Le Mas Blanc, 4 tot 5 persoons 8.5
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Le Mas Blanc, 4 tot 5 persoons

The Mas Blanc is a 2.4 and 6 pers. House.

In the 12th century the Benedictine monnniken chose this wonderful place. The fantastic view over the Cevennes bears witness every day of their sense of beauty. You will find Tranquility, Nature, Pool and Sun
A holiday in southern France that stays with


Holiday full of peace and tranquility celebrate on the border of Provence and Cevennes in southern France? The Mas Blanc, you will experience a holiday like you who asked. Once the decision to come here on holiday, there is room for legitimate expectations and so delicious anticipation.

Your apartment is located in the special nature where Provence, and even more so the Cevennes are known for. Calm, swimming (our pool is heated and chlorine free) and good food will bring the relaxation you need.
To make it clear, this site gives you an impression of the location, the atmosphere and the cost of staying. The detailed information for each property can be obtained.

For walking or cycling, you go directly from your house. Avignon, Uzes, Nimes and Montpellier (the beach) are (culture) cities that are definitely worth a visit. The Mas is 300 meters. The exact height where the humidity and purity are ideal for human health. Nearby are rustic villages with their markets and sights. Nature and culture go hand in hand.
The old-fashioned genuine hospitality, the beautiful scenery and the delicious food, guaranteeing you a holiday where you think back with pleasure.

The Mas Blanc is located in a nature reserve, with sources and hiking trails. A special place where you can, away from the crowds, you'll quickly come to rest.


At the border of Provence and the Cevennes in southern France, this twelfth century estate. Tall and quiet in the hills above the river Cèze. Where every step opwolkt the scent of thyme, lavender and rosemary.

Nostalgia for the Mas Blanc
A Holiday on the Mas Blanc ensures almost certainly, you then have to think back with nostalgia. Despite its 40 hectares Le Mas Blanc is a small-scale holiday destination, which can accommodate approximately 25 guests. The former convent has been beautifully restored.

Heated and chlorine free pool

The pool has a chlorine and salt-free cleaning method, which increases your swimming enjoyment considerably. By solar panels and heat exchangers heated bathing water ensures that you can take a dip in the spring and autumn. Check out the photos and the video and see the spectacular view while you swim! Nature and culture go hand in hand during this holiday. Historic cities such as Avignon, Nimes and Uzes can be reached within an hour. But the Mediterranean beach belongs to a holiday in southern France and is often the goal of a day trip from the Masgasten.


In the space where once the silkworms were cultivated is now a small cozy restaurant. In the evening (in the spring and fall around the fireplace and in the summer under the chestnut tree), guests will enjoy dinner that we cook that day with care and love and fresh produce has prepared for them. Our reputation, "delicious and easily digestible", has prompted publishers Scepter to make our restaurant the subject of the book "Cooking on a mountain." Our prices, € 19.95 (children € 10, -) in it "inversely proportional to the quality offered" for the three-course menu. You slide into the large guest table or dine with your partner or family on the border of our romantic pond. The Mas Blanc, you can choose from three packages:

1. Half board (7 breakfasts and 5 dinners = € 169)
2. Only five dinners = € 99.50. Children € 50 (Tuesdays and Fridays, the restaurant is closed)
3. Self-catering. (Read more below)

If you (usually) cooks prefer to, please let us know when booking. You are certainly welcome as a guest. You rent than a holiday that is located at some distance from the Mas Blanc. Agreements on Formula 3, we establish separately on the booking confirmation to you.
If you have no choice, give us, we list the most common formula 2

It is also in our restaurant, where we organize the annual southern French cooking classes. A celebration of fine food, humor and professionalism

French monks chose the location, Dutch idealists restored the property with care and love and enjoy the result. As you will soon drive up the forest road to Le Mas Blanc, we are ready to welcome you with a glass of wine. To get the wonderful song that accompanied the video in the mood, well worth the effort to listen.
Until sunset!

Photos & videos

The host, Jan & Jolanda

Micazu member since April 2006

German, English, Spanish, French, Dutch

Host and Hostess because you really like it. That was many years ago, the reason for us (Jan and Jolanda de Rooij) to buy the ruins of a former monastery and restore it during 8 years with heart and soul. 6 months a year we receive guests and it still feels like a real present.
So come to visit us and feel Welcome!

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  • € 57,-
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  • € 151,-
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Onze prijzen gelden per accommodatie en per week. Indien u minder dan een week wilt reserveren, dan svp eerst contact met ons opnemen Deze prijzen gelden voor 4 personen. De 5e persoon betaalt 75 euro voor de hele week

Rates & duration

Prices are per stay
Period Week Midweek Weekend Night Discount Minimum stay
02-06-2018 - 30-06-2018 € 699.00 - - € 100.00 - 7 nights
30-06-2018 - 25-08-2018 € 1055.00 - - € 151.00 - 7 nights
25-08-2018 - 08-09-2018 € 699.00 - - € 100.00 - 7 nights
08-09-2018 - 11-05-2019 € 399.00 - - € 57.00 - 7 nights

Services & additional costs

Type Price
Extra person (base rates apply to 4 persons) € 75.00 Per person per week Pay at booking | required
Final cleaning € 38.00 Per stay Pay at location | required
Linen € 11.00 Per person per week Pay at location | required
Remaining costs € 15.00 Per stay Pay at location | required
Tourist tax all ages € 0.50 Per person per night Pay at location | required

Additional information

There in his Cevennes, during the feast he prepares you, he says so impassioned about his own country that deep in your heart glows with a hint of his friendship gelukzaligheid.Voor you he opens his life, his cellar and thoughts, his table shows a complete historical novel, the taste of his wine as he is charming and leaves a feeling of warmth and Yves Duteil verwachten.Zo sings and draws a beautiful song the atmosphere, character and the people of the country where he has nostalgia for : the Cevennes in southern France. A sweet and simultaneously rugged country with the biggest heart as French national park, "Parc National des Cévennes". A country with a unique and eventful history and a unique unsurpassed panoramas. Arm but also terribly rich. In this sunny region just south of the Ardèche, located near the town of Saint Ambroix the characteristic ancient estate: Le Mas Blanc. High and quiet in the hills above the river Cèze, with each step wolkt the smell of thyme, lavender and rosemary. A lovely place, which we guarantee that virtually everyone after his first visit to pay back.
In the atmosphere described above, you are welcomed by Le Patron, a Dutchman with a very French heart. The house was originally a small 12th-century monastery. Beautifully restored, it is now furnished to you and yours to receive. The 2 houses and 5 comfortable apartments vary in size and furnishings and feature a small kitchen. You can also book a room on half board or books. Le Mas Blanc is a small holiday project and seats approximately 30 guests. If sufficient interest to the local merchants all your daily shopping. Guests of Le Mas Blanc can cool off in a unique swimming pool, directly from a source in the hills of pure glass, water heated by solar panels receive. The pool has a chlorine-free cleaning method, which significantly increases your swimming pleasure.
In the room where in earlier times the silkworms were cultivated, is now a small restaurant. Evening (in the spring and fall around the fireplace and in summer under the chestnut tree) are the guests enjoy the culinary creations of our cook. (Open from late April to late October) The reputation that the Mas in this area, has given rise to publishing Scepter to make our restaurant the subject of the book "Cooking on a mountain." Our prices (€ 19.95 for adults and € 9.50 for children) for the three-course menu inversely proportional to the commandments kwaliteit.Indien an apartment or house on the property of the Mas book, we hope that you five times a week in our restaurant dining. If you prefer to cook for yourself, you can book into one of the houses in the immediate vicinity of the Mas Blanc.
Le Mas Blanc is in the "zone Périférique" of the Cevennes National Park. Of course, many guests of Le Mas Blanc as the area of ??interest. And rightly so, because this country possesses not only an exceptionally rich nature, unforgettable landscapes and ancient villages, but also has a cultural history that is unique to France. Historic towns such as Nimes, Uzes and Avignon are about an hour's drive away. In the region there are beautiful buildings like the Roman Pont du Gard. By means of our present maps, leaflets and books you can orientate themselves well on the many opportunities in the area.
Like the national park itself, owns the entire surrounding area is extremely rich flora and fauna. Guests who visited us, found that European rarities here are more the rule than the exception. That is how the many types of orchids here in the season, the connoisseurs delight. This wealth is there in the world of birds and other animals. In May and June to ensure the nightingale continued singing. And what about the flight of dozens of eagles each year on their way elsewhere traditionally attracts about Le Mas? Especially in the spring or autumn, a visit to Le Mas Blanc therefore additional to bevelen.Geologisch seen is the area just as interesting. (Both in the immediate vicinity, where here and there the Carboniferous to the surface, as a few dozen kilometers away, where for example the imposing and magnificent canyons of "Gorges de l'Ardeche" and Tarne be admired). It is possible to speleology and around Le Mas fossils and certainly to be found. Caves can be visited, where the remains of Neanderthals have been found in the river is still Gagnière daily gold found by patient searchers. Le Mas Blanc is an ideal starting point for all these activities.
For sports enthusiasts there are many opportunities. Swimming and canoeing can also Cèze in the middle of summer in some places deep enough and fast running remains. The country seems created for cycling. Where you also pedal properly, the sporty look of escarpments and hairpins remains compete with the attention the scenic splendor requires. The new municipality lying within walking distance to tennis is a very small fee to use. The quiet, rugged environment for walkers a very special attraction. Especially in spring and autumn, Le Mas Blanc visited by many hikers. They enjoy the endless possibilities and alternate evenings by the fireplace their experiences. A number of walks have been described by guests and drawn on a map which you can use. However, for the area on horseback, you can contact one of the many equestrian centers that the Cévennes rich.
Note: By the Saturday cleaning, we can only be received after 16.00 on Le Mas Blanc.Via Maastricht and Luxembourg are driving on the autoroute du Soleil beyond Lyon to Marseille. You can then choose a route through Aubenas (A) or via Barjac (B). The distance from Johannesburg is 950 km.Route A: After you take the exit Valence Privas, you arrive on the N 104, which leads you through Privas to Aubenas. Aubenas choose the direction Ales via D 104 and D 109 to drive a few kilometers beyond Saint Bres. Just before Saint Ambroix Bessèges turn right on the D 51. This lovely route is 20 kilometers shorter, but take ± half an hour longer to complete than the volgende.Route B: Leave the motorway at the exit Bollène / Pont St. Esprit. First you drive to Pont St. Esprit. It is now 75 km (± 1 hour and a quarter). Then a few kilometers from the D 86 and then through the D 901 to Barjac. Beyond Barjac, take the D 979 to Saint Jean de Mauruejols and then go through the D 51 to Saint Ambroix. In Saint Ambroix take the D 904 direction Bessèges. Outside Saint Ambroix turn left (still direction Bessèges) the D 51 op.Beide routes: After several miles, turn left over the bridge (the river Cèze), direction Molières sur Cèze. Immediately after the bridge turn right, to Les Brousses, the D 130. In Les Brousses take the first right (there is already a sign of us) and keep right again, so you drive past the tennis court in the direction of the forest. You're going straight through a winding forest path up the hill (1.5 miles). The surprise will be great when you Mas Blanc in all its whiteness in front of you is already liggen.Dáár to you uitgekeken.Adres Le Mas Blanc: 30410 Les Brousses, Molières sur Cèze
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Features & layout

  • 18 m2
  • Tiled
  • 16 m2
  • Tiled
  • Bed: Double bed 200 x 160 cm
  • Duvets
  • Blankets
  • Wardrobe(s)
  • Seat
  • French doors
  • 18 m2
  • Tiled
  • Bed: Single bed 200 x 90 cm
  • Bed: Single bed
  • Duvets
  • Blankets
  • Seat
  • French doors
  • Toilet
  • Shower
  • Washbasin
  • Type: Open
  • Stove: Electric (2 Cooking zones/burners)
  • Refrigerator
  • Coffee machine
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Detergent
  • Water boiler
  • Type: Open air swimming pool / Inground pool
  • Heated swimming pool: Heated swimming pool
  • Privacy: Shared swimming pool
  • Dimensions in m: 22 x 4.5 x 2 (L x W x D)
  • Manor / Castle
  • 50 m2
  • Child's bed (2)
  • Child's chair (2)
  • Cycling
  • Golf
  • Horse-riding
  • Tennis
  • Walking
  • Culture & History
  • Winter sun
  • Rest & space
  • Electric heating
  • Fireplace
  • Deckchair (4)
  • Parking place (15)
  • Private driveway
  • Play set(s) (2)
  • Tennis court
  • Garden
  • Garden chair(s) (5)
  • Garden table(s0) (1)
  • Manager on site
  • Dryer
  • Washing machine
  • Smoking allowed
  • Pets allowed
  • Bed linen available
  • Towels present (8)
  • Kitchen linen available
  • Bed linen for children
  • Evenfloor
  • Wifi
  • Internet connection


  • Based on 4 reviews 8.5
  • General impression 8.5
  • Location 9.3
  • Facilities vacation rental 8.7
  • Equipment and state vacation rental 7.7
  • Child friendliness 9.0
  • Hygiene 8.7
  • Friendliness and service host 9.0
  • Price/quality 8.3
  • Jacqueline, with partner. Gave on an average of 9.0  

  • Erna Mobach, with the family. Gave on an average of 8.3  

    We hebben een heerlijke week gehad in de meivakantie op de Mas. Een leuk concept, met het gezamelijk eten. Wij hadden hond en mounainbike bij ons en konden met beide erg mooi op pad vanuit de Mas. Wij zaten in een appartement in het klooster zelf. Sfeervol maar wel minimaal ingericht qua luie stoelen e.d. Ik zou de volgende keer zeker opteren voor een van de huizen ook omdat het balkon terras iets minder privacy oplevert. De service en behulpzaamheid is erg groot. Je voelt je er al snel thuis.

  • Eric Coenders, with partner. Gave on an average of 8.7  

    Half april openden we, samen met twee andere gasten, het seizoen voor Mas Blanc. We werden netjes beneden aan de berg opgewacht om naar boven begeleid te worden, hoewel de vindbaarheid door de bordjes prima was. De Mas is prachtig tegen de berg gelegen, met fenomenaal uitzicht. De rust - op de enthousiaste kikkers na - was meer dan weldadig en de frase 'the middle of nowhere' krijgt hier beslist een positieve invulling. Aan de buitenzijde al zag alles er gezellig en netjes verzorgd uit. Terras, kleine zitjes verdeeld over de groene tuin, zwembad, terrassen waar vroeger buxus gekweekt werd maar nu gras groeit... beslist geen straf om hier een weekje te verblijven.
    Onze 2-persoons kamer in het klooster was smaakvol ingericht, lekker licht en voorzien van een groot balkon. Bed en douche waren uitstekend, de kookvoorzieningen eenvoudig maar toereikend.
    Tweemaal hebben we kunnen genieten van een diner dat - omdat het 'echte' seizoen nog moest beginnen - een soort try-out was. Niks meer aan doen, het smaakte heerlijk! Ook de wijn, van bevriende wijnboer, was meer dan smakelijk.
    Onthaasten in een smaakvolle omgeving vat ons verblijf wel samen. Nette prijs, erg vriendelijke en toegankelijke staf en een goede locatie tussen zee, Cevennen en de rand van de Provence, maken Le Mas Blanc tot een echt juweeltje. Wij komen normaliter nooit twee keer op dezelfde plek, maar in dit geval sluit ik het toch niet uit...