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Vacation Rentals in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is part of the Caribbean and borders Haiti. The most ancient city is also the capital city of the country; Santo Domingo. One of the most important tourist attraction; is the university which is the oldest university in the western hemisphere. The east side of Santo Domingo is the seaside, which is very popular for tourists as well as locals. The most well known sides are Boca Chica and Juan Dolio. The water in Boca Chica is very shallow as the reef breaks the waves a few hundred meters off shore. If you book at Micazu, you book directly at the owner, which makes your vacation even more beneficial.

Discover the Dominican Republic!

Whether you like nature, the beach and a tropical temperature, the Dominican Republic is a vacation destination that will fit your needs. Enjoy the beautiful white sand beaches from your holiday home or visit the many lakes and national parks the country has to offer. Beaches and golf courses are never far away which makes the Dominican Republic a perfect place for both relaxation as well as sports. Moreover, evenings are never boring as it has a great nightlife to offer. Dance the night away with a good dose of merengue!

Adventure and Party in the Dominican Republic

If you like adventure, a vacation rental at the north coast, Cabarete is a perfect destination. There are many possibilities to enjoy your self like windsurfing and diving. When you go further to into the midland, adventurers can choose to go horse riding or mountainbiking and discover the beautiful nature of the country. Furthermore, residents of the Dominican Republic like to party and there are different important parties. There are many ‘Holy Days’ which are usually celebrated with a lot of rum, music and painted cars. People are dancing on traditional music and there are many barbeques on the streets and beaches.

Enjoy the typical culture of this Caribbean country and check out what Micazu has to offer!

Fun Facts!

  • There is always a reason to party on the Dominican Republic, whether it is a beach party, music in the park or the city nightlife!
  • Around 7pm it starts to get dark
  • There is always a reason to party on the Dominican Republic, whether it is a beach party, music in the park or the city nightlife!
  • In the Dominican Republic it is 5 hours earlier than in The Netherlands
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