hungary between Lake Balaton and the Croatian border, our beautifully situated, spacious, detached Tanya (Hungarian farm). It is equipped for up to 6 persons with living room, kitchen, two bedrooms and bathroom with shower and wc.Er is a large garden fully equipped with grass and fruit trees which you summer can pick the delicious fresh fruit including cherries, apples and peaches. Because the garden is fully fenced child vriendelijk.De this house is in a small cozy village with about 1,200 inhabitants. Sometimes they still use horse and cart through the village, something really fun. At the end of the street begins about 9,000 ha of which about 1,100 ha of forest protected area. Here you can encounter deer and wild boar. A small selection of things to do in the vicinity of our village just 7 km Bonyhád is the town where all amenities are at hand. You find here larger supermarkets (Spar and Lidl), ATMs, restaurants and pubs. On Tuesday and Friday there is a lively market worth visiting is.Op about 40 km away Pecs. This is the 4th city in the country and a real student city, here is the first university in Hungary. Pécs was also a political and cultural center under the Turkish regime. The city wants the cultural capital of Europe in 2010.In the center you can go shopping, enjoy one of the cozy pubs or a nice meal in one of the many restaurants. Furthermore, one finds here the hypermarkets that as many as 24 hours a day open. The flea market on Sunday to the Vasar order must not be missed. You can also visit the TV tower and look out over the whole region. A visit to the zoo is also very leuk.Szekszárd is the capital of the region and worth a visit. Northeast of the town are the vineyards. East of the city meanders the Danube. In the town are several museums. The Gemenc, an 18,000 ha of forest of poplars, willows, streams and dikes located approximately 12 miles east of Szekszard. A trip on the tourist train through the forest is a real aanrader.En do not forget the mountain lakes may be, horse riding, cycling and walking tours, wine trails, and of course the delicious hot thermal baths.
Hungary lies in Central Europe bordering 7 countries: Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia. The capital is Budapest. Hungary has about 10 million inhabitants of whom about 1.8 million live in Budapest. The country is about 2.5 times as large as the Netherlands. The language is very difficult for us and nothing like most languages ??of Europe. Finnish is a related language. The country is divided in two by the Danube. In the east is the Puszta programs in the northeast are the Carpathians in the west are the Alps. There are over 1,000 lakes, the largest and most famous Lake Balaton is about 596 km2. There are 10 national parks in the country. And the country is famous for its spas and hot springs in Budapest alone there are more than 100 sources. Since May 2004, Hungary is a member of the EEC type the euro has not yet been introduced, it is hoped that this will happen in 2011. There is now paid to the Forint. Hungary has 3 zones in terms of climate, Mediterranean in the south, Continental in the east and Atlantic in the west. The winters are mild and sometimes wet, but often begin until mid-December. The summers are hot and sometimes very hot. March, April and November are the wettest months, September is the driest. January is the coldest month and August the warmest. From late April to late September, you may assume that the sun shines 10 hours a day. OFFICIAL HOLIDAYS: January 1 (New Year) March 15 (Memorial revolution 1848-1849) Easter Monday 1 May (Labour Day), Whit Monday 20 August (day of the Constitution) 23 October (Republic Day) November 1 (All Saints) 25 and 26 December (Christmas) AC, 220 volt.Er is no time difference with the Netherlands.
In our region in ancient times lived in the mining, so in our village. at the end of the village is a small mining museum (Bányamúzeum). This has been museum old at the beginning of a mine shaft. If you want to visit this museum you can give to the administrator Ákos or the neighbor across the street (Ilonka) They will then make an appointment with the manager of the museum. Startle not like this one appointment in the morning (one hour or 8) wants to make. Is quite normal for these people. If this is too early (for us it!) And then just say that this appointment is made later in the day.
In our village a museum of folk arts is made by people from our village (Nepmüveszeti Ház) Here you can view the history of our village, costumes and folk art than in our village is made. Museum Hours: Wednesdays and Sundays from 16.00-17.00 hours.
East of the city lies the Szekszárd 18,000 acre wildlife sanctuary, this is the largest reserve of Hungary. Nature lovers can indulge themselves here. There are many backwaters creeks and islands. These islands are inhabited by many rare birds such as eagles, black storks, herons, egrets, and waterfowl. Even if you get lucky with the finest deer antlers against the country. This reserve provides a good picture of how the Danube has seen out there earlier. You can use this protected area accessible only by boat or a train visits. Several guests of our house have indicated that the inclusion of mosquito repellent is not a luxury. Do not be put off a visit to this reserve is an oasis, nature in the Netherlands as we know no more!
On the road Óbánya about 25 km from our house. But keep walking, it is also very nice to this village by visiting the nature reserve. If you have a navigation system take it with you can very easily get lost in the woods. The house is a map of the nature reserve and a compass must also succeed in this village to find. It is a walk of about 6 km. In this village live about 170 people and the village in the valley that runs from Mecseknádasd to Kisújbánya. Nature is still untouched and remains so because "the Mecsek 'for many years has been declared a protected nature reserve. Óbánya has a very special atmosphere, past the village flows a clear stream, called the "old river". This village has only one state and therefore all houses along this street. What we noticed was that almost all houses are white. Looking for a nice gift please have a look at the potter. In this village is still manufactured using traditional methods ceramics. The souvenirshopje in the village is worth a visit. If you drive to the village, you will almost be the first against a cozy restaurant. At about this restaurant is a mini golf course. To hear you say it belongs to the Dutch.
About 30 km from our village, the village Dombovar with 23,000 inhabitants, a kilometer or 3 of the village is the thermal Gunuras on a 7 ha park. In the thermal baths, several with hot water. 2 Hot water baths 34 to 36 ° C, 36-38 ° C, a swimming warm water bath, 30-32 ° C, a swimming sauna 28-30 ° C bath and a deep 18-20 ° C. There are also (infra) sauna, jacuzzi and massage facilities. In the park there are several pools / lakes and beaches, volleyball courts, soccer fields. And you can play chess with a life-size chess. In many restaurants you can eat. If you only want half a day then go to the spa after 14.00, you get paid less than entry fee. For a whole day you will pay about € 7.50, for an afternoon you will pay about € 5.00. The thermal water is also good for various diseases eg rheumatoid arthritis.
About 70 miles south of our village is the spa Harkány. It is a short drive away but really worth it. This is one of the largest spas in Hungary. This spa is about 180 years ago and it is also called Mecca for rheumatism sufferers. The whole area is about 1.3 km2 with several swimming pools and spas, lawns and play areas for young and oud.Dit spa is divided into 2 parts: the stand area and the spa section. In the summer period, both portions open. Outside the summer season is the only spa opened. Unfortunately we are only in the low season and have only been enjoyed the spa. And that was delicious! In this section are several pools with temperatures ranging from 34-38 ° C. There is also a larger pool where you can zwemmen.Tevens there is the possibility to set you get a massage, enjoy Jacuzzi baths, saunas or eat in one of the many food stalls. There is an afternoon from 14.00 rate.
Near the village Szálka are a great swimming and fishing lake. Also here you can rent canoes and pedal boats and volleyball on the beach volleyball. Of course you can also buy some snacks for the inner man. It is very common in Hungary to pay for the beaches, here you must also pay. Generally this is not expensive, we unfortunately do not know what a day to spend this fun cost more but we think around 200 to 300 Ft. If you drive past the lakes to get to the village itself, a small village hunter. Very nice to just drive around or walk. In the village are several restaurants. (Distance from home to - Szálka approximately 25 km)
In the village Szászvár is a public swimming pool where you can swim. The pool is located off the main road on the left side in the village. Baby bath is present as a life-size schaakspel.Helaas is not known to us what the admission price for one day stay at this lovely pool. But like many in Hungary will not be much good. Distance from home to the pool about 6.5 km. (Source: weblog Arnold de Keijzer).
Budapest is located about 160 km from our village and is good to drive by car. However, it is recommended to make this journey by train. You can take a train from Szekszárd off you are than about 2.5 - 3 hours in Budapest. In Budapest you can find many museums, beautiful buildings, many cafes and restaurants where you can eat. Extensive shopping is, of course, also possible. There are several tourist agencies that offer a tour of Budapest and visit the main sites of the city driving. The opera is also very nice and advance booking is recommended because it is always very busy. If you like Gellért Thermal Spa is a must, enjoy the delicious hot baths, saunas and a massage. The parliament building not to be missed! Admission is free for EU citizens. The entrance is at the back, walk along the waiting line it will only get your free ticket. From Royal Palade, fishermens bation and the Matthias Church (the church where the Empress Elizabeth (Sissi) is crowned) has a magnificent view over the city. It is a must for the "Budapest Card" to buy this you get discounts on such bus tours, restaurants, museums entrance (the entrance is sometimes even free) and overnachtingen.Tevens hotel offers free use of public transport.
At about 40 km away Pecs. A city on the other side of the Mecsek Mountains. She is about two thousand years old and by the Mediterranean climate of a southern ambiance. Pécs was also a political and cultural center under the Roman and Turkish regime, which is reflected on the historic building recognition in the city. Since 1009 the city has a bishop. In Roman times the town was called Sopianiae and was a major traffic junction. Until the late Middle Ages the town was the largest in Hungary. The city has also been known as Quinque Ecclesiae, to the five large churches. These churches gave the town prestige, the German name was Fünfkirchen. Pécs is the capital of Baranya County and is approximately 180,000 inwonders the 4th city in the country. In Pecs, the first university in Hungary (originally founded in 1367), it is a real student city. The university dates from 1774. Dutch want Pecs sometimes compare Nijmegen.In the center you can go shopping, enjoy one of the cozy pubs or a nice meal in one of the many restaurants. Furthermore, one finds here the hypermarkets that as many as 24 hours a day open. The flea market on Sunday to the Vasar order must not be missed. Detailed text and photos can be found elsewhere on this pagina.In 2010, the city declared to be the cultural capital of Europe!
Every Sunday morning there is a size flea market in Pecs (Vasar db). This market is part of the used stuff, some new stuff including clothing, furniture, fruit / vegetables, plants etc. and some birds like the market in Antwerp, sale of animals dus.De market is pretty big so put on your walking shoes but to! The 1st Sunday of the month, many people from the countryside and so it's extra pressure. The market lasts until about 13.00 uurU find this market to the Megyeri utca about 3 miles southwest of downtown.
On the Misina mountain in the north of Pecs is a large tower This tower is 172 meters high. You can use the tower and enjoy the great views over the city of Pecs and the whole Mecsek Mountains. If it's a clear day you can really look very far! You buy at the bottom of the tower a ticket, 600 Ft per person will then be brought up with a lift. The last piece you need to take the stairs. At the top is a restaurant where you can eat or just sip a drink. The above can be quite chilly so bring a cardigan is a aanrader.De mast is open daily from 09.00 - 21.00.
Pecs is a small zoo (Állatkert), this can also be found on the Misina mountain in the north of Pecs. The entrance fee is 700 HUF per person. It is a simple and certainly not a large zoo but fun. It is beautiful on a hill with many trees. It is certainly not as we are accustomed in the Netherlands with a large restaurant and a large playground but certainly worth a visit! Open daily from 10.00 - 16.00.
Just outside Kárász is a potter who is also a small museum to house. Here you can for a small amount of very fine Hungarian buy ceramic pots or bowls. It also allows the potter Ottó you like his collection of old pots and bowls show. He has over the years verzameld.Ook he has a nice collection of old clothes. The man speaks very good German and can tell you very well and excited about the history of Hungary, pottery and much more. It's a real nice guy recommend these to go along! When we were here was the oven just finished baking and we could still hot stuff with you.
In the vicinity of Abaliget are several lakes for fishing or boating. But the town is certainly famous for its cave. This cave was discovered in 1768, lies about 220 meters above sea level and has a length of less than 500 meters. A trail in the cave along a subterranean river. By dripping water down there are whimsical figures in the cave emerged. It seems that a visit to these caves have a therapeutic value for people with bronchitis like visiting an illuminating effect. The caves are among the finest in Europe.
The lakes of Orfü are a real sports field, you love boating, fishing, sailing, pedal boating, canoeing, windsurfing or a visit to these lakes is a must. The area has four lakes that together 113 ha. To all the lakes you can fish, the fishing license you can get in the village. At the lake you will find many restaurants and beaches where you can enjoy all watersporters.Voor mini golf, table tennis and tennis court can also visit this area. Besides the Great Lakes is also the largest beach of Hungary, a water slide inflatables and of course great for the kids. The bath is near the lakes. Orfü The village has about 600 inhabitants, this number may be in the summer months up to about 10,000. You can enjoy hiking, biking or horseback riding in the surrounding forests. A mill museum found in the mill. Outside the high season are the opening hours of the activities accordingly.
On the outskirts of this village is a camp site (Mare VARA) in Dutch hands. If you are driving or walking along this camp is the beautiful deciduous forests. At about 1 km from the camping ground a fortress Mare, the site takes its name from the fortress. Originally a 13th century castle built in Gothic style but in the 16th century, this renovated in Renaissance style. In the former feudal castle were at times of the Ottoman Turkish occupation troops and sentries stationed. Until 1960 the castle has been left unattended and is then restored. The castle can be visited for a small fee. (Source: weblog Arnold de Keijzer). In Bufe of the camp, enjoy a drink / ice cream.
Do you want the Mecsek area from the air? This is possible by means a glider, parachute or flight. Near the town Öcseny (near Szekszárd) is a small airport where you can make a sport airplane sightseeing flights. You can enjoy the vineyards, the Mecsek or Gemenc area. The flights take about 12 minutes. These flights in the morning or afternoon can be made in the period between 1 April and 15 October. It costs about 36,000 huf and there may be more than up to 12 people (more people fly it, the lower the cost per person) If you want to make a flight, please contact with Kalman Berenyi, this man speaks English and German telephone 0036 -74 to 496 265. Like 24 hours in advance. Do not forget your camera for photos of this memorable experience! Do not want to fly planes but the sport can see that too.
In our region many stables below, we have a number of addresses listed where you can go. It is possible to enter the tank to drive or take a scenic drive in the Mecsek zone. Riding in Lovaspanzio Mecsecnadasd. In this arena you can also eat the restaurant is open from 10-22 hours. The village lies along the 6 direction Mecsecnadasd Pecs. Riding in Endrõdi Lovastany Vekeny. Tibor Endròdi is not all the owner of this management but is also the mayor of the village. 1 Hour horse costs about 1,800 huf. Want a ride by horse and cart you must make an appointment in advance. Address Kültelek Vekeny utca 1, phone 0036-72-420 930 (mobile 0036-30-315 9125) If you drive around in the environment that you have many other riding against. You can always pop over to ask if you can drive directly or you need to make an appointment. Whether they teach, or only rides etc etc.
The village Püspökszentlászló can be reached via the village Hosszúheteny. The village lies in the mountains of the Mecsek. It is a lovely town surrounded by nature, you can visit a castle and a botanical garden. If you enjoy walking, the inclusion of walking shoes a must! After you have parked the car at the beginning of the village, walk to the other side of the village. From here you can create a beautiful walk through the Mecsek Mountains. A walk to the highest point, Mount "Zengo" should not be missed. It's a long walk but worth the effort. On top of the mountain you will find a sort of lighthouse and views over the whole area! We recommend a good hiking to take to avoid getting lost.
Conditions of Article 1. General and definitions. 1. The following general conditions apply to the creation of a temporary lease between owner and tenant of the property, the temporary lease further also called lease. 2. The owner of the rental apartment is termed verhuurder.3. Under tenant means the person who by the owner for rent tenant. 4. Under Administrator means the designated contact by the owner and / or key-holder in Hungary. 5. Under rent means the rent of the house. 6. Under rent means the rent plus additional costs, such costs include final cleaning + tax. 7. Under the bill amount is defined as the rental amount plus booking fee and deposit. Article 2. Formation lease. 1. Reserving the property can be made by telephone, in writing or via e-mail. 2. When booking by Internet is the lease created under the condition of receipt by mail of confirmation from the landlord. 3. When booking by phone, the lease created under the condition that the landlord by the tenant agreement signed and dated booking form is received. 4. The above reservations are final and binding, ie to cancellation due to cancellation. Article 3. Payment Terms. 1. Within 14 days after the reservation date is 50% of the total rental amount and the reservation fee to be paid by crediting the landlord to give account. 2. The balance and the deposit must at least 6 weeks before departure to the specified bank account of the landlord to be completely satisfied. 3. When booking less than 6 weeks before departure, the entire invoice amount within 4 working days after confirmation of the landlord, to be met. When booking less than 3 weeks before departure, the entire invoice amount within 2 working days to be transferred. In any telephone transfer are the additional costs borne by the tenant. 4. Failure to timely payment of amounts due sends the landlord a written notice. If the amount due within 5 days after date of letter is not yet in possession of the landlord, the agreement shall be deemed canceled and the agreement is terminated. The lessor shall in that case, cancellation charges, as defined in Article 10 of these conditions into account. Article 4. Reserveringskosten.1. Per booking to the tenant € 15.00 reservation fee. This reservation fee is not refundable for any cancellation. Article 5. Additional costs. 1. Any additional costs should be checked before departure to the landlord to be paid. Article 6. Eindschoonmaak.1. The rented property is the end of the stay by the tenant neat and "broom clean" to be delivered. 2. Tableware and accessories must be clean to be back in the cupboards. 3. Moved back to the original furniture should instead be put back. 4. Upon arrival, you walk the administrator through the house to see if something is broken. If something is damaged or missing, the tenant within 24 hours of arrival to report to the administrator. This will do his utmost to repair the item or replace it. On departure, the tenant any damage reported to the administrator. The damage will cost to be deducted from the deposit. If the damage exceeds the deposit, there will be an appeal to the civil liability insurance of the tenants or the tenants will be charged. Article 7. Borgsom.1. The deposit is 30 days after expiration of the stay will be refunded to the tenant, less any costs for repair or replacement of, the tenant made or timely reported to the administrator under Article 6, paragraph 4, damage or loss of inventory . Article 8.Verplichtingen verhuurder.1. Lessor shall, subject to the conditions contained in the lease, the rental property available to the tenant. 2. Lessor shall ensure that the rental property in suitable condition to the tenant is made available. 3. Lessor is further in the usual spot or contracted utilities are connected and that the lessee can use them. Article 9. Obligations huurder.1. Tenant shall ensure that it departure from the Netherlands in possession of the necessary travel documents, such as a valid passport or European identity and any required visas. 2. Tenant must take care for a travel and cancellation insurance. 3. The house is rented for up to 6 people. This number may in no case be overwritten. By exceeding the rental agreement is legally considered dissolved and denied access to the house. Tenant remains in the common case, the full rent due, by virtue of damages or compensation (rent) for the received rental accommodation. Tenant has no claim to a refund of amounts already paid. Article 10. Changes and cancellations by the huurder.1. For each change, up to 6 weeks before arrival, in a confirmed booking, the landlord an amount of € 7.50 charge. These costs are not calculated if the tenant bijboekt or oversold for a expensive period. In this case, of course, the additional costs will be charged. 2. Any cancellation must be in writing to the landlord to be expressed. 3. On cancellation of the lease by the tenant, the following cancellation gebracht.a. Cancellation more than 6 weeks before the booked accommodation is an amount of 50% of the total rent verschuldigd.b. if canceled within 6 weeks before the booked accommodation is the total rent due. 4. In case of premature termination of the stay, the full rental amount. 5. Booking fees are not refundable upon cancellation. Article 11. Termination or modification by the verhuurder.1. The landlord, the lease may only terminate or amend in the following cases: in case of force majeure, which include war, strike, natural disaster, extreme weather conditions, fire, death of the owner, unannounced sale and / or occupation of the house by the owner ed.Terugstorting of the full invoice amount will be. Any other damages or consequences of termination or modification will not be reimbursed by the landlord. Article 12. Aansprakelijkheid.1. The landlord does not accept liability for: a theft, loss or damage of any kind during or following a stay in the rented accommodation, b. temporary outages or disruptions in and around the holiday of water and / or energy, not previously announced road work and / or construction work around the house; for accidents in or around the house, the landlord and the administrator can not be held liable. 2. The tenant is liable for all loss and / or damage to the leased property and the inventory thereof, whether as a result of acts or omissions of the tenant or third parties with the consent of the tenant in the rented property. 3. If used improperly or incorrectly leave the rented property to the tenant additional costs will be passed. Article 13.Klachten.1. Despite the efforts of the landlord, you may feel that you have a justified complaint relating to temporary rented holiday. To your possible claims for compensation or refund, you must keep the landlord at any time the opportunity to propose a suitable solution for the complaint. An early departure or the independent involvement of another house, frees the landlord from any obligation for compensation. 2. If defects or complaint on the spot with the administrator can be resolved, as soon as possible contact with the landlord. This will endeavor to the extent within its abilities, the complaint as soon as possible and to the satisfaction of the tenant to resolve. 3. Should the complaint not be satisfactorily resolved on the spot, then within 4 weeks after returning to the Netherlands again writing with reasons to be filed with the landlord. 4. All disputes between landlord and tenant is governed by Dutch law.


Living room
Ground floor

36 m2



Bedroom 1
Ground floor

36 m2


Bed: Double bed 200 x 160 cm

Bedroom 2
Ground floor

36 m2


Bed: Single bed 200 x 90 cm

Ground floor

8 m2




Type: Open

Stove: Gas (3 Cooking zones/burners)

Cutlery & Tableware

Swimming pool

Type: Open air swimming pool / Inground pool

Heated swimming pool: Heated swimming pool

Privacy: Public swimming pool (5 away)


Accommodation type

  • Holiday house

Total floor space

  • 135 m2


  • Child's bed (1)
  • Playpen
  • Child's toys
  • Child's chair (1)
  • Child's bath

Sports & Recreation

  • Cycling
  • Golf
  • Horse-riding
  • Sport Fishing
  • Walking

Travel Ideas

  • Budget
  • Child friendly
  • Winter sun
  • Rest & space


  • Central heating
  • Boiler

Internet, Wifi, Audio

  • Satellite receiver
  • Flatscreen TV
  • Radio
  • Wifi
  • Measurements of TV in cm: (1)
  • Dutch TV channels (15)
  • Internet connection

Outdoor Facilities

  • Barbecue
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Parking place (2)
  • Private driveway
  • Terrace
  • Garden
  • Garden chair(s) (9)
  • Garden table(s0) (2)
  • Shed
  • Garden fully fenced


  • Washing machine
  • Pets allowed
  • Smoking not allowed


  • Towels present (3)
  • Kitchen linen available


  • Evenfloor

Games & entertainment

  • (Board) games
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