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Authentic farm in the village Sviny offers an abundance of space and privacy. Here you will enjoy the charming and beautiful nature of South Bohemia and its proximity to historic towns and castles.
Discount when booking for two (€ 860, -) and three weeks (€ 1,200) in July and August 2017.

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My name is Vaclav and I was born in the Czech Republic. I live in the Netherlands since 1969. My grandparents lived in a village close to Veseli nad Luznici and it is for this reason that we wanted a house near this small town. We have spent many holidays in our beautiful farm. In and around the house is much geklust. The house is thus constantly being improved and that s fun for us but also for our guests. The house offers plenty of privacy and space.

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Extra price information

Discount when booking two (€ 790, -) and three weeks (€ 1100, -) in July and August. Last minute discount negotiable. Cleaning costs are € 18, - (or 500, - crowns). In the cold months (from September to May) a contribution to energy cost requested from € 50, -. Wifi is free.

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korting bij twee en drie weken 29-07-2017 12-08-2017 € 860.00

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01-01-2017 - 27-05-2017 € 285.00 - - € 41.00 - 7 nights
27-05-2017 - 24-06-2017 € 345.00 - - € 49.00 - 7 nights
24-06-2017 - 26-08-2017 € 465.00 - - € 66.00 - 7 nights
26-08-2017 - 23-09-2017 € 345.00 - - € 49.00 - 7 nights
23-09-2017 - 30-12-2017 € 285.00 - - € 41.00 - 7 nights

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Energy cost € 50.00 Per stay Pay at booking | optional
Final cleaning € 18.00 Per stay Pay at location | required

Additional information

The farmhouse was built in 1926 in the traditional South Bohemian peasant style (around 1850). The house is on the edge of a village Sviny (4 km from the town of Veseli nad Luznici) with about 300 inhabitants and many authentic South Bohemian farms. Along Veseli built a highway, which only exists in the village since October 2015 on local traffic. The fenced yard is approx 300m2, total area of ??the farm is approximately 650 m2. Behind the barn and a meadow of approximately 4500 m2 along the way. classification; living room, two bedrooms (one bedroom with two single beds and the other a double), bathroom with shower and toilet. Separate kitchen with dining area, induction cooker, refrigerator, microwave, Senseo coffee machine, washing machine, TV (dig. Satellite), gas central heating. Sundeck, garden furniture and bikes. The apartment is fully furnished by Dutch standards and is suitable for four people. The house is maintained in original condition and offers privacy through its convenient location. The rooms offer lots of fun for children. Well behaved dogs are welcome. Additional costs: Gas, electricity and water are included in the summer period, final cleaning costs 450 kronor (about 16 euros), bring linens. In the "cold months" - from September to May, a contribution is requested from the heating costs. WIFI available, weekly 500MB GB free. In almost all restaurants you can use WIFI. The local pub has an excellent open WiFi.

The area is rich in forests and lakes and is ideal for biking, water sports, hiking and swimming. Seeing deer and storks is no exception. Interesting are also the lake Lipno (70 km) and for hikers include the jungle Boubin (85 km). For information about the area etc .. may contact the information desk of the town Veseli (next to the bank Ceska Sporitelna).
In Veseli nad Luznici (4 km) you will find two beautiful lakes with sandy beaches and surrounded by bossen.Naast swim, please click here to rent canoes and pedalos.
Also liefhebers of culture and history in their element here. The central location of the house offers good possibilities for excursions. The beautiful South Bohemia: The area south of Prague is one of the most visited regions of the Czech Republic is a special area that is rich in historical monuments. You will find many ancient cities which, after the changes in 1990 beautifully refurbished and are lovely villages with the famous South Bohemian farmhouses built in the style of flat domestic Barok.Een paradise for water lovers: South Bohemia is a particular wetland. Especially around Trebon are often hundreds of lakes in the 16th century built for growing karpers.In South Bohemia are nearly 5000 lakes including Lipno (42 km long), Orlik and Slapy three known tourist reservoirs located on the Vltava. Furthermore you will find Cerne Jezero (Black Lake), the largest natural lake in the Sumava and Rozumberk 4.8 km long near Trebon, the largest breeding ground of the Czech Republic The Bohemian Forest: Because this nature behind the Iron Curtain and was therefore not accessible, could the unlimited nature take its course here, now is the area a National Park (flora and fauna is protected) and you can even plants and animals encounter in Western Europe extinct zijn.In the area, with moderate slopes (typically 800 to 1000 m high) you will find countless hiking trails, where you often have views of wild mountain streams and rock massifs, rocky slopes and dark mountain lakes and peat lands over which the mysterious mist linger. In addition to rare animal and plant species found often beautiful mountain stone. The Lipno Lake: This reservoir, 42 km long, located in the south of the Czech Republic with its rugged coastline and sandy beaches is the ideal place for swimming, surfing, sailing, pedal boats, water skiing or rowing. You can make a boat with a steamship and sail boats regularly between the famous resorts Frymburk, Horni Plana Lipno and Cerna. In the winter here even beautiful man skating. Also, the lake is an ideal spot for anglers. Ceske Budejovice: This is the largest city in South Bohemia. (90,000 inhabitants) on the banks of the Vltava. In the cityscape can be found that Ceske Budejovice an important industrial center. Founded in 1265 by the "iron and gold" King Premysl Otakar II. In the city there are many monuments and landmarks. One of the nicest parts is the market square, surrounded by arcades, which is the town hall, dating from the 16th century, and was built in Baroque style. On the facade you will find images in baroque style. The Samson Fountain on the market in this style vormgegeven.Twee forts are located on the banks of the river, of which two towers are still preserved, one of them called the tower of the Iron Lady. This name is derived from the function of the tower, as there used to be the instruments of torture were bewaard.Tussen 1825 - 1831 was the first horse railway line in continental Europe built from Ceske Budejovice to Linz. Only in 1871 the horses were replaced by steam locomotives. In the city are the South Bohemian University, the planetarium and observatory, museums with exhibitions of ethnology and the Hussite era (15th century) that the whole country beïnvloedde.Een tower of 72 meters, the Cerna Vez (Black Tower ) overlooks the entire area and in clear weather you can even Trebon, another historic city, see liggen.Trebon: This 5000 inhabitants town in the middle of hundreds of ponds and lake. You will find many carp breeding ponds but also recreational lakes (Svet, Spolsky). In the 15th century this area was still a poor swamp area. This changed when the Rosenberg family ponds is moored here and the fish started growing. The cultivation of fish is still very important here for the economy and for tourism. In the autumn the ponds with large nets emptied and here begins a culinary feast. Most carp are however december kept as carp belong to the festive Christmas menu of most Czechs. In the castle of Trebon will find an exhibition about the culture of carp and several restaurants, including Supinka in Trebon, you as a lover of fish terecht.Rozmberk nad Vltavou: This is the ancestral seat of the family said Rosenberg Rozmberk nad Vltavou. The castle is about 20 kilometers south of Cesky Krumlov. It was in the 13th century and was named 'Rozumberk. In the 14th century under the Upper Castle Under the castle built, which you can visit. The Upper Castle in the 16th century was destroyed by fire. In the castle you can include paintings and other weapons collection bezichtigen.Nergens find many buildings of architectural value as around the castle in Cesky Krumlov, where use is made of a rocky outcrop which is bathed by the river Moldau.Vanaf gallery the Renaissance castle tower has a fantastic view hierop.Ook this castle, with a fine Baroque interior, belonged to the Rosenbergs, the family that three centuries of South Bohemia ruled. In the dry moat around the castle scratching, as before, brown bears. The Masquerade hall with murals from the time of the Commedia dell'arte, the Castle Theatre with its original baroque decoration and the old school in the castle gardens are also worth a visit waard.In Latran the district at the foot of the castle , lies a convent. Through the narrow streets, past old houses from different eras, you arrive at the old market square and town hall. In the local museum you will find more information about the history of the city and the slot.Tábor: The Tabor City owes its origin to the followers of John Hus. It sits high on a hill and was built in 1420. The city is named by the Hussites to the biblical Mount Tabor Tábor.Het old, despite the fires that destroyed the medieval houses, the character of the Hussite fortress retained by the city walls and winding streets and is entirely covered monument .. The city now offers a more renaissance appearance but in its walls you will find the memory of one of the most dramatic episodes of Czech geschiedenis.Het castle Tabor is even older than the city itself and from the round tower, you have a fantastic view the Hussite landschap.Op the old Town Hall we find the former, now Hussietisch museum, and the huge church from the 15th and 16th eeuw.Een extensive network of tunnels and cellars with sometimes two or three floors in the medieval carved into the rocks and interconnected - an excellent defense - and flight system. Part of the course to the public toegankelijk.Iets north of Tabor (2 kilometers) is a small lake with a biblical name: the Jordán. The name of this lake also comes from the Hussite period. The Taborites left their children at the time dopen.Johannes Hus was born in Husinec, his birthplace is still there and you can visit. On the square stands a statue of Hus in 1958 was made by Charles Lidický.Vyssi Brod: Brod Vyssi located south of Tabor. This place is a Cistercian monastery, which the Rosenbergs gesticht.Deze order is obliterated by the reclamation of the surrounding fertile land to great wealth to come. With this great wealth has a special collection of this order may leggen.In Gothic painting at the monastery is the family tomb of the family and Rosenberg.Telc SlavoniceIn the town of Telc, in the extreme southeast of the province of South Bohemia, you will find interesting architecture. Especially from the market place you have great views of the arcades and homes in Renaissance and Baroque. In another town nearby, Slavonice, you will find beautiful frescoes and grafitto decorations on the facades and the so-called diamond facade at the entrances of the huizen.Jindrichuv Hradec: The family Witigon founded this beautiful city with 22,000 inhabitants around 1220 and had also the magnificent castle. In the city there are many remarkable historical buildings such as the gothic St. John muurschilderingen.Het with beautiful castle was rebuilt over the centuries and has often nowadays with 3 courtyards special Renaissance appearance. You can participate in three different tours, where you will see all the beauty that this castle has to offer heeft.Het castle Hluboka: This 19th century asteel Hluboka was built in the English style. It lies on a hill in a large romantic park. Hluboka is the most famous castle in this region and is very busy bezocht.Het castle Orlik: This 13th century castle is located on the famous Orlik reservoir. Ever stood on a high cliff, but now it lies almost in the water. You can participate in a ronleiding and then relax on the terrace in the castle kasteelparkDe Zvikov: This genuine medieval castle with fantastic views, is, as mentioned above castles, on the river Vltava (Moldau). In high season there is a shipping canal between between Orlik and Zvikov. Cervena Lhota Castle: This castle has a collection of oriental carpets and is quiet and beautiful gelegen.Cervena Lhota lies about 20 km northwest of Jindrichuv Hradec.Zelezná Ruda: In the middle of the Bohemian Forest, the city Zelezná Ruda. It is the most visited city in the Bohemian Forest. This was a mining town where iron ore was mined. Hence the name of the city, "Iron ore" means. After the fall of my work was the first glasmakerij opened in this city, in 1676. The most important monumental building in Zelezna Ruda is the church of Marie Pomocnice, built in baroque style, in the form of a hexagonal star. In the interior of this church contains tombstones of a large German family, who have set up the first glasmakerij. You can also visit a museum, which is most focused on glassware from the previous centuries. The surroundings of Zelezná Ruda is a beautiful nature reserve with pine trees, ravines, gullies, rivers and lakes. The glacial lakes and Certovo Cerne Jezero Jezero, which lie approximately 1000 meters are worth a stroll. The highest peak in the area is the Jezerni Hora (1343 m).
With an express train ride from Veseli nad Luznici (4 km) in seven minutes in the center of the beautiful city of Prague. The trip to Prague by car takes about 90 minutes. The distance is about 120 km and you mostly drive through a highway.
In Veseli nad Luznici (approx. 4 km) you'll find include a first aid station, supermarkets, restaurants, tennis courts, gas station, post office and ATMs. Restaurants: There is a restaurant on the corner of the square and past the square towards Tabor on the right side (Kulturni dum, a square building, between two rivers). The food is pretty good in both occasions. On the other / left side of the road to Tabor is a striking yellow building where Lucia guesthouse is housed a restaurant (pizzeria) and an ice bar. On the terrace is nice to have a drink. Right behind this building you will find the restaurant you Soutoku. Beyond the square stands a church Budejovice direction. If you drive down the road opposite, you left at the end against a new hotel: Hotel Trilobit. Here one can also go bowling and a terrace. This site is also a good map of the town to find (link - kde najdete nas). From Veseli direction Tabor follow. Beyond the junction (exit Jindrichuv Hradec) is a motel where you can also eat. Stores: Please note the opening hours of shops. In particular, small shops are often until 9.00 pm open. One can be found on the square next to the perfume shop. Bread and sandwiches we usually here. The square is also home baker, greengrocer, a Spar shop and you will find in the lower part of the square even cukrarna ("pastry"). On Saturdays, shops closed early. The butcher even at 10. The large supermarket is also open Sundays until about 12.00 hours. In major cities, the hypermarkets found. Beyond Tabor direction Budejovice eg Tesco, Lidl, Hypernova, Kaufland and. PTT: You are approaching the square from Ceske Budejovice, pass left the church, then turn right into the first aid post and the shoe store right down. ATM / Payphone: Two ATMs can be found on the main square (at the bank - Ceska Sporitelna and behind a telephone booth. Also on the small square, past the bridge toward Tabor to the left (opposite the petrol station) is an ATM.
In the house you will find include an information folder with tips from the guests and some hiking maps. Wifi, 1.5 GB free. Also in the local cafe you have a well-functioning open Wifi, as almost every eatery.
Through the links below you will find much more information and facts on trips in the area and over the Czech Republic in general: Direct environment:
About Veseli nad Luznici 4 km,
Within half an hour away - Ceske Budejovice 30 km;
Hluboka nad Vltavou 29 km;
About 33 km Tabor
Boubin, bit further drive 90 km, 1 hour and 3 minutes drive;
About Prague: about 120 km (half hour drive)
General information sites: Tsjechië.nl. Dutch site with lots of information about the Czech Republic, reports and pictures.

Surroundings & location

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Features & layout

  • 20 m2
  • Tiled
  • Couch 3 seats
  • Tabouret
  • 18 m2
  • Parquet
  • Bed: Single bed 200 x 90 cm
  • Bed: Single bed 200 x 90 cm
  • Bedspreads
  • Sheets
  • Wardrobe(s) (1)
  • Seat
  • 15 m2
  • Boards
  • Bed: Double bed 200 x 160 cm
  • Bedspreads
  • Sheets
  • Wardrobe(s) (1)
  • 4 m2
  • Toilet
  • Shower
  • Washbasin

A cozy kitchen with a pantry. A dining area for about 5 people and everything else needed for a pleasant stay. Any stocks, such as herbs, pasta, oil, etc.. disposal of the guests.

  • Type: Separate room
  • Stove: Electric (4 Cooking zones/burners)
  • Hood
  • Cutlery & Tableware
  • Dry rack
  • Espresso machine
  • Refrigerator
  • Coffee machine
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Microwave
  • Food processor
  • Oven
  • Detergent
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Water boiler
  • Farmhouse
  • 80 m2
  • Cycling
  • Tennis
  • Walking
  • Watersports
  • Swimming
  • Culture & History
  • Child friendly
  • Maximum privacy
  • Rest & space
  • Naturism
  • Central heating
  • Satellite receiver
  • Flatscreen TV
  • Radio
  • CD player
  • Dvd player
  • Wifi
  • Measurements of TV in cm: (80)
  • Barbecue
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Garage
  • Deckchair (1)
  • Sun umbrellas
  • Parking place
  • Private driveway
  • Terrace
  • Garden
  • Garden chair(s) (5)
  • Garden table(s0) (2)
  • Porch
  • Shed
  • Garden fully fenced
  • Washing machine
  • Hall
  • Pets allowed
  • Storeroom
  • Scullery / laundry room
  • Smoking not allowed
  • Child's toys
  • Child's chair (1)
  • Camping bed
  • Complete privacy
  • Detached house


  • Based on 10 reviews 8.8
  • General impression 8.9
  • Location 8.0
  • Facilities vacation rental 8.5
  • Equipment and state vacation rental 8.2
  • Child friendliness 8.7
  • Hygiene 9.1
  • Friendliness and service host 9.7
  • Price/quality 9.2
  • John Sloof, with partner. Gave on an average of 9.0

    Een prachtig en zeer schoon huisje. Geheel omheind dus ideaal als je, zo als wij, de hond meenemen. Zeer compleet ingericht en van alle gemakken voorzien. Het huis en de tuin zijn zeer verzorgd. Wij hebben er een fijne week gehad. Het dorp zelf stelt niet veel voor maar is wel erg schoon en verzorgd, de mensen zijn vriendelijk en iedereen zegt je gedag (dobry den). Er is een klein winkeltje voor de basisvoorzieningen. De uitbaatster in de winkel spreekt prima Engels zodat je daar met algemene vragen over de omgeving e.d. terecht kan. Voor de rest spreekt er in het dorp geen mens Engels of Duits. Er is een lokaal kroegje waar je met mooi weer prima buiten kan zitten. Eten en drinken is zeer goedkoop en de frites met schnitzels zijn aan te bevelen.
    Één klein minpuntje van kritiek. Wij kregen met geen mogelijkheid de wifi verbinding tot stand met het simkaartje en het draadloze modem. Uiteindelijk heb ik de simkaart in mijn telefoon gestopt en deze ingesteld als hotspot. Op die manier konden wij toch de het nieuws lezen op de Ipad. Als tip willen wij zeker een bezoek aan Ceske Krumlov aanbevelen. Prachtig historisch stadje. Wel erg toeristisch maar zeker de moeite waard. Ongeveer een uurtje rijden. In de buurt ligt ook een veenbos. Prachtig bos met uitgezette wandelpaden over houten vlonders maar.....................neem wel een voldoende antimuggenspray mee!!!!

  • Karin Janse, with partner. Gave on an average of 8.3

    Huis was netjes schoon, heerlijke grote tuin met veel mogelijkheden voor schaduw. Door centrale ligging een goede uitvalsbasis voor uitstapjes in de omgeving. Kortom; we hebben een zeer prettig verblijf gedurende 3 weken gehad.

  • machiel koops, with partner. Gave on an average of 9.4

    een fantastische vakantiewoning met een grote tuin en ook nog een groot stuk weiland achter de tuin. via dit weiland konden we 's ochtends heerlijk met de hond het winkeltje op het dorp bereiken om verse broodjes te kopen.
    de woning was schoon en droog. prima bedden en alles zag er keurig netjes uit. complimenten aan mevrouw anna kasparova.
    verder staat er een grote schuur ter beschikking waar met gemak een aantal auto's en fietsen in kunnen schuur is het beste te bereiken achterom via het weiland. beter dan door de voorpoort, want de meeste mensen hier moeten nog wel leren om bij binnenkomst van het dorp hun snelheid aan te passen! dus wel opletten als u met kinderen de weg op gaat.
    verder hebben we heerlijk gegeten in het dorp zelf, maar voornamelijk in het 10 min. verder gelegen stadje veseli. de beste gelegenheid om te eten, vonden wij, was restaurant beseda op de hoek van het marktplein. hier kun je echt goed eten en drinken voor tsjechische prijzen.
    de westkant van sviny leent zich overigens uitstekend om fietstochten te maken, waarbij u onderweg emmers vol bosbessen kunt plukken.kortom een fijne vakantie gehad in een prachtige omgeving waar veel zien is en voldoende gelegenheid om te ontspannen.