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Panguipulli is located in the middle of the Chilean lake district, more than 800 km south of the capital Santiago de Chile. Panguipulli is easily accessible by comfortable bus. You can fly to Temuco (140 km from Panguipulli) or Valdivia airport (90 km from Panguipulli).

Our three houses are located on one hectare of land in the middle of the nature of the Chilean Lake District. The distance to the center of Panguipulli is approximately 3 km and the beach of playa Chauquen is approximately 2.5 km. In the area there are lakes, rivers, mountains, volcanoes, hot springs and Mapuche settlements. The Chilean Lake District is a popular holiday destination for Chileans.

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Abe and Wietze are the owners of Casa tierra sur. They are high school friends and during a vacation in Chile in 2003 they decided to buy a beautiful acre of land in Panguipulli. The next step in 2005 was the construction of Casa tierra sur. Abe lives and works in The Hague, Wietze commutes back and forth between the Netherlands and Chile.

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1 - Our large house can accommodate 2-5 persons. It consists of a spacious living and dining area downstairs. The small kitchen is open in this connection. Downstairs is a 2-bedroom, with a characteristic wooden bed. The open loft upstairs can accommodate 2-3 people. There are three spacious beds. In the living room you can use the stove and optionally of the two existing gas heaters. A TV and DVD recorder are aanwezig.2 - Our branch (see photo), with spacious verandas and beautiful views, accommodates up to 2 people. You can separate the large holiday rental. A spacious living and entertaining, distinctive bedroom offer enough space. You will have access to a shower bath. Optionally, you can use our Bed and Breakfast.
A breath, a ripple, stir in the air A yawn, a cough, which snoring and a deep sigh in 't run, thinking, breathing, towards deep peace Is a hot Chilean summer day, night suddenly cold hard quenched. .

A vibration, the light goes out, trees you hear creaking from the bottom off, yes underground, are deep bass sounds a hum, a firm shock, cold sweat under the sheets Schel barking dogs like fear their mouths, when the ground is kruien ..

The earth is stirring, imposes itself on me I'm lying there, motionless on the bed for Sperrgebiet, darkened abruptly between more than six boards, is my world upside down

The house dances, the walls of the meringue, tango down the stairs and the bed I hit the salsa dance and jump up from my coffin The Richter scale is decided that I still exist

The earth trembles, I think: "It's a fucking earthquake!"
I do the cakewalk of the stairs
I fall, get up and swing
Find my way out, shaking shaking step for step

Malignant rumbling in the underbelly of a country with cold feet, and a sweaty head a devastating wave crashing out whole villages out to sea on her part

A thin Cs, trembles in after my constitution after that hellish subterranean discharge of a tumor ..
Dismayed, I am shaking in an inconspicuous first Chilean night Until it trembled in Concepcion, and there are 8.8 ..

The stumps of their rights heavily curved back windows after singing a hymn to peace regained After rough to be kissed awake Reverses the rest for a little while back ...
Chileans are creative with language. When you first come here and you hear the word 'maestro' than you think - at least in my case - to a musician or a kitchen genius, a creative high figure. Nothing is less true. Maestro's are professional handymen. They masonry, welding, hammering, soldering copper pipe together, knots electrical wires, build fences, windows lay terraces, gardens. For every job a maestro. The average Chilean man can do anything. At least, that he wants you like to believe. Ask a man to a Chilean maestro and he knows there must be a handful. With the appropriate qualification or disqualification. You always get free alerts. Maestro's are usually surrounded with a scent of malpractice. However, in Chile, you can not do without maestros, even though you might very well do it himself. Besides there are Chilean Gammas and Praxis Sat They're called here Sodimac and Easy. Everything you buy there. More than their Dutch counterparts.
Back to the maestros. In Chile, many built. Large construction projects follow each other in rapid succession. Complete residential areas in a few years from the ground up, tower blocks on the edge of the rocky coastline. So high that you are on the top floor can almost see Easter Island are in fine weather. Anyway, these are the official building projects. An extension to your house? A terrace? Dormer? Then you go in search of a maestro. But how? Usually you look for in your neighborhood around being built up projections and the maestro's working out nicely. After some inquiries of the residents have the phone you soon. First comes the haggling over the price. Chileans have a flexible understanding of prices.
They make a price. That mainly depends on their assessment of the thickness of your wallet and depth of your pockets. As a foreigner you're already screwed. If you're not arming the necessary information from neighbors pay soon too. If the maestro's grudgingly accept the last bid then you're okay.

Then comes the list material. You as a client but must ensure that everything is bought. They do make a list. Count it as well after some maestros are wrong sometimes. On the Easy or Sodimac with the list. If you yourself know nothing of building materials you need so bad maestro. You see men with equally neat car accompanied by a typical maestro wander through the building. Of course, all those bags of cement, posts, beams, steel and what not not have the luxury SUV of sir. The rails for skis and surfboards.
No, for the transportation of the stuff you need a different kind of Chilean needed. A so-called 'flete. This refers to a male with a pick-up
(Caminoneta) or small truck outside the gate of stores are waiting for a load. The maestro is willing such a 'flete'
to recruit and rustles a price. Chances that a cousin at a 'scientific' price the stuff home runs. The average Chilean makes his own hands dirty in these matters. Usually they are, hands in pockets, watching the maestro's unload the stuff and the work begin. This watch is actually called 'keep track'.
Sand and gravel is often deposited on the street where Mr maestros locally create concrete. Nice and easy they find it. They did not look happy when I asked them that stuff into the garden kruien to make it concrete. On my explanation that the streets were so dirty from all the concrete remains indifferent they took their shoulders. If you know where they live then you know that. The street outside their homes are not even paved, Just hard bumpy sand. A little concrete about it would be welcome.
In the Netherlands / was always designated to shysters who, preferably with a tool of the boss, bijklussen after hours and weekends. The Chilean maestro's do nothing but chores. Since they live. Often the whole family. Brothers, fathers, uncles and cousins. Usually they have only primary school and sometimes - in part - through high school. They form a large black part of the Chilean economy.

Some of these guys are the title maestro's worth. They are truly professionals. So we had last year in Chillan once a carpenter who could really anything with wood. Incredibly, quickly and professionally. He had a problem. Everything he earned in the week he drank at the weekend again. His possessions were a pair of saws, hammers and chisels. He was very careful with it. Every day he tied his saws under the saddle along the crossbar of his bike and rode a half hours back home. On a Monday he was somewhat in the kitchen and complained that he was so thirsty.
Outside the sun shone too bright but it came not. He wanted his huge beer to quench thirsty. A bucket of water he could get. The best man had planned to buy an electric plane. It was there but not. Unfortunately, the bottom of the beer bottle is always rather closer than the desired tool.
Wall Fixed and properly grounded
with her feet in the clay
sjanst with her windows
she awakens in the sun ..

Radiant looks forward to mountain and valley
her look of determination
unaffected by weather
nothing yet from the field to store ..

She opens all doors
for everything, everyone
complain, they do not ask
and has never sorrow ..

She stands there, is speechless
only a little pale
and after years of poor maintenance
they found a small wooden house ..
As one saying goes: "In Chile you travel from north to south, from west to east you just make a walk. Chile is 25 times longer than wide. If a narrow string of up to 150 miles wide, Chile stretches over 4000 km long located along the Pacific Ocean, no map can represent this country on a leaf. In the language of the original inhabitants of Chile means "land where the earth ends. Just by its length Chile is a country of extremes. The overwhelming nature varies from the extremely dry Atacama Desert in the north to rainforests and icecaps in the south. The immense Andes, with thousands of volcanoes that continuously forms the Chilean border, is a unit of Chile. Despite the bizarre topography, Chile is an easy country to travel. An efficient public transport, good hygiene, stable economy, relative prosperity and high security cross Chile favorably against a number of neighboring countries. All these aspects make Chile an ideal destination.
Now climb the highest mountains, the wildest rivers are navigable, and the deepest zeetroggen visited, the question arises regularly, there is still something to explore? Is there, in short, have a chance for adventure? The commercialization of adventure, grumbled the influential outdoor star Yvon Chouinard, we forget what adventure is. The founder of the high-tech outdoor sports brand Patagonia has retreated into the jungles of Chile. The classic adventure, says she has to do with uncertainty. With a choice of the unknown.
In Chile there are still "unknown" areas where the tourist can pioneer. Chile's impressive nature with vast wilderness areas, the Andes and long coastline is a paradise for the so-called "Turismo de Aventura: hiking, mountain climbing (terrain) bicycles, (wind) surfing, kayaking, rafting, horseback riding and skiing.
Chile is an easy country to travel. A dense network of bus and air connections makes the most remote places accessible daily. The bus is comfortable and fast and also inexpensive.
The general public, Chile is still an unknown destination. The saying goes 'unknown, unloved' quite wrongly in this case. Chile is a country that has much to offer and the hearts of many tourists will conquer.
A tour through Chile and Argentina is a wonderful experience. There are many tours / packages offered by travel agents but you can fine a good / affordable travel together. It is often no need to book accommodation in advance (in February-the holiday month in Chile and Argentina, this can be useful); nice on spec is fine to travel in Chile and Argentina.

Here are some tips to make a trip to:
Cheap airlines are from Chile and Sky Airline Gol from Brazil (Gol has such cheap flights from Buenos Aires to Santiago de Chile) and A website is known, here you will find some great offers. With you a wonderful boat trip from Pt-Pt Montt to Natales and Torres del Paine and from there the magnificent Perito Moreno Glacier (near El Calafate in Argentina) visits.

Many tourists want to visit Torres del Paine, you can choose book the huts (directly from the administrators) on and (for a street map of torres del Paine view Reservations are recommended.

Accommodation: advance booking is often not necessary but it is nice to arrival in Santiago or Buenos Aires already have an address. I am going to the Hotel Paris in Santiago often (they have no website) but also great / affordable addresses are: or (owners speak Dutch). In Buenos Aires is excellent and not expensive hotel Marbella
Ushuaia is crowded, a nice place to stay is

A beautiful tango show in Buenos Aires can be seen at

So people, do benefit from the tips above and enjoy a carefree holiday on spec in these two beautiful countries.
In January 2003, Abe Hainja, a good friend of mine, along Chile. I was at that time traveling companion of a number of tours through Chile and Argentina and had 3 weeks off in between tours. We went to Pucon, a very popular tourist destination located in the Chilean lake district, and from there 85 km farther Panguipulli and stayed overnight at Hotel Central. Central Hotel was a hotel with a long history where the best from it was only good service from the hotel owner and was compensated very much a reason for me to be here for years (since 1999) to come to when there was an opportunity. The hotel owner took good care of his guests and always loved to talk about Chile while enjoying a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Besides hotel owner, he was also a broker and Abe and I decided to take him to go out to land to check. Of course we in the Netherlands and even brainstormed about buying some land in another country where Abe his thoughts to Spain or South Africa went out. I myself was already since 2000 with the thought of playing for a piece of land in Chile to buy. After a few intense days where we also work with other brokers on the road have been and have seen many pieces of land were we both have a weakness for one hectare of land situated at 3 km from Panguipulli in a quiet zone. The price of the land was not comparable to the Dutch prices and Abe spoke the words "we are crazy if we do not buy" self, I wanted to wait a little longer and more land view but a week later, after a nice trip to Chiloé through the Argentine Lake District, we decided to make a bid that was 10% below the asking price. Abe had already returned to the Netherlands and arrived in Santiago we heard that the seller had accepted our offer. I jumped a hole in the air and the deal we have celebrated in the nightlife of Santiago. After a short night Abe left the next day I went to the Netherlands and somewhat brakjes Shuttle to where a group of 10 travelers arrived that I was to accompany by Chile and Argentina. A few days later we arrived in Villarrica, the group went here the volcano Villarrica climb and I rented a car and rushed me to Panguipulli (60 km away) to the affairs needed to purchase a piece of land. After signing the preliminary contract and the payment of an advance payment to the notary, I drove very pleased by the beautiful landscape back to Villarrica, the music from the radio sounded better than ever and this step just felt good. In Villarrica were enthusiastic travelers return from their volcano climbing and congratulated me with the purchase. After the transfer of the agreed amount, I went back one more time Panguipulli to finalize the purchase act. Abe and I were the proud owners of an acre of land in a beautiful area.


Living room
Ground floor

Couch 3 seats (1)

Armchair (2)

Ground floor




Type: Open

Stove: Gas (4 Cooking zones/burners)

Cutlery & Tableware


Accommodation type

  • Holiday house

Total floor space

  • 80 m2

Sports & Recreation

  • Climbing
  • Cycling
  • Horse riding
  • Tennis
  • Walking

Travel Ideas

  • Beauty & Spa
  • Long term rental
  • Maximum privacy
  • Winter sun
  • Peace & quiet


  • Gas heater
  • Stove

Internet, Wifi, Audio

  • Satellite receiver
  • Flatscreen TV
  • Hifi / Stereo set
  • Dvd player
  • Measurements of TV in cm: (51)

Outdoor Facilities

  • Barbecue
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Deckchair
  • Sun umbrellas
  • Private driveway
  • Table Tennis
  • Terrace (1)
  • Garden
  • Garden chair(s) (5)
  • Garden table(s0) (3)
  • Porch
  • Garden fully fenced
  • Hammock


  • Washing machine
  • Scullery / laundry room
  • Smoking not allowed
  • Pets on request


  • Bed linen available
  • Towels present (10)
  • Kitchen linen available
  • Bed linen for children


  • Stair gates
  • Camping bed (1)


  • Evenfloor

Games & entertainment

  • (Board) games
  • (Comic)books
  • DVDs / Blu-rays


  • Detached house

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